‘Lost’ Film Advocacy Group Publishes Wish List of Movies They’d Like to See

The group Missing Movies, which advocates for the preservation and release of “lost” films, has published a list of “101 Missing Movies We’d Like to See.”

The group has chosen its top 101 (mostly North American) films that they hope will become more readily available for home viewing this year, according to Missing Movies. The list includes features such as Robert Duvall’s Angelo, My Love,  Vernon Zimmerman’s Deadhead Miles, Elaine May’s The Heartbreak Kid, Liz White’s Othello and Allen Baron’s Terror in the City, and documentaries including Jim Brown’s The Weavers: Wasn’t That a Time, Bob Dylan’s Eat the Document, Frederick Wiseman’s The Garden, and Marcels Ophuls’s The Memory of Justice

“This is not a definitive list since films are continuously being discovered and released by companies such as Criterion, Kino Lorber, Milestone, Flicker Alley, Kanopy, and others, but we are publishing this list to start the conversation,” read a statement from Missing Movies.

The group was formed to call attention to the thousands of titles that are currently out of distribution and “tragically missing,” according to Missing Movies.

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Letterboxd’s Mitchell Beaupre has written an accompanying article and has collected short essays by Missing Movies board members and advisors on the movies they miss most.

Missing Movies, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2022 to help publicize the problem of films that are unavailable (legally) to the general public because of rights/clearances, materials, or “distributor indifference.”

Missing Movies reports it has begun to identify and catalog thousands of lost films and is reaching out to directors of older films to help them recover rights and find materials. The board of directors and advisory board members are also appearing on panels at film festivals to help filmmakers currently in production strategize to insure their films are preserved for the future, including adding contract language that will keep them advised when rights or materials are moved.

Missing Movies board of directors members are Mary Harron, Rich Guay, Nancy Savoca, Sue Bodine, Ira Deutchman, Amy Heller and Dennis Doros.

VET Tv Unveils New Look, Grunt Style Collaboration

San Diego-based SVOD channel VET Tv (Veteran Television) has unveiled a new look for its website, www.veterantv.com, and a new collaboration with lifestyle and apparel brand Grunt Style.

VET Tv ($4.99 a month) sets out to re-create, parody and celebrate the military experience for those who served using dark and irreverent comedy to facilitate social connection among post-9/11 veterans.

“When we first started the company in 2017, we used a boilerplate website, but we knew we eventually wanted to improve the customer experience to show the breadth of what it means to be in the VET Tv community. So we made it happen,” VET Tv CEO John Acevedo said in a statement.

VET Tv has also announced a new “Two Companies One Mission” partnership with the veteran-owned and operated lifestyle and apparel brand Grunt Style. Grunt Style will put its marketing and financial support behind both VET Tv and the nonprofit foundation Irreverent Warriors, which was started by VET Tv founder Donny O’Malley and brings veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide. VET Tv recently produced a new “Tun Tavern” video series for Grunt Style’s audience.

“This marks the beginning of a collaboration among three veteran-owned brands that use comedy to support the veteran community — one through apparel, one through entertainment and one through nationwide events,” Acevedo stated.

The new VET Tv site is designed to be easier to navigate than its predecessor with a simpler form-submission experience.

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The site is also offering a free VET Tv T-shirt for new annual subscribers. First-time visitors will have a chance to participate in VET Tv’s new “Kill/Save” interactive pop-up experience. It takes participants through an actual military exercise where, “You’re sighted in, but your squad mate gets hit. What will you do, and will you make the right choice?” The Kill/Save activation is one of many new features on the website.

The VET Tv shop (shop.veterantv.com), which showcases the brand’s apparel, includes the new MOS Collection and the 2020 Salty Santa Series.

Iconic Video Store and Film Nonprofit Vidiots Relaunching in L.A.

Vidiots, the iconic L.A. video store-turned-film nonprofit, will relaunch in fall of 2020 as an expanded entertainment, social and community space with an adjacent video store in a new home at the historic Eagle Theatre in Los Angeles, according to the Vidiots Foundation.

Restoring the 90-year-old, 200-seat Eagle Theatre as an independent theater with state-of-the-art sound and projection (35mm and DCP), Vidiots will offer a program of repertory titles, new independents, hard-to-find gems, classics and community-driven programs. An adjacent storefront will house Vidiots’ 50,000-plus DVD, Blu-ray and rare VHS collection for rental. The location will also have a multi-purpose, second screening room for film programs, educational workshops, and special events.

Vidiots is currently fundraising and identifying Cornerstone Donors and Corporate Partners for naming rights and is also inviting First-In Founding Members. Founding Members to date include Katie Aselton and Mark Duplass, Jess Wu Calder and Keith Calder, Emily Cook, Mackenzie Davis, Rian Johnson and Karina Longworth, Phil Lord, Nate Moore, and Morgan Neville. Vidiots friend and supporter Jason Reitman is donating a 35mm projection system.

“Vidiots relaunching on the cusp of our 35th birthday is a triumph for Los Angeles film history and cements the legacy of Vidiots founders Patty Polinger and Cathy Tauber as innovators in L.A. film culture,” said Vidiots executive director Maggie Mackay in a statement. “Bringing the Eagle Theatre back and providing L.A. with a long-needed new film space is thrilling. We’re deeply grateful for our valued programming partners present and future, our expert advisors, and especially our First-In Founding Members whose generosity and passionate belief in our mission have made this relaunch possible. Vidiots at the Eagle is a community space created by and for film lovers and filmmakers. We welcome and encourage everyone who believes in our mission to join us as we work towards opening in fall 2020.”

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“Los Angeles should have more movie theaters, not fewer, and Vidiots has come to give all us punch drunk film lovers another place to call home where we can roam the racks. Thank you! So grateful to be a small part of this evolving institution,” said Reitman in a statement.

“We’re thrilled that Vidiots is moving into this next chapter and that our unique library of films will once again be made available to the public, especially in this era of streaming where choices are increasingly limited,” said Vidiots founders Polinger and Tauber in a statement. “Vidiots at the Eagle Theatre is a truly exciting and ambitious plan that revolves around our commitment to archival preservation, education, and accessibility, while maintaining and growing our passionate community of film lovers.”

“When we first moved in together and merged our belongings, we became a two-VCR family — and this was in 2013,” said Longworth and Johnson in a statement. “VHS and video stores were integral to both of us becoming who we are, and we couldn’t be happier to support the evolution of Vidiots and its media library. In a world remade by streaming, it’s never been more important to preserve access to physical media for all.”

“Their efforts towards creating community and preservation made Vidiots legendary in L.A. and I’m so excited to see their philosophy and energy reincarnated in a brick-and-mortar film space on the East Side. I can’t wait to spend all my time there,” said Davis in a statement.

Recently, Vidiots launched a programming partnership with Alamo Drafthouse L.A. with the series “Tales From the Video Store.” Vidiots is currently presenting a monthly 16mm series with Projections at the Bootleg Theater. New programming partnerships with The Black List, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater, and Cinema Eye Honors will launch in late in 2019/early 2020.

Future programming and partner organizations include Art House Convergence, Film Independent, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Outfest, Oxy Arts and the Occidental Media Arts & Culture Department, Sundance Institute, UCLA Film & Television Archive, Women in Film, and Vidéothèque.

Vidiots was opened as an alternative video store in 1985 by L.A. natives Polinger and Tauber. For 32 years Vidiots served its community via the iconic Santa Monica storefront, which shuttered in 2017 in the wake of rising costs. With the support of Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures (which became a major donor in 2015, along with Vidiots customer Dr. Leonard Lipman), Vidiots was able to store its collection and devise an extensive plan for sustainable relaunch in a new home.

The Eagle Theatre in the 1970s

Vidiots’ new home, originally conceived as a vaudeville stage, first opened in May 1929 as The Yosemite Theatre. After a few short days, the Yosemite re-opened as an independent silent movie theater, and a year later it transitioned to sound. In 1940, The Yosemite became The Eagle Theatre. From 1976 to 1979, the theater ran as a Pussycat, part of the adult cinema chain. In 1983, The Eagle once again became a traditional independent cinema, and operated into the 1990s before becoming a series of churches.

With almost-10,000 square feet of entertainment and educational space, Vidiots will operate seven days a week and offer daily screenings and special programs, the full video store with DVD and Blu-ray rentals, concessions, and a light menu with beer and wine. The main theater (200+ seats, a stage, 35mm, DCP, and state-of-the-art sound) will host screenings and tastemaker events. A second, smaller screening and event space (approximately 50 seats with DCP projection) will host screenings, workshops, and receptions.

To make a donation and sign up for email updates, visit vidiotsfoundation.org.