Nielsen: Netflix Up ‘Schitt’s Creek’ in Latest Weekly SVOD Chart

Another week of complete domination by Netflix programming, according to Nielsen’s latest chart of Top 10 streaming programs on the television from the SVOD pioneer, Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Licensed Emmy winner “Schitt’s Creek” snagged the top spot with 968 million minutes of content streamed across 80 episodes of the comedy series. The show bumped Netflix original horror series “Ratched” to No. 5 with 791 minutes streamed across eight episodes.

Chart newcomer, documentary American Murder: Family Next Door, finished No. 6 with 778 million minutes streamed. Amazon original series, “The Boys,” remains the lone non-Netflix show, finished in seventh with 655 million minutes streamed across 15 episodes.

1 Netflix “Schitt’s Creek” 80 episodes 968 million minutes
2 Netflix “The Office” 192 929
3 Netflix “The Blacklist” 152 852
4 Netflix “Greys Anatomy” 361 852
5 Netflix “Ratched” 8 791
6 Netflix American Murder: Family Next Door 1 778
7 Amazon “The Boys” 15 655
8 Netflix “Criminal Minds” 277 604
9 Netflix “NCIS” 353 584
10 Netflix Enola Holmes 1 573


Nielsen: Netflix’s ‘Ratched’ Again Top Weekly Streamed Show

Netflix may have had a slight subscriber growth hiccup through Sept. 30, but existing subs still love the service’s programming. New weekly data from Nielsen found Netflix programming again dominated content from rivals Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu for the period Sept. 20-27.

Led by horror drama “Ratched,” featuring Sarah Paulson playing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest‘s nurse character Mildred Ratched in a fantastical prequel, Netflix again accounted for nine of the Top 10 rankings. Prime Video’s original series “The Boys” remained the only non-Netflix content on the chart — slipping one spot to sixth.

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“Ratched” generated 1.63 billion viewing minutes over eight episodes, compared to 703 million minutes across 14 episodes for “The Boys.” Indeed, subscriber interest in “Ratched” skyrocketed 67.6% from the previous week, while viewer interest in “Boys” declined about 5%.


1 Netflix “Ratched” 8 episodes 1.632 billion
2 Netflix Enola Holmes 1 1.165
3 Netflix “The Blacklist” 151 929
4 Netflix “The Office” 192 893
5 Netflix “Schitts Creek” 72 839
6 Amazon “The Boys” 14 703
7 Netflix “Greys Anatomy” 361 703
8 Netflix “Criminal Minds” 277 680
9 Netflix “Cobra Kai” 20 676
10 Netflix “Lucifer” 75 636

Nielsen: Netflix’s ‘Ratched’ Tops Weekly Streaming Video Chart

Netflix remains almost uncontested when it comes to popularity of streaming video programming, according to Nielsen. The ratings firm Oct. 15 said the SVOD behemoth again dominated its weekly Top 10 chart, grabbing nine of 10 spots. It’s a trend Netflix has replicated weekly since Nielsen launched the chart in September.

For the period of Sept. 14 to 20, Netflix original series “Ratched,” starring Sarah Paulson, generated 972 million minutes of viewing consumption over eight episodes. The series edged out the previous week’s winner, “Cobra Kai,” which had 964 million minutes over 20 episodes. Filling out the podium were reruns of “The Office,” which tracked 902 million minutes over 192 episodes.

Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” was the only non-Netflix delivered show in the Nielsen chart, at fifth place.

Nielsen SVOD content ratings track Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix via its proprietary Nielsen National TV Panel and domestic television viewing.

Rank Service Series Episodes Minutes Streamed (Millions)
1 Netflix “Ratched” 8 972
2 Netflix “Cobra Kai” 20 964
3 Netflix “The Office” 192 902
4 Netflix “Lucifer” 75 869
5 Amazon “The Boys” 13 743
6 Netflix “Away” (2020) 10 729
7 Netflix “Grey’s Anatomy” 361 685
8 Netflix “Criminal Minds” 277 625
9 Netflix “NCIS” 353 553
10 Netflix “Shameless” 121 534

Nielsen Begins Ad-Tracking on YouTube and YouTube TV

Nielsen Oct. 15 announced it would begin tracking YouTube’s streaming TV inventory will be measured through its “Digital Ad Ratings” and “Total Ad Ratings” software to help media buyers and sellers better understand and verify audiences on Google-owned YouTube and YouTube TV apps on connected TVs. CTV refers to any TV that can be connected to the Internet and access content beyond what is available from a pay-TV provider.

More than 100 million people in the U.S. watch YouTube and subscription-based YouTube TV on connected TVs every month, according to Comscore.

Nielsen will now track YouTube beyond computer and mobile devices and expand “Advanced TV” product suite that includes its legacy TV viewership measurement. Nielsen’s first phase of YouTube TV tracking begin in the first half of 2021, and extending to the YouTube app on connected TVs in the U.S. shortly thereafter, ahead of the 2021-22 industry upfronts.

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“As streaming through connected devices surges, measuring the audience is critical as the industry demands a currency grade solution that provides marketers and publishers holistic, cross-platform metrics about advanced TV campaigns,” Scott Brown, GM of audience measurement at Nielsen, said in a statement.

With more than three-quarters of U.S. homes owning one or more connected devices and streaming accounting for 25% of total TV usage, Nielsen contends the value to media marketers and advertisers to account for audiences across all platforms, including connected TV,  has skyrocketed.

The CTV space continues to experience fragmentation as more players launch new services, causing data to be siloed within different platforms, according to Nielsen. The company said YouTube accounts for 20% of all streaming usage in the U.S., and through its tracking software, marketers will have increased confidence in their investments and the ability to better measure the success of their campaigns across platforms.

“Advertisers are asking for third-party measurement partners to provide a complete view of YouTube and YouTube TV audiences, so they can better understand the scale of the audience they’re able to reach through CTV campaigns,” said Debbie Weinstein, VP of global solutions at YouTube.

Nielsen: ‘Cobra Kai’ Continues Netflix’s Weekly SVOD Chart Dominance

TV reruns and original programming helped Netflix stay atop and dominate Nielsen’s weekly SVOD chart for the period from Sept. 7 to 13, 2020. The streaming behemoth has swamped Nielsen’s chart since it first launched in September tracking desktop and connected TV viewing.

“Cobra Kai” again topped the chart with 1.65 billion minutes viewed, followed by Hilary Swank astronaut series “Away” with 1.36 billion minutes, and “Lucifer” with 1.12 billion minutes. Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” followed with 1 billion minutes. “Cobra Kai” is an original action comedy-drama series based on “The Karate Kid” movie franchise.

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The rest of the chart featured both network and pay-TV classic episodes, underscoring the SVOD market’s push to license popular TV shows, including “The Office,” “Criminal Minds,” “Greys Anatomy,” “NCIS” and “Shameless,” among others.

Rank SVOD Provider Program Name # of Episodes Minutes (Millions)
1 Netflix “Cobra Kai” 20 1,655
2 Netflix “Away” (2020) 10 1,366
3 Netflix “Lucifer” 75 1,120
4 Amazon “The Boys” 12 1,060
5 Netflix “The Office” 192 947
6 Netflix “Criminal Minds” 277 783
7 Netflix “Greys Anatomy” 361 705
8 Netflix “NCIS” 353 587
9 Netflix “Shameless” 121 556
10 Netflix “Sister, Sister” 70 432

Nielsen: ‘Mulan,’ ‘The Boys’ Enter Weekly Top 10 Streaming Chart

Netflix’s total domination of Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 streaming video chart ended for the period from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6, when the Disney+ premium VOD release of Mulan and Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” debuted at No. 10 and No. 3, respectively. Netflix had filled all 10 spots on Nielsen’s chart since it launched a month ago.

Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” topped the chart with 2.17 billion minutes viewed, followed by Lucifer with 1.42 billion minutes and Prime Video’s “The Boys” with 891 million. “Cobra Kai” is an original action comedy-drama series based on “The Karate Kid” movie franchise.

The live-action movie remake Mulan, which Disney launched exclusively to Disney+ subscribers at a $29.99 purchase price, logged 525 million minutes — suggesting the PVOD (or Premier Access, as Disney calls it) release resonated stronger with consumers than expected.

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Scott Brown, GM of audience measurement at Nielsen, said the chart underscores the fact streaming video is growing in popularity. Brown said that among homes that can stream video, 25% of their TV viewing is spent accessing over-the-top content.

“Compelling content certainly helps to drive audiences to these streaming services,” Brown said in a statement, adding that the data showcases content’s appeal to diverse audiences.

“We look forward to the continued expansion of streaming measurement and providing the industry with this much-needed competitive insight,” he said.

  1. “Cobra Kai” (Netflix), 2.17 billion minutes viewed
  2. “Lucifer” (Netflix), 1.42 billion
  3. “The Boys” (Amazon), 891 million
  4. “The Office” (Netflix), 843 million
  5. “Criminal Minds” (Netflix), 675 million
  6. “Shameless” (Netflix), 639 million
  7. “Away” (Netflix), 631 million
  8. “Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix), 616 million
  9. “The Legend of Korra” (Netflix), 541 million
  10.  Mulan (Disney+), 525 million

Netflix’s ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Cobra Kai’ Top Weekly Nielsen SVOD Rankings

Netflix dominated Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 SVOD rankings, again accounting for all 10 spots for the third consecutive week (Aug. 24 – 30) — or as long as Nielsen has published the chart tallying Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix programming.

“Cobra Kai,” which Netflix acquired the two seasons of from YouTube Premium, tracked 1.4 billion minutes streamed across 20 episodes during its first three days available. The streamer is set to release a third season in 2021. That trailed more than 2 billion minutes streamed over 75 episodes of “Lucifer.”

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Nielsen: 25% of U.S. Homes Stream Video on the TV

Jumpstarted by a global pandemic, more Americans are streaming video in the home on their television than ever. New data from Nielsen found that 25% of consumers’ collective time is spent with over-the-top video services — including among people 55 years and older.

According to data from Nielsen’s Streaming Meter, a subset of more than 1,100 streaming capable homes from the National TV panel, as of the second quarter of 2020, streaming comprised 25% of all television minutes viewed, with Netflix being the largest contributor to streaming share at 34%, followed by YouTube (not YouTube TV) at 20%. Disney+, which only launched last November, now accounts for over 4% of total streaming time — underscoring the strength of the Disney brand.

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And despite a full menu of SVOD and AVOD services available to consumers, and available either free (ad-supported) or month-to-month without annual long-term contracts, Nielsen found that consumers aren’t just spending more time streaming video; they’re also willing to spend more to stream video. According to the survey, only 2% of adults said they are reducing the number of paid services they subscribe to, while 25% have added a service in the past three months. Hispanics have adopted new OTT video services even more aggressively at 40%.

“With the number of new streaming entities coming to market and the demand for both original and legacy content growing by the day, how the streaming market evolves in the coming months and years should be not just top of mind for content creators,” Nielsen wrote. “Additionally, these trends should be top of mind for media owners seeking to license programming, as well as marketers and brands, who might have additional opportunities for connecting products and services with engaged consumers via in-content brand placements.”

Nielsen: Netflix Dominates Weekly SVOD Top 10 Chart

Driven by a mix of original and third-party licensed content, Netflix swept all 10 spots on Nielsen’s weekly SVOD programming chart from Aug. 17 to 23. The TV ratings guru earlier this month began publishing a weekly Top 10 chart of most-streamed SVOD programming from just Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It now also includes Disney+ and Hulu.

Netflix is led by “Lucifer,” the former Fox television series that found a second home on the SVOD pioneer. It bumped “The Umbrella Academy” into the No. 3 spot with nearly 1.6 billion minutes consumed over 75 episodes. “Academy” has tracked about 1 billion minutes streamed over 20 episodes.

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In the No. 2 spot was “The Legend of Korra,” (1.28 billion minutes over 52 episodes) an animated television series originally created for Nickelodeon in 2012. The next three spots were held by reruns of “The Office,” “Shameless” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” which tracked 928 minutes, 802 minutes and 764 minutes, respectively, across a combined 2,494 episodes.

In the seventh spot was Project Power (761 minutes), an original action/sci-fi/fantasy film starring Jamie Foxx as an ex-soldier who mingles with a cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and teen (Dominique Fishback) in New Orleans to hunt for the source behind a dangerous new pill that grants users temporary superpowers.

The movie was followed by reruns of “Criminal Minds” (713 minutes/277 episodes), “NCIS” (533 minutes/353 episodes) and “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” (422 minutes/10 episodes), the latter a teen comedy-drama series created by Kathleen Jordan that premiered on Netflix on Aug. 14.

Netflix Dominates First Nielsen Top 10 Weekly Streaming Chart

As expected, Netflix programming ranked among the most-streamed content in Nielsen’s first-ever weekly chart ranking the Top 10 shows in the United States streamed on television, excluding laptops, tablets and smart phones. Netflix ended the most-recent fiscal period with 72.9 million North American (including Canada) subscribers. Nielsen also tracks Amazon Prime Video (150 million subs), but does not (yet) track Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV+ or CBS All Access.

Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” was the most-streamed show, Aug. 3-9, with its 20 available episodes generating 3.01 billion minutes consumed.

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The remaining nine shows (all on Netflix) are re-runs from pay-TV and broadcast licensed to the SVOD platform. In descending order: “Shameless” (120 episodes generating 1.12 billion minutes); “Grey’s Anatomy” (361 episodes/918 million minutes); “The Office” (192 episodes/897 million minutes); “Criminal Minds” (277 episodes/697 million minutes); “NCIS” (353 episodes/524 million minutes); “In the Dark” (26 episodes/418 million minutes); “Dexter” (96 episodes/316 million minutes); “Supernatural” (321 episodes/315 million minutes); and “Parks and Recreation” (121 episodes/304 million minutes).

Netflix, which has begun releasing internal data (based on a subscriber watching just two minutes of a show or movie) also had “Umbrella Academy” and “Shameless” among its top streamed shows. But other than “The Office,” Netflix charts featured predominantly original programming, including “World’s Most Wanted,” “Immigration Nation,” “Sugar Rush,” “Moesha,” “The Last Dance” and “Selling Sunset.”