AMC Theatres CEO: ‘We Broke the Internet’ Selling ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Movie NFTs

AMC Theatres’ website almost crashed Sunday (Nov. 28) when it began offering advanced tickets to Sony Pictures’ pandemic-delayed Spider-Man: No Way Home, now debuting in theaters on Dec. 17.

Driving the slowdown was AMC’s first foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) market. Specifically, the nation’s largest exhibitor, beginning Nov. 28, tweeted it would offer the first-ever NFTs surrounding the “Spider-Man” movie franchise to the first 86,000 AMC Stubs Premiere, AMC Stubs A-List, and AMC Investor Connect members who bought advanced tickets online.

The announcement triggered an influx of online traffic, causing a surge as customers tried to get their hands on the unique digital artwork, or NFTs, that can be traded like shares of stock.

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“It’s like we broke the internet,” CEO Adam Aron told Fox Business Network’s “The Claman Countdown.” “My tweets in the last 24 hours have been read three-and-a-half million times. The traffic we had to our website and mobile app last night were the highest that AMC has ever seen.”

Adam said AMC worked with Sony and blockchain expert WAX to come up with 100 different NFTs around No Way Home. The strategy worked as AMC sold more tickets Sunday night than it has ever sold in an overnight shift before.

“We’re talking massive surges above normal,” Aron said.

When asked if No Way Home would be the chain’s highest-grossing release, Aron said the title is currently locked in a battle with the 2018 Marvel Studios’ release Avengers: Endgame, a title that grossed nearly $2.8 billion in ticket sales, including $858 million domestically.

“It’s really close,” he said. “The point is, [No Way Home] is a really big movie. It’s going to be a really big movie. And we sold a tremendous number of tickets.”

Cinedigm Selling Horror-Based ‘Bloody Disgusting’ NFT Trading Cards

Cinedigm Oct. 26 announced it would be releasing a series of NFT-based trading cards branded as “Bloody Disgusting Blood Packs.” Los Angeles-based Cinedigm is partnering with Dark Arts Emporium to commission horror artists Luke Chueh, Chet Zar, Rick Dienzo, Wes Benscoter, Jeremy Cross and Jim Evans (also known as T.A.Z.) to create original paintings based on their favorite death scenes from horror movies.

The first 13 cards, which will utilize a distinctive horror and gore aesthetic, constitute the Gallery Edition of the “Kill Scenes” series. In celebration of Halloween, for the 6 Nights, 6 Hours and 6 minutes prior to Oct. 31 night, the collectible NFTs will be sold on an online auction.

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The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) movement has seen an increase in media interest. The tokens are unique digital files that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows the verification, ownership and provenance of these digital files to third parties.

Cinedigm is also offering new subscribers to the subscription-based service Screambox a trading card from the Standard Edition series. New subs will receive one art-based NFT collectible trading card that has been specifically designed to generate a limited number of random unique variations.

New subscribers to Screambox during the Halloween promotion receive a URL for the NFT marketplace where they will be able to redeem their card.

“The acquisition of Bloody Disgusting and Screambox has placed us in a unique position to enter the market for horror-based entertainment as well as horror collectibles,” Tony Huidor, chief technology and product officer at Cinedigm, said in a statement.

Huidor said the Bloody Disgusting trading cards represents Cinedigm’s first step in exploiting the distributor’s brands and expanding its business monetization via new technology.

“Being a horror fan goes hand in hand with collecting,” added Tom Owen, co-founder of Bloody Disgusting. “We’re rabid collectors of all things horror, and NFTs are an exciting new space with endless possibilities.”

NFT Offering for Anthony Hopkins Film ‘Zero Contact’ Tallies Nearly $100,000

Global NFT (non-fungible token) distribution and viewing platform Vuele grossed nearly six figures with the feature film Zero Contact, according to the company.

Vuele brought in 32.86267 ETH (Ether cryptocurrency) or $93,435 with the release of 11 NFT “drops” of the thriller starring Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins. The “Platinum Edition” NFT drop alone sold for 20 ETH ($56,860).

Zero Contact is the first feature film NFT distributed by Vuele.

The “NFT drops mark an incredible new step for the feature film distribution industry as well as film collecting and fan engagement,” according to a company press release.

“In just these few short days, we’ve seen a community form around our film, enhanced fan engagement, and also proved a new revenue stream in the industry. We think this is groundbreaking,” Rick Dugdale, co-founder of Vuele and director-producer of the film, said in a statement. “Our goal was to earn the respect of the NFT space in order for us to create staying power and help blaze a new path for filmmakers. Not only is this now a proven distribution model, but we will be able to create new film financing structures moving forward.”

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Each winning NFT allows the lucky winner to be edited into the film with a personal Zero Contact shoot and edit. In addition, each winner receives signed digital artwork of the film poster, the “making of” the film, Crypto Generative Art by REMO x Dcsan and a Vuele “Golden Ticket.” The “Platinum” one of one winner also receives a walk-on role in the Zero Contact Universe.