Samsung Launching Live News Streaming App for Mobile Devices

Samsung is launching a branded news app aimed at giving Galaxy consumers portable access to myriad third-party news organizations.

Launching in beta, Samsung News will be rolled out in the United States to Galaxy device users as an update to Samsung Free. Users who already have the “Free” app on their device will see the icon change to Samsung News starting April 18, when their apps are updated. All other users will be able to access the app by downloading it directly from the Samsung Galaxy Store. At first the feature will be available on select phones, and in the coming weeks, it will roll out to all addressable devices.

The app will initially provide access to news content from a range of partners, including Bloomberg Media, CNN, Fortune, Fox News, Glamour, GQ, HuffPost, Money, Newsweek, The New York Post, Parade, Politico, Refinery29, Salon, Slate, Sports Illustrated, The Daily Beast, TheStreet, USA Today and Vice. Additional news sources will be added to the app over time through Samsung’s syndication partner, upday.

“We created [the app] to deliver breaking and premium news to Galaxy users in an easy to access format. Our goal is to support users by letting them curate their ideal news experience,” Avner Ronen, VP of product development at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement.

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Samsung News offers users three ways to find news within the app:

  • Daily Briefings: Delivered twice a day (Morning Briefing and Evening Briefing), on the briefings Samsung is working with a team of experienced news editors to bring users the top headlines of the day in one place.
  • News Feeds: Users can view a feed of news from Samsung’s partners, categorized and organized for easy access, and in the “Following” tab users can update their preferences to customize the news they see.
  • Podcasts: Users can listen to news and entertainment podcasts directly within the Samsung News app.


“Syndication and strategic partnerships are how we ensure our content reaches far beyond the HuffPost footprint,” said editor-in-chief Danielle Belton.

Caroline Harris, VP of partnerships at Gannett (parent of USA Today), said reaching users on their mobile devices is key.

“Expanding our reach with breaking news and impactful journalism across Samsung’s network further advances our mission to reach millions of readers where they are — on their mobile phones,” Harris said in a statement.

CNN to Launch ‘CNN+’ SVOD Service

Following competitor Fox News’ launch of Fox Nation in 2018, CNN reportedly will launch a branded subscription streaming service next year dubbed “CNN+” and featuring the network’s media personalities.

The move comes as CNN parent WarnerMedia is merging with Discovery to rebrand as Warner Bros. Discovery in 2022. The new company will be run by Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who said he plans to ramp up investment in CNN going forward.

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The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the situation, said the CNN+ programming would be complementary — not a replacement — to the premium network. The platform would operate and be priced similarly to Disney’s ESPN+, which offers programming separate from the flagship ESPN network.

In addition to Fox News, NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service features progressive news/commentary platform The Choice, as well as NBC News Now. The Paramount+ SVOD platform offers CBS News.

Bloomberg Launches ‘Quicktake’ News Streaming Service

Bloomberg has launched a 24/7 streaming news network, dubbed “Bloomberg Quicktake,” featuring 10 original series and four live daily news shows. The online news network aims to cover a broad range of subjects spanning business, technology, culture, society, personal finance, politics, climate, and the business of sports, food, travel and entertainment.

Quicktake will report on global stories through the lens of business, backed by Bloomberg’s newsroom of 2,700 journalists in 120 countries. It will feature content produced in a variety of formats, including documentary-style original series, anchor-led live news shows, data visualizations, motion graphics, on-the-ground breaking news and live events.

The network launched on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV, through a newly designed Bloomberg App. Viewers can choose between Bloomberg Quicktake’s coverage of global news stories or Bloomberg TV for deeper market-moving finance news. They can watch the network live and access full episodes of original series and top story highlights on demand.

Bloomberg Quicktake will be available on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s ad-supported Smart TV streaming video service on Channel 1021 starting Nov. 18. In addition, AVOD platforms Tubi, a division of Fox Entertainment, and Comcast-owned Xumo will begin streaming Quicktake in the coming weeks.

“Our vision for Bloomberg Quicktake has always been to create a network of record for this era,” Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media, said in a statement. “Now expanding beyond its roots in social, it will be the network to watch for the business-minded consumer who seeks a deeper understanding of the global stories that impact their lives.”

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Quicktake will go live throughout the day to report on top news stories and global updates with four daily shows: “Take Charge” (9 a.m. ET); “Take a Break” (12 p.m. ET); “Take the Lead” (4:30 p.m. EST). “Geo,” which airs at 8 p.m. ET to kick-off primetime, is a spin on the traditional nightly news program — instead of recapping top stories of the day, the show dissects one big story with a global perspective. The live shows will be led by correspondents Tim Stenovec, Madison Mills, Kurumi Mori, Jennifer Zabasajja, and Jason Kelly, as well as Bloomberg journalists from around the world.

A documentary-style slate of original series will air at 9 p.m. ET, with 20- to 30-minute episodes followed by a post show featuring extended interviews and a reporter’s notebook-style pre-taped interview with behind-the-scenes details. They include:

“Storylines” — A signature documentary show that follows Bloomberg’s most exclusive journalism, including Businessweek’s biggest stories. It breaks down the most interesting business story of the week, and explains why it matters.

“The Breakdown” takes a deep dive into the companies that have made the most impact in business, critical moments in their rise or fall, and what makes their stories so fascinating. Season one dissects critical moments in modern business history including Hertz Rent-A-Car, Kodak and the National Rifle Association.

“CityLab Solutions”reports on the world’s cities, communities, and neighborhoods: how they work, the challenges they face, and the solutions they need. Find out how modern cities are solving some of the world’s most intractable problems from how Singapore became so green, how Tokyo plans for disaster and the homelessness in the age of Covid-19.

“Good Money” helps viewers prepare for a better future by demystifying the meaning of personal finance for the new era. In this season, Good Money will explore a range of topics from the ins and outs of day-trading to budgeting for your child’s future.

“System Shock” follows the story of how technology has upended the way business is done in almost every industry. Season one looks at the music industry, chronicling the history of the MP3, featuring interviews with music executives, artists and techies on how a tiny algorithm sparked a revolution that changed business, economics, and culture.

“Hello World Beyond” explores the exotic, colorful and endlessly entertaining characters that make up the underbelly of the technology industry beyond the big tech players. A fresh look at the people and their ideas that are disrupting our world as we know it.

“The Future of Work” takes in-depth look at how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we work now and in the future. From on-the-ground experiences to expert opinion and analysis, “Future of Work” explores everything from office spaces to shift in work culture, communication, infrastructure and beyond across industries.

“Moonshot Conversations” takes a deeper look into how science is solving the world’s most complex problems in order to create a better tomorrow. The first season explores major breakthroughs from scientists including plastic eating bacteria, asteroid hunting and oceanic exploration.

“Green” focuses on climate news you may have missed to high-tech solutions and data-driven opinions. “Green,” in collaboration with Bloomberg TV, explores the critical story of our time. A mix of deep-dive feature stories, the latest climate news and interviews with key players in the world of climate.

“Game Changers” profiles some of the world’s most influential, determined, hard-working visionaries who are disrupting their industries and defining the new economy. Season one profiles change makers as part of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum 2020, from Vietnam’s richest man with a plan to save a virus-stricken world to the first female mayor of Bogota.


Hulu and FX to Launch ‘The New York Times Presents’ Doc Series

FX and Hulu have partnered to launch the documentary series “The New York Times Presents.”

From the team behind “The Weekly,” which premiered on FX in June 2019, the series will explore breaking news, investigations and character-driven stories featuring reporting from journalists at the paper.

“The New York Times Presents” will feature 10 standalone documentaries that will air on FX and on Hulu on Fridays at 10 p.m., with one episode per month. They include “They Get Brave” on July 10, following doctors and nurses who documented their lives in New York City as the coronavirus hit, and “This Is Dominic Fike: The Next Big Thing?” on Aug. 7, about the making of a pop star in 2020, following a young musician is plucked from obscurity and given a $4 million record deal.

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The series will also feature a documentary about the killing of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville, Ky., exploring her life and investigating the circumstances of her death.

“The New York Times Presents” is produced by The New York Times and Left/Right, a Red Arrow Studios company. Executive producers are Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Mary Robertson, Jason Stallman, Sam Dolnick and Stephanie Preiss.

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The series is from the team behind the documentary series “The Weekly,” a collection of 30 half-hour documentaries and the paper’s first major foray into television news, currently available on Hulu. “The Weekly” won an Overseas Press Club award for its story on two American bicyclists killed by Isis in central Asia. Its reporting on how a predatory lending scheme had corrupted the taxi industry in New York and elsewhere was part of a body of work that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Reuters: COVID-19 Ups Consumer Consumption, Trust of News Reporting

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has increased consumer confidence in and consumption of news reporting on television and the Internet, including social media platforms, according to new data from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Before the COVID-19 crisis hit, more than half of survey respondents in six countries (U.K., U.S., Germany, Spain, South Korea, and Argentina) said they were concerned about what was true or false on the Internet when it came to news.

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Domestic politicians were singled out as the single most frequently named source of misinformation, though in some countries — including the U.S. – people who self-identify as right-wing are more likely to blame the media, with Facebook seen as the main channel for spreading “fake news.”

Over the past nine years, Reuters has found online news overtaking television and print as the most frequently used source of news. The virus crisis has significantly changed that picture. Data from surveys conducted in early April found respondents gravitated toward traditional TV for coverage of COVID-19 more so than other topics, including politics and global warming.

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TV news saw an uplift in all six countries polled separately in January and April. Germany saw a 12-point decline in reach for TV news reversed as people turned to the medium for virus-related news, including public service announcements.

“Journalism matters and is in demand again,” Nic Newman senior research associate, wrote in the report.

The use of online and social media for news has significantly increased in most countries, according to Reuters. WhatsApp saw the biggest growth in general with increases of around 10% in some countries, while more than 51% of respondents used some kind of open or closed online group to connect, share information, or take part in a local support network.

Reuters also found that trust in media doubled for social networks, video platforms and messaging services when it came to the virus and economic shutdowns. Across all countries surveyed, 28% turned to a website or app for their news. Respondents 18 to 24 years old preferred accessing social media. Indeed, use of Instagram for news has doubled since 2018 and looks likely to overtake Twitter through 2021, according to the report.

“Facebook [which owns Instagram] and other social media groups are now used on average by 31% of respondents for local news and information,” Newman wrote.

Pluto TV Adds Four New Channels

As Americans hunker down at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, AVOD service Pluto TV March 17 launched four new channels — TokuSHOUTsu (Ch. 681), Cops (Ch. 308), Blaze Live (Ch. 250) and America’s Voice News (Ch. 247).

TokuSHOUTsu (Ch. 681) offers tokusatsu entertainmant. Tokusatsu is the Japanese term for TV dramas and live-action films with special effects, monster brawls, superhero stunts and sci-fi. Content includes “Super Sentai,” “Ultraman” and “Kamen Rider.”

Cops (Ch. 308) gives viewers access into the daily lives and work of police officers, sheriff’s deputies and others in law enforcement. Filmed on location across the United States, the series follows real-life officers on patrol as they conduct high-speed pursuits, arrests and more.

America’s Voice News (Ch. 247) is a political news network.

Blaze Live (Ch. 250) is news and entertainment “for people who love America,” according to Pluto TV. Hosts include Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Dave Rubin, Phil & Jase Robertson and Sara Gonzales.

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In addition to these four new channels, Pluto TV will be running programming blocks:

  • Sci-Fi Action on Pluto TV Movies 1 & 2, Channels 54 and 56, March 18, 7 p.m. (EST/PST),Stealth, Virtuosity, Aeon Flux;
  • Athletically Funny on Pluto TV Comedy, Channel 60, March 19, 7 p.m. (EST/PST), Kingpin, Bull Durham, Nacho Libre, Necessary Roughness, The Foot Fist Way;
  • Character Comedies on Pluto TV Comedy, Channel 60, March 25, 7 p.m. EST, The Dictator, The Love Guru, Superstar, Night at the Roxbury; and
  • Family Adventures on Pluto TV Movies 1 & 2, Channels 54 and 56, March 30, 7 p.m. (EST/PST), Lemony Snicket, The Tuxedo, Young Sherlock Holmes.

Historic David Susskind Martin Luther King Jr. Interview Available on DVD From MVD

The historic David Susskind Archive: Interview With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is available on DVD from MVD Entertainment Group.

Susskind’s long and intimate interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. originally aired on June 9, 1963. Restored by the Paley Center, this broadcast has not been seen in full since its original airing. Among the subjects discussed were the current state of the American Civil Rights Movement and the then recent events in Birmingham, Ala.

On that Sunday night in June, WPIX-TV (NY) cleared this extraordinary interview between Susskind (host of “Open End”) and King. “Open End” had recently been removed from the schedule of WNEW-TV because of the station’s management reluctance to air discussions regarding race relations in America. WPIX picked up the ball, and the rest, as they say, became history.

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Susskind and King discussed the gamut of racial issues of the day, particularly King’s disappointment at the speed at which the Kennedy Administration was moving regarding Civil Rights legislation. The interview so rattled the White House that President Kennedy responded by going on national television to defend his Administration’s positions and to outline his push for what would later be the Civil and Voter’s rights Acts.

The interview was recorded two months before the civil rights leader delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.

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AT&T Boss: HBO Max to Offer Live Sports, News — in the Future

HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s pending subscription streaming service, will “ultimately” offer live sports and news, in addition to original and catalog programming, Randall Stephenson, CEO of parent AT&T, told investors.

Speaking July 24 on the fiscal call, Stephenson said the branded OTT service would be revealed in further detail to investors in a presentation on the Warner studio lot in Burbank, Calif., on Oct. 29.

“You should assume that ultimately HBO Max will have … live sports and premium sports,” Stephenson said. “Those are going to be really, really important elements for HBO Max. The same with news.”

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The live programming and sports elements would significantly differentiate HBO Max from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu, which cater to original and catalog programming.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

In fact, Netflix remains adamant it will not offer live sports, a market Prime Video dabbles in with Major League Baseball and Premier League soccer in the United Kingdom.

WarnerMedia, the media successor to Time Warner, last week revealed the management team behind HBO Max, which is slated to launch in Spring 2020.

While banking on the HBO brand, the streaming service will borrow liberally throughout the WarnerMedia business portfolio, which includes Turner and Warner Bros.

Indeed, Turner has pay-TV carriage license agreements with MLB, the NBA and NCAA March Madness men’s national championship tournament. How those contracts would relate to HBO Max remains to be seen. But Stephenson doesn’t see a problem.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to take advantage of the unique content deals that we have within WarnerMedia,” he said.

The CEO said the recently-ended HBO series “Game of Thrones” significantly increased HBO digital subscribers – a trend he hopes will continue with Max.

“HBO Max will be a key part of this wireless strategy as we get into next year pairing unique premium video content with our wireless, TV and broadband business,” Stephenson said. “[It] is going to be something special in the marketplace. And the implications of that to profitability, we think, are pretty important.”



Nielsen: Out-of-Home Viewership Boosting Linear TV News Consumption

Despite living in an over-the-top video ecosystem, linear TV remains a primary source of news for young U.S. adults — even outside the home (OOH), according to Nielsen.

News viewing OOH attracts both men and women adults equally across the general population. Notably, Nielsen found that more women (56%) 18-24 watch news remotely than men (43%).

Survey respondents said restaurants and bars are among the most popular places to view news. And this pattern continues among general population respondents aged 25-34 and 35-plus as 59% and 52%, respectively, reported viewing in a restaurant or bar.

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Meanwhile, 61% of younger adults aged 18-24 reported viewing in someone else’s home, while 43% reported watching in a restaurant or bar followed by 40% who reported watching at work and 39% at the gym.

The viewing habits among young adults support the common perception that they like to view content in social environments and in a variety of places.

“While most of us would consider watching the news at a bar, someone else’s home or even at the gym as doing so during our own time, our survey results found that viewers seek out the news at other times too. In fact, they’re going out of their way to catch the latest headline—even during work hours,” read the report.

According to the survey, 40% of the general population respondents age 18-24 reported watching the news while at work. Although the Internet has given consumers the opportunity to get their news on the go, that’s not their only source. Viewers are turning to linear TV out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the news ticker or get the latest weather report before they leave the office.

As more consumers, particularly young adults, take control of how, where and when to watch content, Nielsen contends OOH live news viewing presents advertisers with a great opportunity to be effective with their message and connect with a consumer segment that’s younger and educated.

Streaming Video Service iFlix Bowing 24-Hour News Hub

Subscription streaming video service iFlix is launching a 24-hour live news hub, aggregated news streams, clips, and linear feeds from international, regional and local news sources.

The service will be available across iflix’s 28 markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, beginning Sept. 3. News partners include CNN, Al Jazeera, DW, CGTN, and CCTV 4, among others.

“Technology has dramatically reshaped the news and media industries over the past decade,” Mark Britt, co-founder and CEO of iFlix, said in a statement. “Audiences today, particularly the rapidly growing youth segments, want immediate access to the stories and events that are shaping the world around them.”

iFlix News also features direct access to local linear channels, including CNN in the Philippines, Bernama News Channel, and KiniTV in Malaysia, Berita Satu and Kompas TV in Indonesia, Thairath TV and Spring News in Thailand and Mizzima TV in Myanmar.

In addition to the linear channel offering, live news segments will also be available in short form format.

“The launch … is a significant step forward in our commitment to provide customers with the broadest and most compelling selection of content available,” said Britt.

iFlix also offers a library of Hollywood, regional, and local TV shows and movies. The platform allows subscribers access on up to five devices concurrently, including phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions.