Sega Installs Execs at Atlus

Sega of America and Atlus U.S.A. Inc. on Oct. 1 announced Ian Curran, Sega of America president and COO, will become president and COO of Atlus U.S.A. and work alongside Sega West CEO Tatsuyuki Miyazaki to further the financial goals of both companies.

Miyazaki will assume the role of Atlus U.S.A. CEO as Naoto Hiraoka “steps into a role to focus as Atlus brand owner,” according to a Sega news release. Hiraoka will lead many of the company’s important creative projects.

“I look forward to creating more exciting projects with the creative team at Atlus in Japan, and wish my colleagues the best of luck growing the business in the Americas and EMEA,” Hiraoka said.

Hiraoka will remain on the board of Atlus U.S.A. and Sega of America.

“We wish Mr. Hiraoka the very best of luck in his role and are thankful that he’ll still be a valuable asset to the Atlus team,” said Miyazaki.

Atlus U.S.A.  is a leading Western publisher of Japanese video games, known for high-quality localization across a multitude of genres and platforms. The company is behind such popular games as  Persona 5, the cult classic “JRPG Shin Megami Tensei” series, and the action-adventure/puzzle game Catherine.