Mike’s Picks: ‘Desert Fury’ and ‘My Name Is Julia Ross’

Desert Fury

Kino Lorber, Drama, $19.95 DVD, $29.95 Blu-ray, NR.
Stars Lizbeth Scott, John Hodiak, Burt Lancaster, Wendell Corey, Mary Astor.
The revisionist word has gotten around on this once critically drubbed Technicolor potboiler. The movie is heavier than it needs to be on people standing around and talking to each other, though, to be sure, the talk can be stinging. But the electric three-strip Technicolor and the attendant decor go along way toward carrying the movie and its notably twisted subtext before we get to some brutal action at a roadside eatery in the final reel.
Extras: The bonus commentary is another exceptional one by Imogen Sara Smith.
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My Name Is Julia Ross

MVD/Arrow, Mystery, $39.95 Blu-ray, NR.
Stars Nina Foch, Dame May Whitty, George Macready.
1945. Somewhere around the time we spot George Macready cutting up women’s clothing with scissors as his elderly mother looks on, the thought is cemented for good that My Name Is Julia Ross isn’t your standard garden-variety ‘B’ from 1940s Columbia Pictures.
Extras: In addition to a detailed print intro by critic Adrian Martin as part of Arrow’s always slick-in-the-good-sense packaging, this Julia Ross release features a commentary by noir expert Alan K. Rode.
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