Cohen Film Collection’s April Slate Includes ‘Jigsaw,’ ‘Dementia’

Cohen Media Group and Cohen Film Collection have announced their April 2022 Blu-ray Disc releases. The slate includes Jigsaw on April 5, Oranges and Sunshine April 12, My Afternoons with Marguerite April 19, and Dementia April 26.

In the newly restored 1962 Brit Noir classic, Jigsaw follows an absorbing murder mystery based on the Hillary Waugh novel Sleep Long, My Love and inspired by the Brighton Trunk Murders of the 1930s. After discovering a woman’s body in a lonely beach house, a pair of Brighton detectives painstakingly assemble a jigsaw puzzle of clues as they attempt to track down the murderer.

The 2010 Australian drama Oranges and Sunshine tells the story of Margaret Humphreys, a social worker from Nottingham who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals of recent times: the deportation of thousands of children from the United Kingdom to Australia. Through her work, Humphreys reunited thousands of families, brought authorities to account, and drew worldwide attention to the issue.

Set in a small French town, My Afternoon with Margueritte is a story of life’s random encounters. The 2010 French film follows the story of a nearly illiterate man in his 50s named Germain, who is considered the village idiot. He goes to the park one day and meets Margueritte, an intelligent little old lady with a passion for life that inspires Germain, who realizes he is more of an intellectual than he’s made himself out to be.

A 1950s style foray into the mind of psycho-sexual madness, Dementia follows a young woman who is haunted by the horrors of her youth, which transformed her into a stiletto-wielding, man-hating beatnik. The original film contained no dialogue, but narration was added two years later and the title changed to Daughter of Horror. This edition presents the original cut of Dementia, the complete Daughter of Horror, and the original theatrical trailer.