BayView Entertainment to Acquire Mutiny Pictures

BayView Entertainment has entered into an agreement to acquire Mutiny Pictures, the independent distributor/sales agent that has released such
titles as Equal Standard, I Am Lisa and The Yellow Wallpaper.

The agreement comes on the heels of BayView Entertainment’s acquisition of U.K. genre distributor Vipco.

Launched in June 2020, Mutiny Pictures has acquired and released titles across all genres from around the world on streaming platforms and physical media. BayView Entertainment will handle Mutiny’s catalog, both currently available titles and recently acquired films that have yet to be released. Mutiny’s Josh Doke joins BayView as creative director.

“This agreement will add an exciting new dimension to our library, one as important to us as the 2019 acquisition of Monterey Media,” Peter Castro, BayView VP of acquisitions ad business development, said in a statement. “Mutiny’s titles will be an essential part of BayView’s ongoing release strategy. We are committed and eager to make Mutiny Pictures a successful part of the BayView family.”

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“Given the rapidly shifting landscape of the industry, it’s important for independent distributors to strengthen their catalogs to ensure ongoing success,” Mutiny CEO Ben Yennie said in a statement. “As such, we’re ecstatic to finalize this agreement with BayView and be able to offer our filmmakers even more from a company with the same values of transparency and honesty which we had founded Mutiny on.”

Earlier this summer, BayView announced it had acquired Vipco, the U.K. production/distribution company that launched in the 1970s and specialized in cult and obscure horror films. BayView and Vipco will work together to acquire and distribute horror titles across North America and the United Kingdom. The first four titles from the acquisition — The Last Slay Ride, 13 Tracks to Frighten Agatha Black, The Salamander House and Screams From the Swamp — will premiere on Blu-ray and VOD in December 2022.

Swedish Thriller ‘Mareld’ Due on Digital Aug. 9 From Mill Creek

Mutiny Pictures’ Swedish psychological thriller Mareld will be released on digital Aug. 9 from Mill Creek Entertainment.

In the story, a film crew sets sail on a catamaran to film a horror film where the scenes are improvised in chronological order, keeping the cast in the dark about the story. But what happens behind the scenes may be the real horror.

Director Ove Valeskog mixes documentary style with narrative film, blending lush cinematography with behind-the-scenes documentary film and blurring the boundary between fiction and reality. 

Mareld stars Hanna Oldenburg (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Animalistic), Viktor Akerblom (Border, Agent Hamilton), Moa Malan (The Giant) and Matti Boustedt (The Unlikely Murder). 

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The film has won more than 50 awards (and been nominated for 34 more) at film festivals around the world, including the Around International Film Festival, New York International Film Awards and IndieFEST Film Awards. It picked up Best Feature at the Creation International Film Festival 2021.

Mutiny’s Horror Film ‘The Fall of Usher’ Due on Digital July 12 From Mill Creek

Mutiny Pictures’ horror film The Fall of Usher will be released on digital July 12 from Mill Creek Entertainment, a division of Alliance Entertainment.

Based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, the film follows a young man caring for his terminally ill father who gets pulled into a maelstrom of murder, madness and the macabre.

The horror film stars Spencer Korcz (Wretch, One Wrong Step), James Tackett (Overtime, United We Fall), Savannah Schafer (Night of 1000 Clowns, Beasts of the Field) and Rita Hight (Roman Citizen, Bullitt Country).

It is written and directed by Brian Cunningham.

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Mutiny Doc ‘The Rise of the Synths’ Due on Digital July 5 From Mill Creek

Mutiny Pictures’ documentary The Rise of the Synths will be released on digital July 5 from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Narrated by director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog), The Rise of the Synths explores the roots of the Synthwave scene, charting its humble online and underground beginnings to its impact on today’s pop culture. The film traverses nine countries, interviewing the scene’s biggest stars and original trailblazers tracing its rise to popularity.

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The film includes artists Carpenter Brut, Gunship, Electric Youth, Power Glove, Waveshaper and Dance with the Dead. The Byron Bay International Film Festival 2020 winner for Best Music Documentary is written and directed by Iván Castell, with the soundtrack composed by OGRE.

Psychodrama ‘Losing Addison’ Due on Digital June 28 From Mill Creek

Mutiny Pictures’ psychodrama Losing Addison will be released on digital June 28 from Mill Creek Entertainment, a division of Alliance Entertainment.

Adapted from the novella published in 2011 by author Marty Beaudet, the thriller follows Les McCubbin, who spent his whole life in his twin brother Addison’s shadow. When Addison severs their psychic connection, Les doesn’t just lose his brother — he begins to lose himself. 

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The Oregon Independent Film Festival 2021 Winner stars Sherilyn Fenn (“Shameless,” “Twin Peaks”), Ted Rooney (Legally Blonde, Gone), Jana Lee Hamblin (“The West Wing,” “Z Nation”) and Reine Swart (Triggered, The Hex), and is directed by Martin Bannon Beaudet.


Queer Horror Film ‘So Vam’ Headed to Digital June 21

Mutiny Pictures’ queer horror feature So Vam will be available on digital June 21 from Distribution Solutions. 

Co-written, produced and directed by then 16-year-old Alice Maio Mackay, a young trans filmmaker in her feature debut, the film follows Kurt, a high school outcast in a conservative town who dreams of moving to the city to be a famous drag queen. When he is kidnapped by a predatory old vampire and attacked, he is rescued just in time by a gang of rebellious vampires who feed on bigots and abusers. As a vampire, he finally knows empowerment and belonging. However, his killer is still out there, creating new minions with their own rotten hatred and threatening all that he loves. Until Kurt faces the monster, he will never truly be free.

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The new age genre stars Chris Asimos (The Resurgence, Danger 5), Patty Glavieux (Blood Money) and Ben DeLaCrème (“RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Happiest Season).


Horror Flick ‘Terror Trips’ Due on Digital and DVD June 14

Mutiny Pictures’ Terror Trips will be released on digital and DVD June 14 from Mill Creek Entertainment. 

In the horror flick, six friends test out a killer idea for a business that puts a new twist on morbid tourism. The concept is simple — provide guided tours to slasher film fans at the shooting locations of the world’s most famous horror movies. Tourists spend the night watching the horror film on site for maximum chills, but as the night unfolds, the thrills take a deadly turn where the horror becomes real. 

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The Nightmares Film Festival 2021 Winner stars Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, American Hell, The Unwanted), Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night, Wrong Turn), Chaney Morrow (Wrong Turn, Haunt, Dark Waters), Abigail Esmena (Don’t Tell a Soul, They/Them/Us, She-Hulk) and is written and directed by Jeff Seemann.


Mutiny Pictures’ Thriller ‘Drive All Night’ Due on Digital May 31

Mutiny Pictures’ thriller Drive All Night will be released on digital May 31 from Distribution Solutions.

In the film, Dave, a reclusive swing-shift taxi driver, sees his night take an unexpected turn after he picks up a mysterious passenger, Cara, a young woman hiding a dark secret. 

The film stars Yutaka Takeuchi (“Marvel’s The Defenders,” Letters from Iwo Jima), Lexy Hammonds (Escape Room) and Sarah Dumont (“The League,” “9-1-1”), and is written and directed by Peter Hsieh in his directorial debut. 

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Japanese Fantasy ‘Sayo’ Due on Digital May 24 From Mill Creek

Mutiny Pictures’ Japanese fantasy Sayo will be released on digital May 24 from Mill Creek Entertainment.

In the film, Nagisa lost her twin sister Sayo two years ago. One night, on her way home, a strange taxi driver picks her up and takes her to another world, the land of the souls where she goes on a journey to reach out to her sister one last time. 

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The fantastical twist on the road-trip genre stars Nagisa Chauveau (Sumire, Unsaid) and Jai West (Equals, Love Exposure). 

The film has English subtitles.

Ice-T Film ‘Equal Standard’ Coming to Digital June 8, Disc July 6 From Mill Creek and Mutiny

The Ice-T film Equal Standard will debut theatrically May 7, on digital June 8, and on DVD and Blu-ray July 6 from Mill Creek Entertainment and Mutiny Pictures.

Taheim Bryan’s writing and acting debut inspired by his life experience, the film tells the timely and politically charged story of police in New York City struggling with race, rank, betrayal and loss. Directed by Brendan Kyle Cochrane, the story is an billed as an unflinching — and unbiased — lens on the lives of police and the community they’re called upon to protect, and what happens when that covenant goes sideways, offering a perspective from both sides of the law.

Equal Standard stars Ice-T (New Jack City, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”), Naughty by Nature’s Anthony “Treach” Criss (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “The Sopranos”) and Robert Clohessy (“Hill Street Blues,” The Wolf of Wall Street).

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“There are people who have never dealt with the cops’ brutality or it doesn’t happen in their community,” Ice-T recently told Entertainment Tonight. “What I hope is all the protesters take [the lessons from Equal Standard] with them in their day-to-day life, and when they see racism or they see something wrong, that they step up against it as one person.”

The film was an Official Selection at the Durban International Film Festival; a Best Trailer Nominee at the Paris Art and Movie Awards (PAMA); a Screenplay Semi-Finalist for Taheim Bryan at the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival; and an Official Selection at the Black Film Festival Los Angeles.