Kaleidescape Appoints Priscilla Morgan Chief Operating Officer

Movie player maker Kaleidescape has appointed Priscilla Morgan chief operating officer.

She will be responsible for sales, marketing, content licensing, customer support and customer engagement. She was previously a member of the board of directors for the company.

“Priscilla brings more than 25 years of experience building and advancing sales, finance, and field operations initiatives for companies like Dolby and Oracle,” Kaleidescape chairman and CEO Tayloe Stansbury said in a statement. “Through many years of developing deep-rooted customer and industry relationships and navigating the landscape of entertainment technology, Priscilla has developed a unique and tremendously successful approach to scaling organizations. With her transition from our board of directors, she brings a strong understanding of Kaleidescape’s trajectory and customer base to this executive leadership role.”

“I am thrilled to take on this new role at Kaleidescape and contribute to its growing success alongside a tremendous leadership team,” Morgan said in a statement. “I look forward to leveraging my strategic and tactical experience, along with my industry ties, to establish a customer-centric approach to operations that will continue to grow the company.” 

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Prior to joining Kaleidescape, Morgan served as chief revenue officer at Alliance Consumer Group, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of branded consumer products. Additionally, she oversaw worldwide sales and business operations and new business design and implementation in VP roles at Dolby. She created and implemented systems to achieve complex financial and operational objectives and enabled global scaling of the business to more than $1 billion. As VP of business operations and development at Oracle, she led cross-functional teams to refine business practices, operations, and opportunity management for on-demand and support services. She also served as the CFO at TuVox and conducted client engagements at KPMG.

Morgan holds a bachelor of arts in English with an emphasis in accounting from the University of California, Berkeley. She was selected as one of the Most Influential Women in Business by The San Francisco Business Times

Kaleidescape Bows New Movie Servers to Accommodate More 4K

Movie player maker Kaleidescape has released the compact Terra 22 terabyte (TB) movie server, replacing its compact Terra 18TB, and the Terra 88TB movie server, replacing its Terra 72TB server.

The new products are now available from Kaleidescape’s dealer network.

The compact Terra 22TB movie server is priced at $10,995 and the Terra 88TB at $25,995. Accompanying Strato C players are $3,995 each. 

“Kaleidescape is committed to acting on customer feedback, streamlining our product line to meet our wide range of customer needs in the 4K UHD era while maintaining the unrivaled quality, faster download speeds and seamless playback experience that define Kaleidescape,” Kaleidescape CEO Tayloe Stansbury said in a statement. “This new server lineup offers five different storage capacities, spaced roughly a factor of two apart from each other.”

Customers can choose from the compact Terra 6TB, compact Terra 12TB, compact Terra 22TB or the larger Terra 48TB or Terra 88TB. The sequencing provides efficient options for those who want storage flexibility on a smaller scale, or for those with larger collections looking to expand as more 4K UHD titles become available. Both the Terra and compact Terra lines can download a UHD 4K movie in as little as 10 minutes, according to the company.

The new Terra 88TB can store nearly 1,500 high-fidelity 4K UHD movies, serve up to 10 simultaneous 4K UHD playbacks, and enable fast downloads while simultaneously supporting playback on multiple Strato players. The Terra 88TB movie server stores high-fidelity movies on an array of high-quality, enterprise-class hard drives and is designed to continue operating on the rare occasion of a hard drive failure, according to Kaleidescape. If a failed hard drive needs to be replaced, movies are automatically restored from the cloud. 

The compact Terra 22TB can store more than 350 4K UHD movies or more than 650 movies with a mix of 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD-quality titles, and serve up to five simultaneous 4K UHD playbacks. The compact Terra allows customers the flexibility to add playback zones and grow their movie collection over time. Up to four compact Terra servers can be combined in a single system for more storage. 

The Kaleidescape movie store has nearly 14,000 titles for purchase and more than 9,000 for rent. Users can rent or download movies in reference quality 4K HDR with lossless Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio, surpassing even 4K UHD discs in both convenience and quality by going beyond optical disc capacity and bit rate limits, according to the company. In addition, Kaleidescape offers more than 700 4K UHD titles not available on Blu-ray Disc. 

Kaleidescape Announces Strategic Partnership With Keith Yates Design

Movie player maker Kaleidescape and theater design and acoustical engineering company Keith Yates Design have announced a strategic partnership.

“The Kaleidescape content team will utilize the KYD-designed lab to ensure all movies released on its movie store deliver the reference-quality experience customers have come to expect from Kaleidescape,” according to a press release.

Keith Yates Design is the preferred choice for Hollywood’s elite customers, often selected by major directors, producers, sound specialists, and cinematographers, according to the release. In 2019, the firm was awarded the AVS Forum’s Home Theater of the Decade for its design of The Hahn Theater, a project conducted with cinematographer Rob Hahn that received global recognition.

“Keith Yates Design and Kaleidescape have a common goal in delivering a deeply inspired immersive theater experience that is unique, customized, and shapes the entertainment space,” Tayloe Stansbury, Kaleidescape CEO, said in a statement. “KYD’s design, combined with Kaleidescape, delivers unrivaled acoustical movie magic, which is why we are working with them to design the Kaleidescape Movie Lab at our corporate headquarters.”

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“Kaleidescape makes the industry’s best movie servers and players, and we use the system for all our calibrations when we do quality control on a commissioned KYD home theater,” Keith Yates, president and chief creative officer, Keith Yates Design, said in a statement. “A KYD designed and engineered cinema experience is enhanced and further resolved with the performance advantages only available with Kaleidescape’s higher fidelity video source material and lossless audio, making everything in the theater optimized to deliver the best performance.”

In celebration of this partnership, every KYD theater commissioned with a Kaleidescape system will come with a unique, one-of-a-kind, bound book highlighting the design and engineering of the KYD theater.

“This partnership is a natural fit as KYD and Kaleidescape are aligned to provide the best-in-class private cinema experience, one our customers will be proud to commemorate by putting this book on display,” Yates added.

Kaleidescape Bows New Compact Movie Server

Movie server maker Kaleidescape announced Jan. 4 the new entry-level compact Terra 6 terabyte. 

The movie server is initially offered as a bundle with the Strato C movie player at a special price of $7,995 through March 31, 2022. 

“The compact Terra 6TB, when combined with a Strato C player, replaces the Kaleidescape Strato S as our entry-level system, while providing the ultimate playback experience with significantly greater scalability and performance,” Tayloe Stansbury, CEO of Kaleidescape, said in a statement.

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With the power to download feature-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes on a gigabit internet connection, the compact Terra 6TB provides four times faster movie downloads than the Strato S 6TB all-in-one player-server, according to the company. In addition, a compact Terra 6TB can serve up to five simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks on Strato players in different rooms, compared to only two simultaneous playbacks for Strato S, according to the company. The compact Terra 6TB — unlike the Strato S —can download movies while simultaneously supporting playbacks on Strato players. Consumers can scale up their storage by adding a compact Terra 6TB, 12TB, or 18TB or a full-sized Terra 24TB, 48TB or 72TB.