Amazon Formally Relaunches Epix as MGM+

Amazon has officially relaunched the erstwhile Epix premium digital streaming platform as MGM+, which will continue to be available nationwide through cable, telco, satellite, and emerging digital distribution channels, as well as through the MGM+ app for $5.99 monthly ($49.99 annually) without ads.

Amazon completed its $8.45 billion acquisition of MGM Studios in 2022.

“It’s a new beginning for our service, as we introduce MGM+,” Michael Wright, head of MGM+, said in a statement. “MGM+ will deliver on its iconic and beloved studio legacy, with cinematic, sophisticated, and transportive storytelling that audiences love.”

The new programming lineup and original content production plans for MGM+ include the Jan. 15 premiere for season three of drama series “Godfather of Harlem,” the true-crime docuseries “Murf the Surf” (Feb. 5)the six-episode limited series “A Spy Among Friends” (March 13), and the contemporary sci-fi horror movie FROM (April 23), among other titles.

The library of movies includes Top Gun: Maverick and MGM theatrical hits No Time to Die and House of Gucci, and legacy franchises such as “James Bond” and “Rocky.” The service also offers classic movies, including The Silence of the Lambs, Platoon, RoboCopThe Magnificent Seven, The Wolf of Wall Street, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Lost City, BarbershopThe Pink Panther, In the Heat of the Night, The Thomas Crown Affair, A Quiet Place and Father of the Bride.