This Week’s Podcast: Turning Back the Clock, Legos, ‘Bullet Train’ and the Big Streaming Merger

On this week’s episode of the Media Play News podcast, hosts Charles Parkman and Charlie Showley turn back the clock to early-1990s TV and cover John Latchem’s review of “SeaQuest DSV” while commenting on its slightly inaccurate predictions for the future (the show takes place in 2018).

The hosts follow that up with another review by Latchem of the animated kids movie Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation. Despite the juvenile subject matter, Lego movies always manage to have a certain charm about them.

At the box office, the infamous Bullet Train has pulled into theaters. There was a lot of criticism surrounding its promotional trailers for appearing to lean heavily into style over substance, so did it manage to impress audiences?

And, lastly, is news around the merger between HBO Max and Discovery+. In Charlie’s opinion it’s refreshing to see a headline about streaming services merging rather than yet another one forming.