McAfee: Gamers Worried About Cybersecurity

A new survey by Cybersecurity company McAfee shows three-quarters of PC gamers are worried about the security of gaming in the future. Nearly 64% have experienced or know someone who has been directly affected by a cyberattack.

The “Game Over: The Future of Gaming Security” found that while gamers profess to exhibit good cybersecurity habits, 55% of gamers reuse passwords across accounts for online services, and the average gamer has experienced almost five cyberattacks.

“We found that gamers are most certainly concerned about cybersecurity, however they tend to engage in poor security habits,” said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at McAfee. “As PC gaming continues to grow in popularity, it’s important for gamers to take steps to help keep their device and personal information protected.”

Among security measures taken to secure their PCS, 83% of gamers have installed antivirus software. McAfee recommends gamers use a firewall to protect their system, don’t click on messages from unknown users, and use unique passwords for all online accounts.