PBS to Bow David Kelly Docuseries ‘Hope in the Water’ in Summer 2024

PBS will release the three-part, character-driven docuseries “Hope in the Water,” from multi-award-winning producer David E. Kelley (“Love & Death,” “Lincoln Lawyer,” “Big Little Lies”) in collaboration with four-time James Beard Award and Emmy Award winner Chef Andrew Zimmern and his production company Intuitive Content (MSNBC’s “What’s Eating America,” “Family Dinner,” “Andrew Zimmern’s Wild Game Kitchen,” “Feral”), in summer 2024 on PBS, PBS.org and the PBS App.

Marking Kelley’s foray into docuseries television, “Hope in the Water” travels the globe to discover the creative solutions and breakthrough blue food technologies that could not only feed the world but help save threatened seas and fresh waterways. The series highlights the stories of innovators, aquafarmers and fishers who are working toward a sustainable future for the planet.

Environmental enthusiasts Shailene Woodley, Martha Stewart, José Andrés and Baratunde Thurston reveal hidden underworlds jeopardized by climate change, irresponsible fishing and exploitation, and habitat destruction. 

“We’re particularly excited about ‘Hope in the Water’s’ potential to reach broad audiences thanks to the powerful voices at the forefront of the series, who demonstrate the possibilities of a more sustainable future,” Bill Gardner, VP of multiplatform programming and head of development at PBS, said in a statement. “With a commitment to extensive public engagement around the series, we aim to not only bring compelling and authentic documentary content to audiences but also to connect and strengthen voices, people and communities with real world ways to make a difference.”

“Through ‘Hope in the Water’ we are on a mission to reimagine a planet where both ecological balance and food abundance are possible. Our series is a fresh take on how we can rewrite menus worldwide that will create meaningful and lasting impact for generations to come,” Kelley said in a statement. “Andrew and I are buoyed by our enthusiastic collaborators — Shailene, Martha, Baratunde and José — and are proud to partner with the Earth-conscious changemakers at PBS.”

Actor and activist Woodley grew up surfing the California coast and has witnessed firsthand how “zombie” purple urchins have taken over and destroyed kelp forests. She goes underwater with urchin divers who collect the barren urchins and then deliver them to a farm where their buttery roe is grown and harvested — turning an ecological imbalance into a sellable commodity and helping to save the kelp at the same time.

“It’s my hope that through this important work, we can collectively practice better alternatives that will nourish communities across the planet and sustain our waters,” Woodley said in a statement.

Stewart has a deep connection to the Gulf of Maine — the fastest warming body of water on the planet. She sails into Penobscot Bay where a young fisherman abandoned his plans of lobstering for a more sustainable alternative: scallop farming. As Stewart cooks the scallops, she notes that Maine’s famous lobsters are now migrating further north in search of colder water. Aquafarms like this are the future.

“The interconnectivity between Earth and all its inhabitants has always inspired my passions,” Stewart said in a statement. “We’ve been given the gift of this incredible planet — the only one we call home — and when we pair it with human ingenuity to think outside the box, we can become more eco-friendly and expect better for our future.” 

A renowned chef and humanitarian, Andrés recounts the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico in 2017. He and volunteers with World Central Kitchen prepared more than 4 million meals to feed hungry survivors. Importantly, World Central Kitchen also provided grants to fishers to repair boats, buy new engines, and rebuild their fishery. Marine conservationist Raimundo Espinoza assisted that effort and is now helping these fishers pivot to a new and sustainable species: 60-pound diamondback squid.

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Baratunde Thurston weaves together threads of technology, democracy and climate through his work as an Emmy-nominated host, producer, writer and public speaker. He is a founding partner of the new media startup Puck and creator and host of the “How to Citizen” podcast. He is also the host and executive producer of the PBS television series “America Outdoors.”

“I’ve assessed all the planets and strongly prefer life on Earth. It’s essential that we find ways to take care of this planet which is another way of saying take care of ourselves,” stated Thurston.

Roku Channel Serves Up Season Two Orders of ‘Martha Cooks’ and ‘Emeril Cooks’

The Roku Channel has ordered second seasons of its originals “Martha Cooks,” featuring March Stewart, and “Emeril Cooks,” with Emeril Lagasse.

“Emeril Cooks” season two will debut Feb. 17, and “Martha Cooks” season two will debut April 3. The series starring the culinary and lifestyle icons will stream exclusively on The Roku Channel.

The first seasons of both “Martha Cooks” and “Emeril Cooks” premiered in the fall of 2022 on The Roku Channel.

The second season of “Emeril Cooks” brings viewers to the cook’s beloved New Orleans to experience the unique blend of tradition and innovation that powers his cooking. The new season will feature 10 30-minute episodes. The series is produced by Marquee Brands for The Roku Channel.  


The second season of “Martha Cooks” welcomes viewers into Stewart’s farm kitchen and visits some of her favorite places to create cuisine, confections and treats. Working with world-renowned chefs and friends, she will reveal techniques and how-to instructions. The new season will feature 10 30-minute episodes. The series is also produced by Marquee Brands for The Roku Channel. 


In addition to Roku originals starring Stewart and Lagasse, The Roku Channel offers viewers more content from the two for free. Audiences can stream complete seasons of library content, including “Martha Bakes” seasons 1-11, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” seasons 1-5, “Martha Stewart Living” seasons 1-11, “Essence of Emeril” seasons 1-11 and “Emeril Live” seasons 1-19.

The Roku Channel also has created dedicated linear channels with this programming, Martha Stewart Channel and Emeril Lagasse Channel. 

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The Roku Channel Inks Deals for Original/Catalog Content Featuring Martha Stewart, Chef Emeril Lagasse

The Roku Channel May 3 announced it has inked co-production deals to develop seven all-new original series starring lifestyle and culinary personalities Martha Stewart, Chef Emeril Lagasse and home cooking expert Christopher Kimball.

In addition to the all-new original series, the deals will bring complete past seasons of Stewart, Lagasse and Kimball series to the ad-supported streaming platform. Streamers will have access to more than 3,000 episodes of library content. The Roku Channel will further extend the ways users can watch the content by creating linear channels featuring the programming for its Live TV Guide.

“These exciting first-of-their-kind partnerships for Roku with Marquee Brands and Milk Street Studios, showcase our unique ability to drive value across the streaming ecosystem,” Rob Holmes, VP, Programming at Roku, said in a statement.

The deal ushers in new programming to bolster both The Roku Channel’s original and licensed content offerings and further enhances the depth of food and lifestyle content available for streamers.

“Martha and Emeril are two of the most trusted names in the food and home sectors and we can’t wait to serve up all-new series for millions of streamers to devour soon,” said Neil Fiske, CEO of Marquee Brands. “This comes at an exciting time for Martha as we continue to build Martha.com into an online commerce and content destination, as well as expand our product offering with Emeril.”

Marquee Brands – Martha Stewart Productions

“Martha Cooks”

 Lifestyle icon Martha Stewart cooks 100 of her favorite recipes, working with world renowned chefs and dear friends, all from her home kitchen in Bedford, New York.

“Martha Holidays” (working title)

Martha Stewart is your host for everything holiday! From festive family dishes and dazzling desserts, from decorating tips to thoughtful gift ideas, Martha will share her secrets for a successful and joyous holiday season.

“Martha Gardens”

Martha Stewart is a passionate gardener and cultivator of plants and vegetables. Over the course of a year in the life of her incredible 153-acre farm, Martha will share the tips, tricks and tools that gardeners of all skill levels need to be successful—and have fun.

Marquee Brands – Emeril Lagasse Productions

“Emeril Cooks”

Famous for bringing his creative take on Creole and Cajun cuisine to the masses, celebrity chef, author and restauranteur Emeril Lagasse is excited to be back with some of his favorite recipes. “Emeril Cooks” will fuse the rich traditions of New Orleans cuisine with brand new dishes and techniques inspired by Emeril’s renowned restaurant menus and line of cookbooks.

“Emeril Tailgates”

Whether you’re in the parking lot or the living room, no game is complete without the food and drinks you share with family and friends. Chef and grill master Emeril Lagasse will add his signature “kick” to regionally specific dishes inspired by popular tailgate fare from across the country, from Buffalo wings to Kansas City BBQ.

Milk Street Studios Productions

“Milk Street’s Cooking School”

Christopher Kimball brings Milk Street’s Cooking School to The Roku Channel. With appealing, approachable recipes from around the world, Kimball and his team of experts seek to inspire home cooks to try new techniques, ingredients, and tools that will make them more confident, more successful and more excited to get in the kitchen.

“Milk Street’s My Family Recipe”

Few things evoke such emotion as food shared with family. With a combination of historical context and modern culinary know-how, Christopher Kimball and James Beard Award Winner Cheryl Day will help home cooks recreate lost or forgotten cherished family recipes. My Family Recipe is more than a cooking show – it’s a show about history, community, family, and memories, and how food ties it all together.

Library Content Coming to The Roku Channel

Users of The Roku Channel will be able to view and enjoy complete seasons of Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse and Milk Street series. The Roku Channel will also create dedicated linear channels for users to watch the programming through its Live TV Guide.

·   Martha Bakes Seasons 1-11

·   Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Seasons 1-5

·   Martha Stewart Living Seasons 1-11

·   Essence of Emeril Seasons 1-11

·   Emeril Live Seasons 1-19

·   Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television Seasons 1-5

Julia Child Episodes, ‘Trading History’ Coming to PBS Living Channel in June

PBS Living subscribers will have access to three classic Julia Child series and “Trading History” on the PBS Living Prime Video and Apple TV channels in June.

The subscription rate for PBS Living is $2.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. PBS Living is also available on Apple TV Channels in the Apple TV app at a subscription rate of $2.99 per month with no additional annual fees.

Coming June 18 are three seasons of “Baking With Julia Child.” In the series, Julia Child and pastry chefs, bakers and cookbook authors share tips and recipes on home baking. Child bakes chocolate truffle cake, walnut bread, tiramisu, a tropical napoleon, sourdough bread, and a French apple tart with many respected pastry chefs, as well as a wedding cake with Martha Stewart and more.

Season one of “In Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chefs” starts streaming June 22. Child takes an in-depth look at contemporary American cooking along with 26 nationally recognized chefs. Inviting the master chefs into her kitchen, she cooks with the pros, detailing their techniques and dishes for the home cook. She makes lobster with Jasper White, shrimp in spicy coconut sauce with Madhur Jaffrey, a jicama salad with Rick Bayless, and many more recipes with many other chefs.

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Debuting June 29 are 16 season one episodes of “Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chefs.” Julia visits 16 nationally acclaimed master chefs in their own kitchens. Each chef demonstrates distinct techniques, regional recipes and culinary tips which guide home cooks through their favorite recipes. Child makes lobster soufflé with Jacques Pépin, tapenade with Alice Waters, and risotto with wild mushrooms with Lidia Bastianich, among other recipes­.

Due June 15 are six episodes of “Trading History.” The series uncovers intriguing family history through the prism of auction house artifacts and dedicated research teams that go behind the scenes to confirm the authenticity of the item, uncovering biographical information about the finder, the owner and the maker. Each story is told through rare archival materials and is packed with history and facts.

‘Dishing With Julia Child’ to Stream Feb. 28 on PBS Living and PBS Passport

“Dishing With Julia Child,” a new six-part series from PBS, will be available to stream Feb. 28 on PBS Passport and PBS Living, available on Prime Video Channels and Apple TV.

“We are more than excited to be bringing original content to PBS Living for the very first-time,” said Andrea Downing, co-president of PBS Distribution, in a statement. “Julia Child pioneered what cooking shows have become today and to get a once-in-a-lifetime look at how she inspired the master chefs of today is truly a treat.”

PBS Living is available at $2.99 a month. PBS Passport is an added member benefit.

Eric Ripert in “Dishing With Julia Child”

In “Dishing With Julia Child,” nine respected chefs — José Andrés, Rick Bayless, Carla Hall, Vivian Howard, Sara Moulton, Jacques Pépin, Éric Ripert, Marcus Samuelsson and Martha Stewart — gather together to screen favorite episodes of Child’s iconic show “The French Chef,” which debuted in 1963. As they watch, they share personal reminiscences, anecdotes and a few laughs as they discuss the immeasurable impact she had on their lives, careers and the American food scene.

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Jose Andres in “Dishing With Julia Child”

The series, which will also be broadcast on Fridays April 3-17 on PBS, is part of the PBS 50th anniversary celebration of the iconic personalities that shaped both broadcast history and pop culture.

“As we celebrate PBS icons like Julia Child during our 50th anniversary, audiences will also get an exciting look at how these legacies will shape and inspire the future of PBS,” said Jerry Liwanag, VP, fundraising programming, in a statement. “This nostalgic series is just one example of the rich food and culture programming that PBS makes available to audiences across multiple platforms.”

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“’Dishing With Julia Child’ showcases how pioneering and timeless Julia Child’s television teaching is,” said Eric W. Spivey, chairman of The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts. “The Foundation is thrilled PBS has connected some of Julia’s iconic episodes to the streaming age through the eyes of chefs who embody her legacy.”

Episode titles and broadcast premiere dates (ET):

No. 1 “The Whole Fish Story” (April 3, 10:00-10:30 p.m.)

No. 2 “The Good Loaf” (April 3, 10:30-11:00 p.m.)

No. 3 “Your Own French Onion Soup” (April 10, 10:00-10:30 p.m.)

No. 4 “Boeuf Bourguignon” (April 10, 10:30-11:00 p.m.)

No. 5 “The Potato Show” (April 17, 10:00-10:30 p.m.)

No.6 “To Roast a Chicken” (April 17, 10:30-11:00 p.m.)