Two 1980s Romantic Comedies Heading to Blu-ray Disc in March

Kino Lorber March 7 will release on Blu-ray Disc two classic romantic comedies from the 1980s, Secret Admirer and Making Mr. Right

Both films carry suggested retail prices (SRP) of $24.95, with advance orders by retailers due Feb. 7.

In director David Greenwalt’s Secret Admirer (1985), an anonymous note sets off a romantic chain-mail reaction with hilarious results. When high school heartthrob Michael (C. Thomas Howell) receives an unsigned love letter, he assumes it’s from prom queen Deborah Anne (Kelly Preston) instead of pretty honor student Toni (Lori Loughlin). And when Michael accidentally misplaces the letter, the juicy jottings soon make their way into the hands of the whole neighborhood. Cast members also include Fred Ward, Dee Wallace, Leigh Taylor-Young, Cliff De Young, Casey Siemaszko, Courtney Gains and Corey Haim.

The film arrives on Blu-ray Disc from a brand-new HD master from a 2K scan of the 35mm Interpositive. Bonus features include a new audio commentary from Greenwalt, co-writer Jim Kouf and associate producer Lynn Kouf, moderated by filmmaker and historian Daniel Kremer.

Making Mr. Right (1987) was directed by Susan Seidelman (Desperately Seeking Susan) and stars John Malkovich and Ann Magnuson. Magnuson portrays savvy and beautiful PR executive Frankie Stone, who is hired by a giant technology company to “humanize” their latest invention — an android-astronaut named Ulysses (Malkovich). She is shocked to discover that her new client embodies all the qualities she’s ever wanted in a man. Shot by cinematographer Ed Lachman, the film also features performances by Ben Masters, Glenne Headly, Laurie Metcalf, Polly Bergen and Hart Bochner.

Making Mr. Right also arrives on disc from a brand-new HD master from a 2K scan of the 35mm Interpositive. Bonus features include a new audio commentary from Seidelman and Magnuson, as well as new interviews with both. 

Both films are part of Kino Lorber’s Studio Classics line.

Netflix Set to Stream College Admissions Scandal Movie March 17

Netflix March 17 will stream Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal, an original documentary about the man behind an illegal system designed to get the children of wealthy well-connected families into major U.S. colleges and universities.

The movie doc is from filmmakers Chris Smith and Jon Karmen (Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened). Smith was an executive producer of Netflix’s 2020 docuseries hit Tiger King.

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The program is an examination that goes beyond the celebrity-driven headlines and dives into the methods used by Rick Singer, the man at the center of the 2019 college admissions scandal, to persuade his wealthy clients to cheat an educational system already designed to benefit the privileged. Using a combination of interviews and narrative recreations of the FBI’s wiretapped conversations between Singer (played by Matthew Modine in reenactments) and his clients, Operation Varsity Blues offers a glimpse into the enigmatic figure behind a scheme that exposed the lengths wealthy families would go to for admission into elite colleges.

The federal investigation entrapped more than 50 families, including actresses Lori Loughlin, her husband J. Mossimo Giannulli, and Felicity Huffman, who paid Singer’s network to inflate their children’s SAT scores, submit bogus athletic accomplishments, and bribe college officials in order to ensure admittance. Loughlin and Huffman each served brief jail sentences, while Giannulli continues to serve a five-month sentence.

Singer faces a 65-year jail sentence and more than $1 million fine.

’80s BMX Classic ‘Rad’ Riding to Blu-ray March 16

The 1980s classic Rad will come out March 16 in a Blu-ray plus digital Steelbook release from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Lori Loughlin and Bill Allen in Rad

In the film, Cru Jones (Bill Allen) is the best BMX biker in Cochrane. He’s got the talent to become the best BMX daredevil in the world. Bart Taylor (Bart Conner) is the best BMX biker in the world, and he’s in town to race in the $100,000 Helltrack competition, the most grueling BMX race in history. Cru wants a shot at winning the title, but his mom (Talia Shire) insists he take his college entrance exams which fall on the same day. He decides to go for Helltrack, but the race promoter (Jack Weston) has a dirty scheme for keeping the local whiz kid out of the race and away from his prized champion. Only the gorgeous Christian (Lori Loughlin), a member of the opposite team, can get Cru on track for Helltrack — and teach him a few other things while she’s at it.

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Making its North American debut at retail, this special-edition Blu-ray will serve as the No. 46 Mondo X Steelbook collaboration, repurposing JJ Harrison’s artwork for an homage to the cult favorite. Licensed from Utopia Distribution and Schwartzman Pictures using the recent 4K restoration, the Blu-ray will also contain a host of bonus features, including archival video interviews with the cast and crew, original behind-the-scenes featurettes, the music video for “Break the Ice,” and a live Q&A session hosted by Jorma Taccone featuring cast members Bill Allen, Talia Shire, Bart Conner and screenwriter Sam Bernard.

Digital redemption on Mill Creek’s TVOD service movieSpree also is included.

‘Roxanne,’ ‘The New Kids’ and ‘True Believer’ Among Titles Joining Mill Creek’s Retro VHS Blu-ray Series

Mill Creek Entertainment Aug. 13 will release four more Blu-ray Disc titles in its Retro VHS collection: Roxanne, The New Kids, True Believer and White Line Fever.

The Retro VHS collection features packaging that recalls the glory days of VHS and video stores.

Inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac, Roxanne (1987) stars Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah in the comic story of Fire Chief C.D. Bales (Martin), who is sensitive about his remarkably long nose. He becomes the ghost-writer of a love letter to the beautiful, intelligent astronomer Roxanne (Hannah), who finds herself attracted to C.D.’s imported professional firefighter Chris (Rick Rossovich).

The New Kids (1985) stars Lori Loughlin (“Full House”), long before she was accused in the college cheating scandal, as Abby McWilliams, who attracts the unwanted attention of teenage psychopath Eddie Dutra (James Spader, “The Blacklist”). Turned down for a date, Eddie destroys Abby’s home, vandalizes her uncle’s car and nearly stomps her brother to death. But it’s only when he kidnaps Abby from the school dance, that Eddie shows his true feelings. Fueled by cocaine and armed with a shotgun, Eddie’s lust turns to uncontrollable rage, as he takes Abby on a date from hell from the director of Friday the 13th.

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In the courtroom drama True Believer (1989), James Woods goes up against corruption and conspiracy at the highest levels of New York City law enforcement. Woods is Eddie Dodd, once an acclaimed civil rights attorney of the 1960s, but now an embittered cynic who makes a living defending drug-dealing low-lifes. Dodd’s passion for justice is rekindled when an idealistic young associate (Robert Downey Jr.) urges him to re-open an eight-year-old murder case involving a young prisoner serving life in Sing Sing for a gang initiation killing.

White Line Fever (1975) follows a young Air Force veteran, Carrol Jo Hummer (Jan-Michael Vincent, “Airwolf”), who starts a business as the owner-operator of a diesel truck. With his bride, Jerri (Kay Lenz), he sets off to Tucson, Ariz., where his old friend Duane (Slim Pickens), the manager of a trucking company, gets him a job. But after Carrol Jo realizes he will be carrying illegal cargo and refuses the assignment, he’s beaten by a band of gangsters working for an organized group of criminals headed by Cutler (Don Porter). When Carrol Jo’s commitment to staying honest results in even further violent retribution from the trucking syndicate, he has no choice but to team up with other independent truckers to break Cutler’s stranglehold and uphold the rights of the decent working man.