Lionsgate U.K.’s ‘Missing Link’ Theatrical Release Gets Anti-Piracy Trailer

The April 5 U.K. theatrical release of Lionsgate U.K.’s animated movie Missing Link features a trailer condemning piracy and showcasing distribution options, including retail.

The trailer reflects a partnership between Lionsgate U.K. and The Industry Trust’s “Moments Worth Paying For” consumer education campaign designed to inform against illegal pirating of movies.

The campaign directs consumers to the website showcasing distribution channels for the film, including screening locations and ticket purchasing.

The Trust is the U.K. film, TV and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright protection and creativity.

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“We have a longstanding history in partnering with the Industry Trust … and we’re delighted that Missing Link will be the latest film featured in this incredibly important initiative that encourages cinema goers to experience movies as intended,”  Simon Dunstan, senior promotions manager, Lionsgate U.K., said in a statement.

Sylvia Dick, head of audience engagement at The Trust, said developments in technology have created new ways for people to infringe movies, which she said find their way onto illicit streaming platforms.

“Working with Lionsgate on an incredibly fun and family spirited title like Missing Link is extremely important for us, as the aim of the campaign is to highlight the movie-going experience as a shared activity which truly is worth paying for,” Dick said.

Missing Link debuts in the United States on April 12 from Annapurna Pictures.