Korean Drama ‘The Concubine’ Set for Nov. 9 DVD Release by MPI Media Group

Capelight Pictures and the MPI Media Group have set a Nov. 9 DVD release date for the Korean film The Concubine, a 2012 erotic romantic historical drama.

Set during the early Joseon Dynasty in Korea, Hwa-yeon, a minister’s daughter, and Kwon-yoo, a commoner, are deeply in love. When Hwa-yeon is ordered to the royal palace to become the king’s concubine, she and Kwon-yoo attempt to flee. They are intercepted by Hwa-yeon’s father and his men, who threaten to kill Kwon-yoo. To save her one true love, Hwayeon agrees to go to the palace as instructed.

Five years later, the king is slowly dying and Hwa-yeon is the mother of the heir to the throne. After his death, the king’s stepmother uses her power to appoint her biological son Sung-won as the successor. Sung-won has been madly in love with the unobtainable Hwa-yeon for years. Now that he must procreate in order to produce an heir to the throne, he can have any woman he wants except Hwa-yeon … which pushes both of them into a dangerous chess game of lust, sex and power.

The Concubine was directed by Kim Dae-Seung and stars Cho Yeo-Jeong, Kim Dong-Wook, and Kim Min-Joon. The film was produced by Hwang Yun-Jeong and Park Sung-Il.

The DVD will be issued in special collector’s media book packaging, as a two-disc set. The set comes with a 24-page booklet featuring director and cast profiles and photos.