Netflix: Kevin Hart Actioner ‘Lift’ Remains Atop Weekly Chart With 36.7 Million Views Through Jan. 21

For the second week in a row, director F. Gary Gray’s action heist thriller Lift — headlined by Kevin Hart — was the most watched title of the week on Netflix, staying atop both the overall and English-language movie chart with 36.7 million views through Jan. 21.

Spain’s Oscar-nominated Society of the Snow, director J.A. Bayona’s survival story of the 1972 Andes plane crash, spent its third week at No. 1 on the non-English language movie chart with 13.4 million views. The film rose to No. 4 on the Most Popular Non-English Movie Chart, and has tallied 64.4 million all-time views.

The new docuseries “American Nightmare,” which investigates the strange 2015 kidnapping case of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn from their Vallejo, Calif., home, which the press dubbed “the real-life Gone Girl,” debuted at No. 1 on the English-language TV chart with 21.4 million views.

Spain’s “Money Heist” spin-off series “Berlin” nabbed the top spot on the non-English language TV chart for the fourth week in a row with 5 million views.

The new dystopian film The Kitchen, from Kibwe Tavares and Daniel Kaluuya in their directorial debut, opened at No. 3 (5.6 million views). Adam Sandler’s animated comedy Leo came in at No. 10 (3.3 million views) for its ninth week on the list.  

Separately, the German action drama Sixty Minutes at No. 2 (10.6 million views), the Saudi Arabia thriller From the Ashes at No. 4 (1.5 million views), and the Japanese anime Maboroshi at No. 5 (1.3 million views) all debuted on the foreign-language movie chart.

Harlan Coben’s latest crime thriller adaptation “Fool Me Once” continued to impress at No. 2 on the English-language TV chart with 11.2 million views, with Netflix announcing that two more of Coben’s novels are in the works.

Another book adaptation, the family drama “Boy Swallows Universe,” climbed its way to No. 3 with 4 million views. The action drama “The Brothers Sun” remained at No. 5 with 2.7 million views. And “My Life with the Walter Boys” spent its seventh week on the chart at No. 6 with 2.1 million views. 

Finally, the Polish mystery thriller “Detective Forst” held steady at No. 2 with 4.7 million views, while the South Korean romance drama “My Demon” spent its ninth week on the chart at No. 3 with 2.6 million views. The new limited Korean mystery series “The Bequeathed” debuted at No. 4 with 2.5 million views. 

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Netflix: Kevin Hart Scores Huge Movie Ratings ‘Lift’ With 32.8 Million Views

Lift, the new action-heist-thriller starring Kevin Hart, ranked No. 1 on both Netflix’s weekly overall and English-language movie chart through Jan. 14 with 32.8 million views.

The Spanish-language survival story Society of the Snow ranked No. 1 on the non-English language movie chart with 28.1 million views. The film, a fictional account of survivors from the 1972 Uruguayan plane crash in the Andes mountains, has generated more than 51 million views in 11 days of release. It is Spain’s 2024 Oscar nominee for Best International Film, which was won last year by Germany’s All Quiet on the Western Front, which is ranked No. 9 on Netflix’s all-time foreign language movie chart with 52.1 million views.




Harlan Coben’s U.K. crime thriller adaptation “Fool Me Once” remained No. 1 on the English-language TV chart with 23.9 million views. The action drama “The Brothers Sun,” starring Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh, climbed to second place with 6.9 million views.

Making their chart debuts were the Australian family drama “Boy Swallows Universe,” starring Phoebe Tonkin, Simon Baker and Sophie Wilde, at No. 5 with 3.6 million views; the stand-up special “Pete Davidson: Turbo Fonzarelli” at No. 8 (2.3 million views); the reality competition series “The Trust” at No. 9 (2.1 million views); and season three of “Sonic Prime” at No. 10 (2.1 million views).

Spain’s “Money Heist” spin-off series “Berlin” spent its third week atop the non-English language TV chart with 8.7 million views. New charters included the Polish mystery adaptation “Detective Forst” at No. 2 (4.8 million views), Japan’s anime “Delicious in Dungeon” at No. 6 (2.2 million views), and “Love is Blind: Sweden” at No. 10 (1.1 million views).

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Finally, Adam Sandler’s animated comedy Leo took seventh place in its eighth week on the English-language movie chart with 4 million views, and Zack Snyder’s science-fiction fantasy Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, claimed eighth place in its fourth week on the chart with 3.9 million views.

‘The Man From Toronto’ Available Now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

The comedy The Man From Toronto is available now on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and digital from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

In the film, Teddy Jackson (Kevin Hart) is a bumbling entrepreneur who can’t make any of his ideas work. Taking his wife on a vacation getaway, Teddy ends up at the wrong Airbnb and is mistaken for a vicious assassin known as “the man from Toronto.” When the real assassin (Woody Harrelson) arrives, the two realize that they have to work together to escape tenacious FBI agents, bloodthirsty hired killers and a handler (Ellen Barkin) who wants her money back. 

The film originally streamed on Netflix.

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Kevin Hart’s ‘Die Hart 2: Die Harter’ Becomes Roku’s All-Time No. 1 Original TV Series Premiere

Roku April 13 announced that its original comedy series, “Die Hart 2: Die Harter,” featuring comedian Kevin Hart, broke viewership records during its opening weekend on The Roku Channel, becoming the No. 1 weekend premiere of all time by both unique views and streaming hour engagement.

The series nearly doubled the opening weekend audience of the series’ first season, “Die Hart,” which first launched on The Roku Channel in May 2021. Roku said it plans to again partner with Hart’s Hartbeat media company to create a third season of “Die Hart.”

Hart will return for the third installment, with more casting and additional details to be shared at a later date.

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In “Die Hart 2: Die Harter,” Hart developed a concept for a “revolutionary” movie where the action is so unscripted and unexpected that even he won’t know what’s coming next. But his myopic dream comes with a blind spot, and Hart soon finds himself the victim of an evil revenge plot, orchestrated by someone from his past. He must enlist the help of his favorite co-star, Jordan King (Nathalie Emmanuel), his over-eager assistant, Andre (Ben Schwartz), Andre’s mom, Cynthia (Paula Pell), and legendary Hollywood stuntman Mr. 206 (John Cena) if he wants to survive.

Hart, Jeff Clanagan, Candice Wilson Cherry, Bryan Smiley, Thai Randolph, Mike Stein, Luke Kelly-Clyne, Kevin Healey, Ty Walker, Tripper Clancy, and Eric Appel served as executive producers.

Samsung TV Plus Inks Kevin Hart’s Streaming LOL! Network

Samsung TV Plus, the South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer’s free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) and video-on-demand service, March 22 announced the addition of Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network to its streaming platform.

Programming on the network includes catalog shows “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” “Moesha,” “Sister, Sister,” “Urban Eats and Treats,” “Celebrity Snackdown,” “Cold as Balls,” and “The Game,” in addition to movies Daddy’s Home, Mr. Right, Saving Westbrook High, Stock Option and The Love Letter, among others.

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LOL! Network is part of Hartbeat, Hart’s multi-platform media company, which includes Hartbeat Studios, Hartbeat Media and entertainment consultant Pulse.

“The launch of LOL! Network on Samsung TV Plus exemplifies the continued diversification of Hartbeat as we grow and scale across platforms,” Jeff Clanagan, president and chief distribution officer at Hartbeat, said in a statement.

One of the first FAST platforms from a CE manufacturer, Samsung TV Plus is integrated into nearly all 2016-23 Samsung TVs, available on most Samsung Galaxy mobile devices. It is also available on select Samsung Family Hub+ refrigerators.

DC League of Super-Pets


Box Office $93.6 million;
$34.98 DVD, $39.98 Blu-ray, $49.98 UHD BD;
Rated ‘PG’ for action, mile violence, language and rude humor.
Voices of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Marc Maron, Keanu Reeves, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, Olivia Wilde, Jameela Jamil, Jemaine Clement, John Early, Daveed Diggs, Dascha Polanco, Yvette Nicole Brown, Dan Fogler, Busy Philipps, Keith David, Alfred Molina, Lena Headey.

In the annals of cinema history, DC League of Super-Pets might be the first superhero movie in which the day is saved by the main character’s bowel movement.

The animated movie follows the adventures of Krypto, Superman’s pet dog who traveled with young Kal-El to Earth when both were babies (which would make Krypto really old for a dog, but since he’s an alien dog with superpowers we don’t have to worry about that part). Voiced by Dwayne Johnson, Krypto now helps adult Superman fight crime in Metropolis, but starts to feel left out of Superman’s life due to his relationship with Lois Lane.

Superman (John Krasinski), Krypto and the rest of the Justice League stop Lex Luthor (Marc Maron) from obtaining some orange kryptonite (just go to Wikipedia to look up the history of the colored kryptonites, it’s a whole thing) that would give mortal earthlings superpowers. Unbeknownst to them, the magic rock is instead hauled in by Lulu (Kate McKinnon), an evil guinea pig from Luthor’s lab now living in an animal shelter. While she gains superpowers to aid in her plot for world domination, bringing the kryptonite into the shelter also inadvertently gives the other animals weird powers as well.

Meanwhile, Krypto ends up losing his powers due to eating a piece of cheese containing a piece of green kryptonite (the traditional kind). When Lulu captures Superman and the other members of the Justice League, Krypto is unable to rescue them, so he recruits the superpowered animals from the shelter.

Among them is Ace, a tough dog voiced by Kevin Hart, making this yet another Johnson/Hart collaboration. Since Ace in the comics is traditionally the name of Batman’s dog, it’s not hard to figure out how the plot is going to play out. It all turns, of course, on when Krypto can pass the kryptonite from his system and regain his powers to join the fight.

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DC League of Super-Pets is a vibrant animated adventure that continues Warner’s attempts to branch out its DC Comics characters into other media as it fumbles around with the creative direction of the DC live-action movie franchise (which should get a boost from the elevation of James Gunn and Peter Safran to lead that department). Focusing on the Justice League pets is certainly a novel approach to present the DC world from a different perspective and target the younger demographic, even if it at times seems like a superpowered version of The Secret Life of Pets (also featuring Hart).

Of course, echoing popular trends from similar genres is nothing new, and DC League of Super-Pets is certainly not the most bizarre example of it as far as recent DC adaptations go. That title would have to go to HBO Max’s “Batwheels,” an animated series that brings Batman’s vehicles to life as if they drove in from Disney’s “Cars” movies.

Krypto the Superdog, at the very least, is not a new concept in DC land, having been barking around comics since 1955. His name obviously derives from Superman’s home planet of Krypton, but recent events might conjure up different connotations for it (“Smallville” sidestepped the silliness of It by simply naming the character Shelby instead).

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DC League of Super-Pets comes with extras on Blu-ray and the retail digital version (in the 4K combo pack they are on the regular Blu-ray only).

There are roughly 20 minutes of deleted sequences, presented as storyboards with the original audio temps.

The making of the film is told several short featurettes. The 15-minute “Behind the Super Voices” gives the cast a chance to discuss the film, while the eight-minute “Super-Pets Animation 101” features a discussion from the filmmakers on how they developed the movie, and the seven-and-a-half-minute “The World of Super-Pets” delves into how the film taps in DC Comics history.

Along those lines, the four-minute “Find the Easter Eggs” shows off some of the background references to DC Comics lore.

Rounding out the fun is a seven-minute “How to Draw Krypto” tutorial with animation supervisor Dave Burgess.

Kevin Hart’s ‘Fatherhood’ Headed to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital June 14

The Kevin Hart comedy Fatherhood will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital June 14 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

In the film, Hart stars in a heartwarming true story about a widowed dad who copes with doubts, fears, heartache and dirty diapers as he sets out to raise his daughter on his own.

Directed by Paul Weitz, the film also stars Alfre Woodard, Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan and Paul Reiser.

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Kevin Hart Drama Miniseries ‘True Story’ Tops Netflix Chart

The Netflix original crime miniseries True Story, starring Kevin Hart as a comedian desperately searching for a way out after a night in Philadelphia with his brother (Wesley Snipes) threatens to sabotage more than his success, led all U.S. content consumed on the streamer through Nov. 29, according to

Other top-streamed TV shows, in order, included “Selling Sunset,” “Queen of Flow,” “Cowboy Bebop” and “Nisser.”

Mixed Martial Arts drama Bruised, from first-time director Halle Berry, finished atop Netflix’s most-streamed domestic movies. The movie topped A Castle for Christmas and Red Notice.

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Globally, Red Notice remained the most-streamed movie, while South Korea’s “Hellbound” retained its No. 1 standing among episodic programming — ahead of True Story, “Arcane,” “Squid Game” and “Selling Sunset.”

Redbox Inks Free Streaming Deal With Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Comedy Brand

Redbox and Laugh Out Loud (LOL), the global multi-platform comedy brand founded by Kevin Hart, have announced a content deal to bring more than 100 hours of stand-up specials and television shows to Redbox’s free AVOD streaming service.

The titles will be available through the Redbox streaming app via the LOL! Network, which is available on a wide range of devices, including Roku, Vizio, Samsung, LG, Xbox, iOS and Android.

The lineup includes comedy series, stand-up specials and television shows from LOL, including “All-Star Comedy Jam: I’m Still Laughing,” “All-Star Comedy Jam: Orlando,” “Gary Own: True Story,” “Kevin Hart: What Now? All Access,” “DeRay Davis: Power Play” and “Shaq and Cedric the Entertainer Present All-Star Comedy Jam.”

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Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network free streaming channel is also available to watch 24 hours a day via the Redbox app.

“Laugh Out Loud has an amazing collection of comedy specials and movies that will entertain our viewers for hours and hours on end,” Chris Yates, GM of Redbox On Demand, said in a statement. “Kevin has created a media powerhouse and we’re excited to add Laugh Out Loud’s amazing and hilarious content to Redbox On Demand.”

“Our goal at Laugh Out Loud has always been to be where the audience is. We are comedy in color wherever, and whenever, our audience wants or needs a laugh,” Laugh Out Loud CEO Jeff Clanagan said in a statement. “Redbox has been a dominant force in home entertainment for years, and we’re excited to partner with Redbox to bring our catalog of original series, stand up specials, and movies to millions of households throughout the country.”

Roku Renews First Original Series ‘Die Hart’

Roku June 8 announced that Kevin Hart’s comedy action series “Die Hart” will return to the Roku Channel for a second season titled “Die Harter.” The series is one of several shows Roku acquired from the shuttered Quibi streaming service. The second season, however, marks Roku’s first greenlight of an original new season from Hart’s production company Laugh Out Loud.

Following the series premiere on May 20, Roku reported “Die Hart” had a “spectacular” weekend debut, with a record number of households streaming the series. The first season also starred John Travolta.

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“[The show] exploded out of the gate and has quickly become one of the most watched Roku Originals,” Colin Davis, head of original scripted programming, said in a statement. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring an equally hilarious, action-packed second season to the record number of viewers who have watched in recent days.”

“Die Harter” will be produced by LOL Studios’ in-house production division. In addition to returning to his starring role, Hart will also executive produce the second season; Laugh Out Loud CEO and Hart’s longtime business partner Jeff Clanagan will serve as producer on the project. Tripper Clancy, Candice Wilson, Bryan Smiley, and Thai Randolph also serve as executive producers. Eric Appel will return to direct the second season. Additional casting will be announced at a later date.

“The return of ‘Die Hart’ marks a pivotal moment in the continued growth and expansion of LOL Studios,” Clanagan said in a statement. “We’re excited for the opportunity to team up with Roku and be the first Roku Original to get a second season.”

The Roku Channel has seen record growth in 2021, reaching U.S. households with an estimated 70 million people in the first quarter (ended March 31). Launched in 2017, the Roku Channel is the home of free and premium entertainment on the Roku platform. It features a diverse lineup of more than 40,000 free movies and programs and 190+ free live linear television channels. The channel licenses and distributes content from more than 175 partners.

In addition to Roku devices, the Roku Channel is available on Web, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV and select Samsung TVs and can be accessed in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.