Breaking Glass Sets Sept. 14 Home Release Date for ‘The Influencer’

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the Sept. 14 release of The Influencer, a comedy thriller starring real-life social influencer and comedian Kasia Szarek (A24’s Pleasure) and Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera (Girls Like Magic, Dating in Place).

The film will be available on iTunes and Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, and Vudu, as well as through local cable and satellite providers and on DVD.

From first-time director Meghan Weinstein, The Influencer is a tale that examines the life of a vain social media influencer named Abbie, who is known for her fashion, lifestyle, and makeup videos. She signs a coveted contract with Nutrocon, a cosmetic company known to pollute, test on animals, and treat female workers unfairly, and almost immediately she is accosted and tied up by a group of activists in her home. They force her to film a video advertising a mysterious new makeup kit, and as their plan unfolds, we learn the real reason for their visit and Abbie’s façade begins to fade.