Research: Most Popular Shows on Netflix Not Originals

The most popular shows on Netflix in the U.S. come from other companies, despite the online streaming giant’s push into original programming, according to a new report.

Put together by online media company Recode, with data sourced from Jumpshot, the research found the top five most-watched shows on Netflix are, in order, “The Office” (U.S.), “Friends,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “New Girl.”

Notably, Netflix recently inked a deal with WarnerMedia (reportedly for $100 million, according to The New York Times) for rights to “Friends” through 2019.

“Jumpshot generates its data by looking at web browser activity on an anonymized global panel of 100 million web devices from which it sees billions of online actions each day,” according to Recode. “For this data set, every time a U.S.-based device went to a Netflix web page to play a TV episode or movie, that counts as a view.”

The data may be imperfect in measuring Netflix activity, according to Recode.

“Netflix has said in the past that the overwhelming majority of its views come from people watching on connected TVs, and Jumpshot’s data doesn’t measure that behavior,” the Recode report notes. “But it’s reasonable to assume that people who watch Netflix via browsers and people who watch on Rokus or Xboxes tend to watch the same stuff.”

Netflix declined to comment on the report, Recode reported.