Documentary ‘JFK: What the Doctors Saw’ to Premiere on Paramount+ Nov. 14

The Paramount+ streaming service will present the new documentary film  starting Nov. 14.

Timed for the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, the documentary from See It Now Studios features seven doctors who were in the Parkland Hospital emergency room in Dallas reuniting to discuss the event.

Directed by Barbara Shearer (Loving Elvis), the film will offer never-before-seen footage from this reunion as the doctors share in vivid detail their indelible memories of what they did and saw in Trauma Room 1.

Several of those doctors there that day remain certain that what they saw looked like an entry wound — a bullet hole in JFK’s throat — an observation that contradicts what Americans have been told by numerous official investigations. The movie also examines the inconsistencies and gaps that plagued the official autopsy, raising even more questions about how many bullets hit the President and what damage they caused.

‘JFK: One Day in America’ Docuseries to Stream on Disney+ and Hulu Nov. 6

All episodes of the three-part series “JFK: One Day in America” premiere on National Geographic on Nov. 5 and will stream on Disney+ and Hulu Nov. 6.
The Emmy Award-winning franchise “One Day in America” returns with its second installment with “JFK: One Day in America” to mark the 60th anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. From Emmy Award-winning 72 Films and David Glover along with Academy Award-winning filmmakers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, the three-part series produces a comprehensive account of that tragic moment in American history and the ripples that followed. Made in official collaboration with The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the docuseries weaves archival footage, some colorized for the first time, with key testimony from the last surviving witnesses to create an immersive, minute-by-minute examination of that pivotal day that forever changed history. 

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In the first episode “Assassination,” former President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie traveled to Texas with an eye on the 1964 elections and a team of secret service agents. During a motorcade through downtown Dallas, JFK was brutally shot in broad daylight and, later, tragically pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital with his grieving wife in the next room. America was changed forever.
In the second episode “Manhunt,” the race is on to track down JFK’s killer. But before he is arrested, the assassin kills again. Meanwhile, Jackie Kennedy boards Air Force One to return JFK’s body to Washington. Still wearing her bloodstained dress, she witnesses LBJ being sworn in as president. As the net closes in around suspected killer Lee Harvey Oswald, his friends and family face interrogation.
In the third episode “Revenge,” President Kennedy’s body arrives back in Washington, and a grieving Jackie Kennedy leads the funeral march to honor him. In Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald is charged with JFK’s murder. But the world is shocked again when Oswald himself is shot dead while still in police custody by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. With Oswald dead, there is no reckoning and America will never be the same.

‘The Kennedy Incident’ Due on DVD and VOD Aug. 1

The romantic thriller The Kennedy Incident will be released on DVD and on demand Aug. 1 from Indican Pictures.

From writer and director Mart Sander (The Sixth Secret), The Kennedy Incident stars Ben Walton-Jones (The Sixth Secret), Lisette Pomerants (The Spring of Solitude), Britt Kõrsmaa (The Women’s War), Merle Palmiste (Madame K), Maarja Mitt (Võõras) and Max Marcq (The Bike Thief).

In May 1939, before the outbreak of World War II, future U.S. president,John F. Kennedy visits Estonia, where his path crosses with two very different girls — a call girl, willing to abandon everything, and a sweet local who is in desperate need of money. The future of the world is crashing around him as he must race to figure out which is the spy working for the Nazis.

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Shout! Factory Slates Blu-ray Disc Set of Oliver Stone Doc ‘JFK Revisited’ Plus Miniseries

Shout! Factory has announced the July 19 release of JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection in a Blu-ray + DVD combo.

The release will include both acclaimed director Oliver Stone’s JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass and the four-part miniseries “JFK: Destiny Betrayed.” Bonus features include a new audio commentary for JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass from Stone and writer James DiEugenio.

The collection marks the first time that both releases will be available on physical media in North America. The JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection Blu-ray + DVD four-disc set is now available for preorder on Customers ordering from the Shout! Factory website can purchase JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection on its own or with a limited-edition poster autographed by Stone while supplies last.

In the documentary, released last year and based on DiEugenio’s 1992 non-fiction book Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case, Stone takes viewers on a journey through recently declassified evidence in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The film premiered on July 12, 2021 in the Cannes Premiere section at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Speaking with Variety, Stone described it as “an important bookend to my 1991 film. It ties up many loose threads, and hopefully repudiates much of the ignorance around the case and the movie.”  The film is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Sutherland.