Shout! Factory Bringing ‘Oh, God!’ Collection Starring George Burns to Blu-ray Aug. 24

Shout! Factory Aug. 24 will release a Blu-ray Disc collection of all three “Oh, God!” films starring comedian George Burns.

Burns plays God in the trilogy. In 1977’s Oh, God!, he comes to Earth to spread the Good Word, but has a hard time convincing his chosen messenger, mild-mannered Jerry Landers (John Denver), who He really is. Jerry must in turn prove it to his disbelieving family as well as the rest of the world.

Oh, God! extras include audio commentary by director Carl Reiner, screenwriter Larry Gelbart, actress Teri Garr and producer Jerry Weintraub; John Denver guest-hosting “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” featuring interviews from Burns, Reiner and Garr; and the film’s theatrical trailer and radio spots.

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God returns to Earth in 1980’s Oh, God! Book II, this time spreading His Word through an enchanting little girl named Tracy Richards (Louanne Sirota), who comes up with a slogan to assure all that He still cares.

Oh, God! Book II extras include a new interview with assistant director Tom Lofaro, and the film’s theatrical trailer and radio spots.

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In 1984’s Oh, God! You Devil, Burns also plays the Devil himself. Struggling musician Billy Shelton (Ted Wass) unknowingly sells his soul for a life-changing transformation into a superstar rock idol. But when Billy prays for his old life back, the fight for his soul will be settled in a high-stakes showdown between the Almighty Father and the Prince of Darkness.

Oh, God! You Devil extras include a new interview with actor Ted Wass; “The Jack Benny Program” episode from Oct. 7, 1956 guest-starring Burns as The Devil; and the film’s theatrical trailer and radio spots.

All three films also include a new audio commentary by film critic and theologian Dr. Donna Bowman.