Israeli Drama ‘All Eyes Off Me’ Due on DVD and Digital March 14 From Film Movement

The Israeli drama All Eyes Off Me, in which a trio of young Israelis explore intimacy and the boundaries of their sexuality, will be released on digital and DVD March 14 from Film Movement.

In the film (released in Hebrew with English subtitles), in Tel Aviv at a party, an anxious girl named Danny is looking for Max, a recent casual fling, to share that she’s pregnant with his child. Through the haze of drugs and promiscuity of the partygoers, Danny doesn’t get far in her search. Meanwhile, Max is busy with his new girlfriend Avishag. He attempts to realize her rough sexual fantasies, but Avishag instead turns her attention to another burgeoning relationship with Dror, an older man for whom she dog-sits.

In these three, loosely connected vignettes, director Hadas Ben Aroya’s second feature film proves to be an atmospheric exploration of a self-possessed generation of young Israelis. All Eyes Off Me, winner of several awards at the 2021 Jerusalem Film Festival including Best Israeli Feature, addresses the physical limits of intimacy, questioning just how liberated these youths really are. The film was also an Official Selection at the Berlinale and Karlovy Vary International Film Festivals.

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The DVD includes the bonus 10-minute short film “Daddy’s Girl,” winner of the Film Movement Award at the 2022 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Directed by Lena Hudson, it follows an oddball father and daughter who get up to some hilariously irreverent antics when he helps her move out of her wealthy, older boyfriend’s apartment.


Israeli Drama ‘Broken Mirrors’ Due on Digital and VOD Sept. 22 From Level 33

The Israeli film Broken Mirrors will premiere on digital and VOD Sept. 22 from Level 33 Entertainment.

In the dramatic thriller, Shira Haas (Emmy Nominee, Netflix’s “Unorthodox”) plays 17-year-old Ariella, who is shadowed by a strict, military father who inflicts severe methods of punishment as a form of discipline. When she commits a grave error that her father isn’t willing to punish her for, seeking a punishment of her own, Ariella embarks on a dark quest where she will discover a secret to her father’s past that will lead them to confront one another.

The film also stars Yiftach Klein, Renana Raz, Yoav Rotman, Liora Rivlin, Manuel Elkaslassy, Yaakov Zada Daniel and Michaela Elkin.

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It won the Jury Prize for Best Actress at the Festival du Cinéma Israélien de Montréal and Schlingel Best Feature Film at the Film Festival for Children & Young Audience Schlingel. It was nominated for the Jury Award Narrative Feature at the Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFF); the Grand Prix at the Zlin Film Festival; the Award of the Israeli Film Academy; Best Actress, Best Casting and Best Screenplay from the Awards of the Israeli Film Academy; the Golden Zenith First Fiction Films Competition at the Montréal World Film Festival; and Alice in the City Prize Young Adult at the Rome Film Fest.