FilmRise Picks Up Select International Streaming Rights to ‘MythBusters’ and ‘Deadly Women’

New York-based FilmRise has acquired select international streaming rights to Beyond Distribution’s Emmy-nominated science entertainment show “MythBusters” and true crime series “Deadly Women.”

The company will distribute “MythBusters,” starring special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, in the United Kingdom and Australia.

“Deadly Women,” the miniseries that chronicles three murders within each episode, all committed by women, will be digitally distributed by FilmRise in the United Kingdom.

“We are thrilled to begin our partnership with Beyond Distribution by helping to expand the reach of their amazing shows ‘MythBusters’ and ‘Deadly Women,” FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher said in a statement. “Streaming audiences adore shows that debunk myths and solve mysteries, so we are confident they will be enjoyed among our streaming partner platforms, both in the SVOD and ad-supported space.”

“MythBusters” aired in North America on the Discovery Channel from 2003 through 2016, with 282 total episodes and eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations. The series takes myths, tall tales and urban legends and gives them the scientific treatment to determine their validity. Myths are proven true, probable, possible, improbable or busted. Often after the real-world practical tests have proved or debunked a myth, the team will take the experiment to the extreme, many times using more modern technology than the myth could have used or upping the black powder for impressive explosions.

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“Deadly Women” is a true-life crime documentary-style TV series with each episode having a unifying theme such as jealousy, financial gain, mental illness or crimes committed by teenagers or the elderly. The stories are told through re-enactments and interviews. Episodes also feature contributors in relevant fields such as law enforcement, law media and forensic experts. Occasionally, family or friends of the subject or their victims appear. Hosted by FBI Criminal Profiler Candice DeLong and narrated by Lynnanne Zager, the program has become a staple on Investigation Discovery (ID), has racked up 13 seasons and remains in production.

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The deal was negotiated by FilmRise VP of acquisitions Max Einhorn and Munia Kanna-Konsek, head of sales at Beyond Distribution.