Musical Comedy ‘Galatea’ Arrives on DVD and VOD July 11

Indican Pictures will release the musical comedy Galatea on DVD and video on demand July 11.

In the film, Jesse Park (Russell Hawkins) is an introverted genius who has made groundbreaking progress with an emotionally intelligent A.I. robot. In need of a vocal actor for his project, Jesse hires a quirky and shy woman named Kim (Jess Paul). Jesse’s passion for technology becomes dually powerful with his growing feelings for his new hire.

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Thriller ‘Heretic’ Arrives on DVD and VOD Jan. 31

Indican Pictures Jan. 31 will release the horror film Heretic on DVD and VOD.

Hannah Blair (Marlene McCohen, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) tells people stories, predicts their future and even dabbles in communicating with the dead. One stormy night that all changes when she meets Rachel (Ginny You, Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood), who is actually a dead, lost spirit.

Emboldened by this event, she is determined to find out the truth about what happened to her parents’ years before. Hannah embarks on a journey into the netherworld where she comes face to face with the Entity, an evil force that has haunted mankind since the dawn of time.

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Japanese Horror-Comedy ‘Ghost Master’ to Stream on Demand Beginning July 13

Independent film distributor Indican Pictures has announced a July 13 home release date for Ghost Master.

The Japanese horror-comedy will be available on demand on Apple TV, DirecTV, Google Play, Prime Video, FandangoNow, and other platforms.

A DVD release will follow on an as-yet-undermined date.

From director Paul Young (Flashback), Ghost Master tells the story of a nervous assistant director working on the set of a low-budget romantic comedy who ditches the scheduled project and pivots to his own horror script. Akira Kurosawa (Takahiro Miura, Attack on Titan Part 1) is shocked when his evil screenplay comes to life and begins possessing the film’s star, Yuya (Mizuki Itagaki, First Love Loss Time). As a bloodbath begins and Yuya embraces the spirit of the cursed script, Akira is forced to put a stop to his own creation to save the cast and crew from their gruesome deaths.

Winner of “Best Film” at the 2020 International Fantasy Film Awards, Ghost Master is produced by Kazz Kitaki (Rolling) and Kensuke Zushi (The Tiger Mask). The film also stars Mizuki Itagaki (First Love Loss Time) and Motohisa Harashima (Tango on the Campania).

Comedy ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ Comes to DVD and Digital HD on July 20

Indican Pictures has announced a July 20 home release date for the comedy Rock Paper Scissors, which will be issued on DVD and Digital HD. The film will be available in retail stores as well as digital platforms such as  Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, FandangoNow.

Rock Paper Scissors follows best friends Kelvin and Cheddar, as they try to go from losers to cool kids by engaging in the International Tournament of Rock Paper Scissors.

Directed by Jayme Laforest (I’ll Take Your Dead) and Richard Yearwood (Gods of Accident), Rock Paper Scissors also stars Jenna Aitken (Still Here), Joey De Marco (“Cooked”), Jeremy Dozier (“Poor Us”), Kristopher Maz (“The K Pops”) and Lisa Stiles (Crave). The comedy is produced by Jaime Scott Webber (Wastelander) and Paige Hemmis.

Indican Pictures is a boutique entertainment label and film distributor. The company was founded in 2004 and has released over 300 films worldwide.

Comedy ‘Ballbuster’ Arriving Digitally Aug. 11, on DVD Sept. 8

Indican Pictures will release the comedy Ballbuster through digital retailers Aug. 11, and on DVD Sept. 8.

Jerry O’Connell plays Rich, an entitled all-star basketball icon who is suspended from the league just before the final championship. In order to play in game seven, he has to tour with a charity league team of castoffs, and in the process he encounters the most bizarre on-road experiences, endures hilarious consequences and faces his craziest challenges yet.

The cast also includes Elisabeth Röhm and Luenell.

DVD Extras include the featurettes “Jerry Lowered,” “Jerry Naked,” “Basketball Arena,” “Jerry On Set” and “Luenell Locker Room.”

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