Drama ‘Waikiki’ Headed to Theaters Oct. 27, On Demand Dec. 5 From Level 33

Level 33 Entertainment will release the indie drama Waikiki in theaters Oct. 27 and via on demand Dec. 5.

In the film, when a Native Hawaiian hula dancer escaping her abusive boyfriend crashes her van into a mysterious homeless man, she finds herself flung into a surrealistic journey of self-exploration and reconnection to nature within the shadows of commercial Waikiki. The intimate narrative breaks down the enduring, stereotypical image of paradise to reveal a vulnerable and authentic portrait of indigeneity. 

Directed by Christopher Kahunahana, Waikiki stars Danielle Zalopany (How to Spell Revenge, “NCIS: Hawaii,” Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates), Peter Shinkoda  (Midway, The PredatorGodzilla, I, Robot), Jason Quinn (Inhumans, The Short List, “The Last Resort”) and Kimo Kahoano (Blue Crush).

The film won Best American Narrative Feature, Grand Jury Award at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival; Best Cinematography, Special Jury Award, at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival; Best Feature Grand Prize at the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival; Best Narrative Feature at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival; Jury Award Honorable Mention at the Bentonville Film Festival; Indie Vision Breakthrough Performance Award at the Twin Cities Film Festival; Best Feature Film, Jury Award, at the Hawaii International Film Festival; Best Cinematography, Jury Award, at the Hawaii International Film Festival; Best Hawaii Film at the Hawaii Film Critics Society; and Best Music in a Feature Film at the BMI Film Festival Awards.

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WAIKIKI Official Trailer_NF from Level 33 Entertainment on Vimeo.


Maverick Partners With Nonprofit Black Girl Film School

Maverick Entertainment has partnered with the nonprofit Black Girl Film School to empower the next generation of filmmakers and to focus on supporting black storytelling and attracting more girls aged 13-17 to the filmmaking industry.

Maverick will support the school’s course offerings with a year long partnership providing industry experts for an “Ask the Expert” series, a back-to-school scholarship award, and a short film contest where students can win a monetary award and prize package and pitch their short film scripts to Maverick’s executive team.   

Black Girl Film School offers online courses for girls ages 13-17 years old to learn film production from behind the camera. The school designs education experiences that are aligned with national and state learning standards.

Applications to the school close April 5 at 11:59 p.m. Students will be notified of admission on May 3.

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Indie Family Drama ‘The Good Life’ Available on Demand April 15 From Level 33

The independent family drama The Good Life will debut in theaters and on demand April 15 from Level 33 Entertainment.

In the film, when Olive, 35, discovers her boyfriend cheating, she decides to escape to her family’s home in Greece to mend her broken heart. There she is met with hostility from the local villagers who band together to make her life unbearable.

That’s when Olive meets Jet, a 9-year-old boy who comes to her rescue. He becomes her guide, negotiator and friend, teaching Olive how to live “the good life.”

The film is directed by Bonnie Rodini.

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‘Rollers’ Coming to Theaters and VOD June 18 From Level 33

The indie comedic drama Rollers will come out in theaters and on VOD June 18 from Level 33 Entertainment.

Written and directed by Isaiah Smallman, the film follows Rufus Paisley, a closet alcoholic with only one thing left to live for, the concert venue Rollers. To keep it alive, he’s drained every ounce of personal capital he’s got. Now the historic venue, once owned by his parents, is in trouble and he’s running out of ways to save it, and himself.

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The film stars Johnny Ray Gill, Kevin Bigley, Kate Cobb, Vicky Jeudy, Joel Allen, Meredith Thomas, Spencer Rayshon Stevenson, Karina Bonnefil, John W. Lawson, Leslie A. Jones, Isaiah Smallman, Courtney Dietz and Grant Withington.

The film features music from Ural Thomas & The Pain, Charles Jones and Barbara Howard.

Mama Bear Studios launched a podcast tracking the making of Rollers, a weekly comedy conversation show hosted by Smallman and Jon Schimpf (an industry insider). The show features interviews with other successful industry players including some of the cast and crew of Rollers.

ROLLERS trailer from Level 33 Entertainment on Vimeo.


‘No Wave’ Classics ‘Subway Riders,’ ‘The Foreigner’ and ‘Unmade Beds’ Due on DVD Sept. 29 From MVD

Filmmaker Amos Poe’s “No Wave” classics Subway Riders, The Foreigner and Unmade Beds will come out on DVD Sept. 29 from MVD Entertainment Group.

“No wave” was a short-lived avant-garde music and art scene that erupted in New York City in the late 1970s as a reaction to punk rock. The term “no wave” was a pun on “new wave.” The movement only lasted a few years, but had a profound influence on the development of independent film, fashion and visual arts.

Subway Riders is 1981 drama shot in New York City following a psychotic street saxophonist who lures victims into dark city spots with his haunting music — then shoots them. Seedy characters, including a cop with a junkie wife, an upstairs sax-hating prostitute and other lost souls litter the landscape. Written, produced and directed by legendary “punk filmmaker” Poe (Alphabet City, Dead Weekend), the film features Cookie Mueller (Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living), Susan Tyrell (Cry Baby, Forbidden Zone), Robbie Coltrane (“Harry Potter” series), Poe and John Lurie (Get Shorty).

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The Foreigner, for the first time ever on DVD, is a 1978 New York drama following European Max Menace who arrives in New York City on an unknown mission. Boredom sets in as he waits for his assignment. Alienation thrusts him into entanglements with women, weirdos and creeps. Their unstructured lives echo the purposefully meandering storyline reflecting the reality of being meaningless in a hostile city. Written, produced and directed by Poe, the film features Debbie Harry (lead singer of Blondie, Videodrome), Poe, Lux Interior (The Social Network) and the punk band The Cramps as themselves.

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Also written, produced and directed by Poe, Unmade Beds, also starring Harry, is a 1976 drama following Rico in New York City, who imagines he lives in Paris during the time of “New Wave” filmmaking. He’s a photographer who thinks he’s an outsider, so he uses his camera like a gun, loading it with bullets of film. He seeks reality to fulfill his fantasy. But he’s also a romantic, and this is his downfall, especially when he falls in love with Blondie. The film pays homage to Jean Luc Godard as it parallels the French classic Breathless. It also stars Poe and Robert Gordon (Natural Born Killers).