Netflix Partners with Indian ISP Hathway

Since launching its pioneering subscription streaming video service globally two years ago, Netflix has reportedly struggled to gain traction in India – the world’s second largest country by population (1.28 billion).

As a result, the SVOD behemoth Sept. 4 announced a pact with Hathway that enables the Indian’s ISP subscribers direct access to Netflix on their pending ($42) set-top box. Hathway subs will also be able to pay for Netflix on their monthly Internet data bill.

The deal mirrors similar agreements between Netflix and Indian telecoms, including most-recently Airtel and Vodafone.

“In this smart and digital era, customers are looking at leading Internet entertainment services like Netflix to access high quality, well-produced entertainment,” Rajan Gupta, managing director at Hathway, said in a statement.

Tony Zameczkowski, VP, business development, Netflix Asia, said the agreement would allow Hathway’s subs to use the Netflix button on their remote controls to access content.

“We’re very excited to partner with Hathway to bring the latest technologies and great stories under one roof,” he said.