Nielsen: ‘Wednesday’ Among Four Shows Topping 1 Billion Minutes Each in Weekly Streaming Through Dec. 11

Netflix original series “Wednesday,” starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family,” again topped Nielsen’s weekly chart of the top 10 programs streamed across household televisions. The series tallied more than 3.3 billion minutes across eight episodes for the week ended Dec. 11.

The show dropped below the 5 billion-minute weekly threshold (3.3 billion minutes) achieved over the past 14 days, while three other Netflix series topped 1 billion minutes each, including “Firefly Lane” (1.36 billion), Brad Pitt-starrer Bullet Train with 1.34 billion minutes, and “Harry & Meghan” with 1.26 billion minutes.

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Viewers streamed 752 million minutes watching the second season finale of “The White Lotus,” on HBO Max, which topped four seasons of “Yellowstone” at 726 million minutes on Peacock. Three of the bottom four shows included reruns of “Friends” on Max (235 million minutes), “NCIS” (885 million minutes) and “Gilmore Girls” (628 million minutes).

Rank SVOD Provider Program Name No. of Episodes Minutes
Streamed (Millions)
1 Netflix Wednesday (2022) 8 3,335
2 Netflix Firefly Lane 19 1,361
3 Netflix Bullet Train (2022) 1 1,345
4 Netflix Harry & Meghan (2022) 3 1,265
5 Netflix Cocomelon 18 945
6 Netflix NCIS 339 885
7 HBO Max The White Lotus 13 752
8 HBO Max Friends 235 737
9 Peacock Yellowstone 40 726
10 Netflix Gilmore Girls 153 628

Source: Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings (Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Apple TV+), Nielsen National TV Panel, U.S. Viewing through Television.

Samba TV: Streamers Loved ‘Harry & Meghan’ Royal Family Doc Drama Despite Media Saturation

The Netflix original series “Harry & Meghan,” a six-part documentary on the Duke (Prince Harry) and Duchess (Meghan Markle) of Sussex’s attempt to flee the tabloids, alleged racism and pressures of the Royal Family, is a ratings hit with subscribers.

New data from Samba TV finds that viewer interest in the series didn’t decline much over the course of the Part II release on Dec. 15, which included episodes four, five and six.
About 1.4 million U.S. households, 763,000 British households, 85,000 German households, and 78,000 Australian homes watched the fourth episode of the series during the live-plus-three-day (L+3D window).
The tally dipped slightly for episode five to 1.2 million U.S. households, 731,000 British homes, 74,000 German homes, and 219,000 Aussie households. And 1.1 million U.S. households, 616,000 British homes, 67,000 German homes, and 24,000 Aussie households watched the sixth and final episode.
By comparison, following the release of “Harry & Meghan” Part I on Dec. 8, more than 2.1 million U.S. households, 1.3 million British homes, 145,000 German households, and 213,000 Aussie homes watched the premiere episode.

Another 1.7 million U.S. households, 1 million British homes, 118,000 German households, and 28,000 Aussie homes watched the second episode — tallies that decreased to 1.4 million; 798,000; 92,000; and 23,000 homes, respectively, for episode three.

Dallas Lawrence, SVP at Samba TV, said the the buzz-generating ability of the younger generation of royals was on full display with each episode. In fact, “Harry & Meghan” nearly doubled the U.S. viewership of the premiere for the fifth season of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

“While the initial reaction seemed strong, the series shed a third of its audience between the release of Part I and Part II, which may be a result of overall viewer fatigue for the former working royal couple, or a result of the distribution model Netflix chose for the series, nixing the ability of binge-watchers to consume all of the programming before their attention waned,” Lawrence said in a statement.

Netflix’s ‘Harry & Meghan’ Is Streaming Hit, Tops ‘White Lotus’ Season 2 Finale

New Netflix original documentary series “Harry & Meghan” has become a ratings success among subscribers already hooked on the streamer’s historically-based fictional show “The Crown.”

More than 2.1 million U.S. households, 1.3 million British households, 145,000 German households, and 213,000 Australian households watched the first episode during the Live+3-day window, according to Samba TV.

Another 1.7 million U.S. households, 1 million British homes, 118,000 German households, and 28,000 Aussie homes watched the second episode.  About 1.4 million U.S. homes streamed the third episode, in addition to 798,000 British homes, 92,000 German homes, and 23,000 Aussie households.

That’s more than the 1.1 million combined viewers for “The White Lotus” season two finale airing on HBO and streaming on HBO Max during the live plus same day window.

“While initial [‘Harry & Meghan’] viewership was impressive, early numbers appear to show interest may be waning, with episode three shedding a third of the audience of the series premiere,” said Dallas Lawrence, SVP at Samba TV.

Lawrence said that despite the viewership drop off, interest in the younger generation of royals has already nearly doubled the viewership in the U.S. of the season 5 premiere of the “The Crown.”

“The recent visit of the new Prince and Princess of Wales earlier this month to Boston appears to have helped propel interest in all things royal, as Bostonians over-indexed in their viewership of ‘Harry and Meghan’ by 93% the national average, more than any other designated market area in America,” he said.