Team Behind ‘The Room’ Returns in ‘Best F(r)iends’

Lionsgate Jan. 22 will release the Blu-ray of Best F(r)iends Vol. 1 & 2, the latest project from Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, the duo responsible for the 2003 independent film The Room.

The story of the making of The Room, a film widely considered so bizarrely bad that it inspired a cult following, subsequently inspired the 2017 film The Disaster Artist.

In Best F(r)iends, Wiseau and Sestero play unlikely friends torn apart by greed, hatred, jealousy and gold teeth, with devastating and mysterious consequences.

Best F(r)iends Vol. 1 is available now digitally and on demand. Vol. 2 will be available digitally and on demand Jan. 22.

The Blu-ray will include a commentary with Wiseau and Sestero, eight deleted scenes, and the featurettes “Welcome to My Paradise,” “Tommy and Greg: Best F(r)iends Forever” and “The Tommy Diaries.”