Reelgood: Day-and-Date Theatrical Releases Score Biggest Streaming Opening Weekends

Of the movies that premiered on subscription streaming services in the second quarter of this year, WarnerMedia’s Mortal Kombat had the biggest opening weekend, according to data released June 28 by streaming search engine Reelgood.

The film premiered on HBO Max on April 23, the same day it opened in theaters, where it generated a $42.2 million domestic gross. Reelgood analyzed data for all the films that premiered on SVOD services between April 1 and June 25 and ranked the top 10 titles with the biggest opening weekend shares of streaming, but only among its 2 million monthly users.

Overall, HBO Max’s new movies were the most popular, which isn’t surprising given that they became available free to subscribers the same day they opened in theaters.

Godzilla vs. Kong came in second, with an 8.1% share of the opening weekend streaming audience, to 8.9% for Mortal Kombat.

Netflix captured the No. 3 spot with Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, a zombie flick that premiered on the streaming service, with a 6.7% share, followed by The Woman in the Window, also from Netflix, at No. 4 with a 4.8% share.