MIDiA Research: Global SVOD Revenue to Reach $322 Billion by 2030 — Up From $106 Billion in 2022

The global subscription streaming VOD market is projected to reach $322 billion in revenue by 2030, according to analysis from MIDiA Research. The London-based company said the growth from almost $106 billion in 2022 will be primarily driven by Asian countries and the increasing global appetite for South Korean content.

Indeed, Netflix added almost 8 million net subscribers in 2022 throughout the Asian-Pacific region — the streamer’s largest subscriber growth market.

The region is projected to account for 56.2% of global subscribers and 32.2% of global revenue this year — increasing to 58.8% of global subscribers and 34.5% of global subscription revenue by 2030.

At the same time, U.S. and Canada are expected to generate 18.2% of global video subscribers and 38.6% of streaming revenue this year — tallies that will drop to 13.2% of global subscribers and 32.2% of global revenue by 2030.

“Western SVOD original content will be partly recalibrated towards Asian movies and shows that speak to global audiences,” Tim Mulligan, lead video Analyst for MIDiA Research, said in a statement.

The report suggests that ongoing efforts to discover the next “Squid Game” or Parasite will amplify Asia-Pacific culture globally to create a new golden age for Asian entertainment that will compete directly with Hollywood.

“After eight years of steady expansion, global SVOD subscriber numbers will have neared their peak by 2030,” added analyst Ben Woods. “That leaves Western SVOD services with a narrowing window of opportunity. With competition intensifying from indigenous services within Asia Pacific and emerging markets, gaining those remaining subscribers will be tough.”

Paramount+ Launching in U.K., Ireland on June 22; South Korea and Other Select European Countries to Follow

Global rollout of the Paramount+ streaming platform continues, with the erstwhile CBS All Access subscription streaming service launching in the U.K. and Ireland on June 22. A separate launch in South Korea is slated for June, with additional rollouts in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria set for later this year. The streamer plans to bow in India in 2023.

Paramount+ is bowing in select Western European countries with Comcast-owned satellite TV platform, Sky, as part of an over-the-top video distribution partnership. The app will also be available via Paramount+ app, via Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google, Roku and Samsung streaming TV devices.

“This year will be monumental for our streaming strategy as we accelerate our global ambitions,” Raffaele Annecchino, president and CEO of international networks, studios and streaming for Paramount Global, said in a statement. “With an already expansive global footprint and a strong, long-term market-by-market strategy, we are well-poised to continue our positive momentum.”

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Whip Media Launches Exchange for Global Content Rights

Whip Media has beta launched Whip Media Exchange, a data and AI-powered content marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in a centralized platform to streamline discovering, buying and selling global content rights.

Using proprietary first-party data, the Exchange drives more intelligent licensing decisions through a new set of predictive analytics not previously available to the entertainment industry, according to Whip Media.

“The Exchange transforms the global film and TV buying and selling process to one where data and AI drive the experience and streamline content discovery, selection, and transactions,” Richard Rosenblatt, CEO and founder of Whip Media, said in a statement. “Streaming has drastically changed the media landscape and we want to enable licensing to follow the same growth trend. With the launch of the Exchange, Whip Media uniquely provides data and technology to meet the evolving needs of buyers and sellers, along with the industry-leading platform that facilitates the entire content licensing process.”

Lionsgate, Giant Pictures and DMD Limited/CiND!E Films are among the first companies to join the Whip Media Exchange and provide content from their libraries.

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“Connecting our buyers with the right titles is a combination of art and science,” said Lionsgate president of worldwide television and digital distribution Jim Packer. “Whip Media Exchange’s data-driven platform helps our clients navigate our deep portfolio of films and television series and allows us to work with them to create the best content mix for their audiences in every territory.”

Key features of the Exchange include:

  • Data-driven decision making, with proprietary Demand Score and AI-predictive models that enable buyers and sellers to understand which TV and film titles will perform best on a specific platform in a region;
  • Fulfillment efficiencies, with seamless integration into content distribution and supply chain ecosystems for turn-key licensing at scale; and
  • Centralized rights management, a real-time rights-aware dashboard that curates every licensed title available to a buyer across all windows, territories and platforms where they operate and provides predictive audience intelligence into each title including likely performance, viewer demographics, engagement and ratings, while also benchmarking it against similar titles that viewers are watching.


Each TV and film title in the Exchange is assigned a new, proprietary Demand Score using models that leverage Whip Media’s sentiment and engagement data, according to the company. The Demand Score is modeled based on consumer viewership and engagement insights from 16 million viewers in more than 170 countries across 4.5 million movie and TV episodes on 1,100 global platforms. The Demand Score provides a decision-making framework to predict content performance, helping buyers and sellers identify the right content for the right audience and drive revenue.

Whip Media manages more than 2 trillion global VOD and digital sellthrough transactions annually and 20 million avails for major content providers and distributors globally. Through the Exchange, the company provides the most efficient media fulfillment process available for content creators and platforms, according to Whip.

“I’ve negotiated hundreds of content licensing deals in my previous roles at Cablevision and Fox, and I believe the Exchange will future-proof global content licensing as business models continue to evolve,” Sherry Brennan, EVP and GM of the Whip Media Exchange, said in a statement. “It’s the only platform bringing consumer insights and predictive analytics into the licensing decision-making process at scale, facilitating the discovery of content and creating efficiencies across the entire process.”

For more information, visit http://whipmedia.com/exchange.

Starzplay Available Through Apple TV in Middle East, North Africa

Starzplay, Starz’s video-on-demand streaming service, is now available to customers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through Apple TV channels on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, and select Samsung and LG smart TVs.

The service offers Hollywood and Arabic movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ entertainment and original content. Customers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt can sign up for a seven-day free trial and subscribe directly to Starzplay on the Apple TV app for $11 per month (prices vary by region).

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“Online streaming in the region is growing faster than ever,” Danny Bates, CCO and co-founder at Starzplay, said in a statement. “As the region’s leading video streaming service, we constantly look for innovative avenues to offer quality content to hungry audiences. Offering Starzplay through Apple TV channels will open up a whole new customer base and further drive the growth of the video streaming market in MENA. We are proud to be the first major content partner for Apple TV channels in the MENA region and look forward to unveiling more compelling content on the platform.”

Subscribers through Apple TV channels can watch online on demand or watch offline downloads of on the Apple TV app. With Family Sharing, up to six friends or family members can share subscriptions to Apple TV channels using just their Apple ID and password.

Report: U.S. Leads in Global Piracy Website Visits

Despite being home to the Motion Picture Association of America, Netflix, Hulu and other budget over-the-top video services, the United States leads the world in global visits to websites pirating illegal access to TV shows, movies, music and publishing, according to new data from Muso, a digital analytics firm.

There were 17.3 billion visits by U.S. residents to piracy sites in 2018, followed by Russia with 14.5 billion visits and Brazil with 10.2 billion.

Notably, the report found that nearly 50% of visits were to access TV programming, followed by movies (17%), music (16%), books (11.5%) and software (6%).

“Television is the most popular content for piracy and given the fragmentation of content across multiple streaming services,” co-founder/CEO Andy Chatterley said in a statement. “Whilst it’s important to restrict the distribution of unlicensed content, there is a wealth of insight to be garnered from piracy audience data that gives a comprehensive view of global content consumption.”

Interestingly, London-based Muso found that people engaging in pirated content are shying away from public file-sharing services, with 60% opting instead for unlicensed streaming sites.

“We have seen a 10% increase in people bypassing search engines and going directly to the piracy destination of their choice,” Chatterley said, underscoring how prevalent digital piracy remains globally.

“Simply focusing on take-downs is clearly a whack-a-mole approach and, while an essential part of any content protection strategy, it needs to be paired with more progressive thinking,” he said. “With the right mindsight, piracy audiences can offer huge value to rights holders.”

  1. United States Of America: 17.3 billion
  2. Russian Federation: 14.5 billion
  3. Brazil: 10.3 billion
  4. India: 9.6 billion
  5. France: 7.3 billion
  6. Turkey: 7.3 billion
  7. Ukraine: 6.1 billion
  8. Indonesia: 6 billion
  9. United Kingdom: 5.7 billion
  10. Germany: 5.3 billion