Digital TV Research: Global SVOD Subscriptions to Reach 1.69 Billion by 2027 — Led by Six U.S. Streamers

The number of subscription streaming video-on-demand subscribers is projected to increase by 485 million subs to reach 1.69 billion subs through 2027, according to new data from Digital TV Research. Six U.S.-based platforms — led by Netflix — will account for 988 million paying SVOD subscribers by 2027, up from 612 million in 2021.

Netflix will add 31 million subs through 2027, despite losing 4 million subs in North America.

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Disney+ is projected to overtake Netflix in total subs by 2025. The platform will add 144 million subs to take its total to 274 million

Disney+ Hotstar will roll out to 13 Asian countries by 2027. These countries will supply 114 million (42%) of the global Disney+ subscriber total, but only $1.58 billion (11%) of Disney+’ revenue [$14.7 billion] by 2027.

Netflix will remain the revenue winner, with $34 billion by 2027 — similar to Disney+, HBO Max and Paramount+ combined. However, the Netflix total is only $4 billion more than 2021 as subscriber growth decelerates and average-revenue-per-subscriber is squeezed.

“Our Netflix forecasts for 2027 are 29 million lower than our February update — at 253 million,” analyst Simon Murray said in a statement. “Netflix needs to boost its content to counter its fresher and cheaper rivals.”

Report: Netflix’s Global User Base Tops 658 Million

Netflix ended 2021 with 222 million subscribers worldwide — tops among all subscription VOD services. But that tally is only a fraction of the streaming pioneer’s actual user base, which tops 658 million, and is projected to reach 750 million by 2025, according to new data from eMarketer.

That’s 35% of the 2 billion SVOD users in the world this year, according to the online research firm, which bases its data on the total number of people watching Netflix in a subscriber household.

In 2022, 1.88 billion people globally will stream content on a SVOD service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max and Paramount+. That still less than 50% of the world’s internet users.

“Even China’s walled-garden providers (which have exclusive access to China’s 937.4 million digital video viewers) have been unable to accrue viewers like Netflix has,” analyst Evan Cramer-Flood wrote in the report. “China’s leading SVOD service, Tencent Video, will have just 320.6 million viewers this year.”

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