Fox Nation SVOD Bringing Back ‘Cops’ Reality Series; First Responders Get Free Subscription

SVOD service Fox Nation Sept. 13 announced it has greenlighted the return of one the first reality TV series, “Cops,” and will premiere season 33 on Oct. 1. The show, which first aired on Fox in 1989 showcasing city police forces in action, ran for 32 seasons until 2020.

The new season debut on Fox Nation will include the first four episodes and each new episode thereafter will drop weekly on Friday nights. The deal also includes 15 episodes from season 32, according to Jason Klarman, president of the subscription streaming service at Fox.

As part of the launch, Fox Nation will offer all first responders, including police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics (EMS personnel), a one-year free subscription to the $5.99 monthly service beginning today.

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The SVOD, which features Fox News personalities, in addition to curated and original content, will also donate $5 to Answer the Call on behalf of each new subscriber with a maximum donation of $50,000 during the week of Sept. 13-20. Answer The Call is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial support to the families of New York City first responders killed in the line of duty.

“We wanted to show our appreciation to all first responders by combining the launch with a free one-year subscription to give back in a small way to those who place their lives on the line every day to keep us safe,” Klarman said in a statement.

A slate of first responder-themed programming in conjunction with the re-launch of “Cops” includes:

  • “911: On Scene”A ride-along show with firefighters, EMTs and paramedics from different agencies across the country as they embark on their dangerous jobs of saving lives.
  • “When Seconds Count” — Anchored by Fox News Channel’s Harris Faulkner, this special showcases dramatic footage of various rescues caught on tape, featuring the actual rescuers and the victims involved, telling the emotional stories behind each video.
  • “Protect and Serve” Hosted by Fox News Channel contributor and former homicide detective Ted Williams, this program will spotlight the good deeds and the truly heroic and impactful interactions that police officers often perform in the communities they serve.
  • “Answer the Call” — Centered on the charity by the same name, this special will focus on children of fallen first responders as they recount stories of their loved ones who died in service and discuss how the charity has helped them following the tragedy of 9/11. Answer the Call was formed after 9/11 to support the families of the NYPD, NYFD, PAPD and EMS personnel who were killed in the line of duty on 9/11.

Fox Nation to Stream 20th Anniversary 9/11 Tributes

Subscription streaming platform Fox Nation is set to launch several new programs to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and downing of a commercial aircraft in rural Pennsylvania that killed more than 3,000 people.

On Friday, Sept. 10, and continuing through Saturday, Sept. 11, network personalities and correspondents will be live from various locations in New York City and Washington, D.C. Throughout the week leading up to the monumental anniversary, Fox News Channel will present themed packages and guest interviews to honor those who lost their lives.

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In addition to streaming the one-hour Fox News Channel special “Lost Calls of 9/11,” Fox Nation will feature “I Can Hear You: President Bush at Ground Zero,” hosted by Martha MacCallum Sept. 10. The program focuses on Bush’s visit to Ground Zero days after the terrorist attacks. Bush, who had held office for less than eight months prior to the attacks, visited New York City and stood atop Ground Zero’s rubble, delivering an impromptu speech that would comfort and help unite America.

Additionally, “Countdown Bin Laden,” presented by “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace will be available Sept. 12. The program tells the story of Aug. 27, 2010, when three CIA officers met with director Leon Panetta about a courier with deep Al Qaeda ties, and a connection to a mysterious three-story compound at the end of a dead-end street in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The compound housed AlQaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and Wallace takes viewers through the 247-day countdown from that meeting until Bin Laden is killed. An encore presentation will air on FNC later that night at 10 p.m. ET.

Fox Nation Inks Warner Bros. Distribution Deal Featuring Clint Eastwood Titles

Fox Nation, Fox News Media’s conservative-leaning subscription streaming video-on-demand platform, has signed a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Pictures showcasing Clint Eastwood movies and documentaries.

In August, Fox Nation will begin to offer six movies from the 91-year-old actor/director icon, in addition to two original Eastwood-themed documentaries. In January 2022, the platform will also feature five Warner Bros. films in a “Who Can Forget The ’80s” catalog package.

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Movies streaming on Fox Nation include Dirty Harry, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact, The Dead Pool, Pale Rider and Heartbreak Ridge.

Eastwood gained legendary status among conservative voters after speaking at the 2012 Republican National Convention. The actor also criticized former President Trump for his social media posts and personal attacks.

“I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level,” Eastwood told The Wall Street Journal in 2020.

“Clint Eastwood is somebody that our audience holds in very high esteem and is very iconic. … It’s all about the data,” Jason Klarman, Fox Nation president, said in a media statement. “We know when they are watching us and what they are going to watch.”

Fox Nation to Stream Series on ‘Cancel Culture’

Subscription streaming platform Fox Nation July 19 will debut a new five-part series, “Canceled in the USA,” hosted by Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and police officer.

Bongino, who is host of Fox News Channel’s “Unfiltered,” delves into the movement known as “cancel culture,” characterized as a modern form of ostracism, in which someone is outed online or on social media for perceived bias. Featuring a variety of guests who claim to have fallen victim to extreme political correctness, Bongino provides them a platform to share their perspective on why they were “canceled” — and how they managed to thrive in the wake of their public shaming.

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In the premiere episode, Bongino introduces Sam Johnson, the CEO of a medical technology company, who was “canceled” over a dispute with a teenage boy wearing a red dress. A video recording of the dispute went viral and caught the attention of comedian Kathy Griffin, and within 48 hours he was fired from his job. Bongino also tells the story of immigrant author Natasha Tynes, who tweeted out a photo of a black Washington Metro employee who was breaking the rules by eating on the train. Twitter users accused Tynes of racism, which ultimately led to the cancellation of her book contract.

Diving into the entertainment industry and the world of celebrity, Bongino spotlights comedians Gilbert Gottfried and Adam Carolla, both of whom tell their own stories of being canceled in the past. Additionally, Bongino will offer his take on the stories of cancel culture that have rocked the entertainment world, such as host Chris Harrison’s ouster from “The Bachelor” and Kevin Hart’s removal from hosting the Oscars.

They also discuss actress Ellie Kemper’s recent apology for participating in a beauty pageant with a racist past, Roseanne Barr’s firing from her own TV show following a tweet about an advisor to President Barack Obama, and shows like “Friends,” “Sex and the City,” and “Girls” receiving criticism for being “too white.”

The third episode features professors Bruce Gilley and Carol Swain who discuss “cancel culture” on college campuses where they believe the movement began. Gilley produced a controversial article in a major peer-reviewed journal in which he argued the case for colonialism. Soon after its publication, the editorial board began receiving death threats and another professor called for his Ph.D. to be revoked.

Meanwhile, Swain tells the story of students calling for her suspension after she wrote an article critical of Islam in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Additionally, former college football coach Kurt Beathard was fired from his job at Illinois State University over what he says were “politics.” After someone put up a Black Lives Matter sign on his office door, Beathard flipped it over and wrote “All Lives Matter to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” causing a stir among the team. He was promptly reassigned before his contract was eventually terminated.

In episode four, Bongino features author Ryan Anderson, who had his book opposing transgender ideology banned from Amazon, as well as Pastor Steve Berger, who faced a petition calling for his firing after the news media inaccurately reported that he attended the Jan. 6 disturbance at the Capitol. Additionally, Bongino will introduce Colleen Oefelein, who was fired from her job at a boutique literary agency for creating accounts on social media platforms Parler and Gab, and Denise Foley, who was fired from her job at MassHealth for commenting that it’s wrong for people to report their neighbors to the authorities for failing to wear a mask.

Controversial journalist Andy Ngo will also explain how Antifa managed to get his book pulled from the shelves at a major Portland bookstore.

In the fifth and final episode, Bongino tells the stories of Americans fighting back against cancel culture and political correctness — including parents in Loudon County, Va., opposing the introduction of critical race theory into their public schools.

Fox Nation to Stream Top Fox News Personalities’ Pay-TV Shows

Fox News is putting its marquee talking heads on SVOD.

Fox Nation will now offer Fox News Channel’s primetime opinion lineup on-demand via “Fox News Primetime All The Time,” where $5.99 monthly subscribers ($64.99 annually) will be able to access full video episodes the morning after their pay-TV debut. Beginning June 2, episodes of FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle” will each be made available the next day for on-demand viewing.

“Fox News Primetime All The Time” marks the debut of the cable network’s primetime on-demand video on the platform, serving as a complementary pairing to the overall Fox News channel linear experience.

Since the launch of Fox Nation in November 2018, subscribers have been limited to audio versions of FNC’s flagship primetime lineup. Over the past several months, Fox Nation has expanded its portfolio with more than 3,200 hours of content, adding the new video podcast Tucker Carlson Today, the long-form documentary series, Tucker Carlson Originals as well as the docuseries In the Valley of Sin — A True American Horror Story.

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The platform also offers original programming such as “Lara Logan Has No Agenda,” “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” Brian Kilmeade’s “What Made America Great,” “The Pursuit With John Rich” and “Park’d” with Abby Hornacek.

“Making [pay-]television’s most highly rated shows available on Fox Nation will add value for subscribers, who now can watch them anywhere and anytime they want,” Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, said in a statement.

FNC’s primetime lineup from 8-11 p.m. ET reigns as the No. 1 network in all of basic cable in total viewers with “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle” dominating the cable news competition. Furthermore, throughout 2020, FNC’s primetime lineup placed No. 1 in all of television, besting basic cable and broadcast prime from Memorial Day through the end of the year. Notably, this was the first time a cable network had ever out-rated broadcast in primetime for a sustained period of time.

Fox Nation is available on iOS and Android devices as well as Apple TV, Web, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Comcast Xfinity platforms, Vizio SmartCast and Cox Contour platforms.

Fox Nation Streaming Service Inks Deal With Tucker Carlson

Fox Nation, the branded subscription streaming VOD service, Feb. 17 announced a new multiyear deal with Fox News Channel primetime host Tucker Carlson to provide flagship content for the digital platform.

Carlson will helm a regular new video podcast, as well as a series of in-depth specials called “Tucker Carlson Originals.” He will continue to host his current program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” weeknights on FNC at 8 p.m. ET.

Beginning in April, Carlson will release at least three new video podcast episodes a week, featuring interviews with newsmakers, as well as a discussion of the issues shaping the country. Tucker Carlson Originals will also debut in April, and continue monthly. Episodes will explore a single topic at greater depth than typically done on a live television show. Both the podcast and the long-form specials will only be available on Fox Nation.

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“As we continue to expand and evolve as a service, adding exclusive content from Carlson will make Fox Nation a must-have service for his most passionate fans,” Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, said in a statement.

The new content will be produced by the production team behind “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” led by senior executive producer Justin Wells, who has been named FNC’s new VP of Tucker Carlson Digital Products.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” is one of the top-rated shows in the history of cable news. According to Nielsen, the program averaged 3.6 million viewers last month, and 653,000 in the younger adults 25-54 demo. Recently, the show notched the highest-rated monthly viewership of any cable news program in history, with 5.4 million viewers. It has been number one in the 8 p.m. ET time slot for 46 consecutive months with total viewers.

In 2020, Carlson hosted one of the first two FNC shows ever to average more than 4 million viewers a night. Since moving to 8 p.m. ET, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has significantly improved performance in the time slot, which was previously held by “The O’Reilly Factor.” Carlson’s audience has grown by nearly 35% in total viewers, and more than 40% in the key adults 25-54 demo, according to Fox.


Fox News International Streaming Video Service Expanding to 30 Countries

Fox News Media’s international streaming platform Fox News International is expanding operations in Chile, Panama and Portugal on Dec. 17. That brings the total number of countries with access to the news service to 30, surpassing Fox News Media’s original goal of reaching 20 countries by year’s end.

Subscribers to the platform, which launched in Mexico in August, have access to live feeds of Fox News Channel and Fox Business, plus a catalog of 20 on-demand programs. The service is available via iOS, Android, Apple TV and Android TV in all 30 countries; the service is also accessible through Amazon Fire TV.

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In the week surrounding the presidential election, the platform notched a record in total app downloads and iOS trials. According to Sensor Tower, Fox News International was listed among the top news apps on the Apple app store across Europe during the week of Nov. 2, including the U.K., Germany, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands.

A separate ad-supported streaming platform, Fox Weather, will launch in 2021 as parent Fox Corp. begins transitioning business from broadcast and pay-TV to over-the-top video distribution.

Streamer Fox Nation to Host 2nd Annual Patriot Awards Nov. 20

SVOD platform Fox Nation will host its second annual Patriot Awards Nov. 20, 2020, live at 8 p.m. ET, with an encore presentation on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

The Patriot Awards, hosted by “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host and Army veteran Pete Hegseth, will showcase and award military veterans and first responders, among other inspirational figures. FNC and Fox Nation’s personalities will make virtual appearances and serve as presenters for the awards show, including primetime hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham; “Fox & Friends” co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade & Steve Doocy; Dana Perino (“Dana Perino’s Book Club”); Rachel Campos-Duffy (“Moms”); Abby Hornacek (“PARK’D”); and John Rich (“The Pursuit”), as well as FNC contributors Johnny Joey Jones, Dan Bongino, Tammy Bruce and Tomi Lahren.


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Select “patriots” will be honored in a number of categories including: The Everyday Patriot, Most Valuable Patriot (MVP), Patriot Award for Service to Veterans, Patriot Award for the Unsung Hero, Patriot Award for Courage, The Young Patriot, Patriot Award for Heroism and The Patriot Award for the Modern Warrior.

Musical acts, including the presentation of the national anthem and “God Bless the U.S.A.,” will be performed by country music stars Lee Greenwood, Jessie James Decker, Phil Vassar, Easton Corbin, Tyler Farr, Clint Black, Natalie Grant and duo Thompson Square, among more. On Nov. 22, both FNC and FBN will present a one-hour program dedicated to the special event at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET, respectively.

Fox Nation will donate $5 dollars for every new subscription order from Nov. 13-22 to “Answer the Call,” the foundation providing financial assistance and support to the families of New York City police and firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty.

In November 2019, Fox Nation presented its inaugural Patriot Awards ceremony live from the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Fla., where the sold-out event raised over $50,000 dollars for Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to children and spouses of fallen and disabled service members.

Fox Nation Acquires Streaming Rights to ‘The Lincoln-Douglas Debates’

Heading into the presidential candidate debates between incumbent Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden, Fox Nation, the politically-themed subscription streaming video service, will debut feature film Right Makes Might: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates, on Sept. 24 ahead of the first presidential debate of the 2020 elections.

The movie is centered on one of the most famous political debates in U.S. history — a series of events that catapulted a little-known Illinois lawyer (Lincoln) into a presidential candidate. The documentary  explores seven senatorial debates between Republican Party candidate Abraham Lincoln and incumbent Democratic Senator Stephen Douglas. Retold using the expertise of history professors from Claremont McKenna College, Washington & Lee University, University of Illinois, Springfield and Princeton University, the film was commissioned by Justin Folk and Madison McQueen Films.

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Also known as “The Great Debates of 1858,” the Lincoln-Douglas Debates put on display the two competing ideologies of the 19th century — majority rule versus equality for all. Through each three-hour debate, Lincoln argued against his opponent for an end to slavery, using the values espoused in the Declaration of Independence. As a one-term congressman with few political achievements, the debates thrust Lincoln into the national spotlight and gave him the opportunity to harness his newfound notoriety and launch his presidential campaign two years later.

Right Makes Might explores Lincoln’s journey during the debates, as well as the platform’s wider ramifications in American politics to this day.

Fox Nation, which costs $5.99 a month/$64.99 a year, is available on iOS and Android devices as well as Apple TV, Web, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Comcast Xfinity platforms and Cox Contour platforms.

Fox Nation to Stream Final Episode Honoring Geraldo Rivera’s 50th Anniversary in Television

Fox Nation, the Fox News Channel’s $5.99 monthly subscription video-on-demand service, will stream the final installment of “I Am Geraldo: 50 Years” on Sunday, Sept. 6. Hosted by FNC correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera, the four-part series concludes with a deep dive into Rivera’s mission in 2011 to reinvent his career as a war correspondent at Fox following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Following his years as a talk show host, Rivera set out to cover the challenges, the sacrifices and heroism of the war on terror. In honor of his 50 year anniversary on TV, Fox News will also air a one-hour special at 10 p.m. ET on Sept. 6 highlighting key moments from Rivera’s career, including the famous exposé into the Willowbrook institution, his firing from ABC following a story on Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy, and the opening of Al Capone’s secret (and empty) vault, among other highlights.

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Launched in 2018, Fox Nation is designed to complement the Fox News Channel for its most passionate and loyal fans. Featuring thousands of hours of content, the service includes daily short-form conservative opinion programming and lifestyle shows, as well as documentaries and investigative series from a multitude of Fox News personalities.

Fox Nation is available on iOS and Android devices as well as Apple TV, Web, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Comcast Xfinity platforms and Cox Contour platforms.