Nielsen: Movie Discs, Video Games, Streaming Up February Market Share

Despite the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics and Russian invasion of Ukraine, broadcast TV consumption fell in February, with the gap filled in part by video games, movie discs and alternate (i.e., not Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+) streaming video, according to new data from Nielsen.

The media measurement company said TV consumption in February fell 0.8% from January, spearheaded by a 0.4% broadcast market share decline to 26%, cable market share dipped 0.2% to 35.4%, and streaming video share fell 0.2% to 28.7%.

Making up the void was a 1% increase in the “Other” non-TV, streaming market share to 10%, which included movies on packaged media, i.e., DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

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Of Streaming’s 28.7% share, the interesting tidbit is that leading streamers — Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ — shed some more share that was picked up by “Other streaming,” which includes niche services as well as linear streamers like Spectrum, DirecTV and Sling TV.

Netflix’s perennial leading streaming market share 0.2% fell to 6.4%, YouTube/YouTube TV and Hulu remained unchained at 5.7% and 3%, respectively. Prime Video dipped 0.1% to 2.3%, while Disney+ dipped 0.1% to 1.7%. The “Other” segment of streaming increased 0.1% to 9.5%.

NPD: Video Game Industry Marks Fourth Consecutive Monthly Revenue Decline

Sales of video games, consoles and accessories fell 6% in February to $4.38 billion, compared with revenue of $4.65 billion during February 2021, according to new data from The NPD Group. The decline marks the fourth consecutive monthly drop for the video game industry, which has seen the market cool slightly from record-setting revenue during the pandemic era (2020-21) when many consumers were forced to stay at home due to government mandates.

The February decline was the largest following a 2% dip in January and 1% slip in December 2021.

NPD said hardware sales, which include new-generation game consoles, dropped 27% to $295 million from $404 million as supplies issues continue to hamper in-store availability.

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The Nintendo Switch continues to be the best-selling platform in terms of unit sales and revenue, followed by Microsoft Xbox Series S/X consoles and Sony’s PlayStation 5 — the latter the top-selling console in 2022 based on revenue.

Accessory sales fell 7% to $180 million from $193.5 million last year, driven by sales of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller. Games sales, which include packaged media and digital, fell 4% to $3.91 billion from $4.07 billion last year.

Top-selling game in February was Elden Ring from Bandai Namco Entertainment, followed by Sony’s Horizon II: Forbidden West and Nintendo’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus.