Sci-Fi Rom-Com ‘Molli and Max in the Future’ Headed to Theaters Feb. 9 From Level 33

Level 33 Entertainment will release the sci-fi fantasy rom-com Molli and Max in the Future in theaters on Feb. 9.

A sci-fi rom-com about a man and woman whose orbits repeatedly collide over the course of 12 years, four planets, three dimensions and one space cult, Molli and Max in the Future takes the character-driven romance of When Harry Met Sally and combines it with an eclectic sci-fi universe like “Futurama.” Classic practical effects combined with cutting edge technology create Molli and Max’s unique universe.

Directed by Michael Lukk Litwak, the film stars Zosia Mamet, Aristotle Athari, Erin Darke, Okieriete Onaodowan, Arturo Castro, Paloma Garcia-Lee, Aparna Nacherla, Grace Kuhlenschmidt, Matteo Lane, Michael Chernus and Danny Burstein.

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Molli and Max in the Future premiered at SXSW 2023 and won the Jury Award Best Film at the Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival; the Lost Weekend Award Best Story at the Film Club’s The Lost Weekend; the Prix D’or Best of Fest at the Lower East Side Film Festival; and the Grand Jury Prize Best Narrative Feature at the Oak Cliff Film Festival. It was nominated at SXSW for the Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award and for the American Independent Award Best Feature Film at the Denver International Film Festival.

Japanese Sci-Fi Fantasy ‘Plan 75’ Due on DVD Nov. 21 From MVD

The Japanese science-fiction fantasy Plan 75 will be released on DVD Nov. 21 from MVD Entertainment Group and KimStim.

In the film in a near dystopian future, Japan’s government launches Plan 75, a program encouraging the elderly to terminate their own lives to relieve its rapidly aging population’s social and economic burdens.

In Chie Hayakawa’s feature film debut, the lives of three ordinary citizens intersect in this new reality as they confront the crushing callousness of a world ready to dispose of those no longer deemed valuable. Legendary Japanese actress Chieko Baishō (Howl’s Moving Castle) stars as a 78-year-old Michi who considers signing up for the program after losing her meager but fulfilling hotel job and the means to live independently. A young Plan 75 salesman Himoru (Hayato Isomura) initially believes in the program’s benefits and serves as the human face of the program. And Maria (Stephanie Arianne), a Filipino care worker living overseas, reluctantly accepts a position with Plan 75 to send money home to her ailing daughter.

On the surface, the plan and its hawkers exude a kindness that serves as the film’s chilling vision of bureaucratic indifference and our increasing loss of interconnectedness. However, these characters soon learn to fully reckon with their own lives and what it truly means to live.

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The film was Japan’s entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards and the 2022 Cannes Film Festival Winner Golden Camera — Special Mention Chie Hayakawa.

The DVD includes Chie Hayakawa’s short film Niagara (2013).

Sci-Fi Fantasy ‘Lion-Girl’ Available on Blu-ray From MVD and Cleopatra

Go Nagai’s science-fiction fantasy Lion-Girl is available on Blu-ray Disc from MVD Entertainment Group and Cleopatra Entertainment.

In the film in the year 20XX, humanity has almost come to an end. A tsunami of meteors have bombarded the entire planet, leaving a very small number of survivors. They kill each other for more food, more power, causing 30 years of bloody civil war. The meteorites contain a mysterious ray inside the rock. If a human being is exposed to this ray, the cells in the body mutate and destroy themselves, causing certain death. But in very rare cases, some humans survive the exposure. Those who get exposed to the space ray and survive undergo a metamorphosis into horrific “meteorite beasts.” People call them Anoroc, and they hunt and kill human beings for their lifeforce. But Earth has the last defender of humanity against Anoroc — Lion-Girl — a superhero Yakuza fighter.

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Special features include director’s commentary, a conversation with Japanese manga legend Go Nagai, a Q&A with key cast members at the Hollywood theatrical premiere, and The Making of Lion-Girl documentary.

Horror Fantasy ‘Belle’ Available Via On Demand Aug. 22 From Level 33

Level 33 Entertainment will release the horror fantasy Belle via on demand Aug. 22.

The film will have a limited theatrical release July 14.

A reimagining of the story “Beauty and the Beast,” the film follows Belle, who works on the family farm and cares for her father after he falls severely ill. Desperate to save him, she journeys in search of a mythical rose believed to be a cure. She must surrender herself as a prisoner to a vicious beast as payment for the rose. Battling the beast’s spell and the two toxic relationships in her life, Belle’s true journey is only just beginning.

Written and directed by Max Gold (“Surfer’s Paradise,” “Silicon Beach,” “Classic of Changes”), Belle stars Andrea Snædal  (“Silicon Beach”), Ingi Hrafn Hilmarsson (The Noise of Engines, “Silicon Beach”), Hana Vagnerová (“Female Factor,” “Beat on Friendship”), Gudmundur Thorvaldsson (Take 5Eleven Men Out), Helga Braga Jónsdóttir (“Stitch n’ Bitch,” “Women at War”) and Sigurður Sigurjónsson (“The Valhalla Murders,” “Under The Tree”).

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Showcased at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival, Belle was nominated for the Audience Award Festival Favorites at the SXSW Film Festival and for the Global Health Competition Best Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival.


‘Extra Terrestrial Visitors,’ ‘Alien From the Abyss’ and Comedy Compilation Available on Blu-ray From MVD and Severin

The sci-fi fantasies Extra Terrestrial Visitors and Alien From the Abyss, as well as the comedy The Complete Comic Strip Presents … Channel 4 are available now on Blu-ray Disc from MVD Entertainment Group and Severin Films.

Available in its first authorized U.S. release is Alien From the Abyss (1989). For one of the final films of his career, director Antonio Margheriti (Castle of Blood, War of the Planets, Cannibal Apocalypse) headed to the Philippines to make a monster movie. In the film, when environmental activists attempt to expose an evil corporation (led by Charles Napier of Supervixens and Rambo: First Blood Part II fame) dumping nuclear waste into the local volcano, they’ll instead discover graphic gore, exploding miniatures and a rampaging full-scale kaiju-style creature. Luciano Pigozzi (Strike Commando) co-stars in the movie written by Tito Carpi (Raiders of Atlantis). Featuring the film scanned in 4K from the original negative, the release includes the following extras: the North American premiere of the 2013 documentary on Antonio Margheriti, The Outsiders — The Cinema of Antonio Margheriti, directed by his son Edoardo; “From the Center of the Earth,” an interview with Edoardo Margheriti; “Son of the Outsider,” an interview with The Outsider director Edoardo Margheriti; and the trailer.

Extra Terrestrial Visitors (1983) is getting a worldwide Blu-ray premiere of the restored director’s cut. From Juan Piquer Simón (writer/director of Pieces and Slugs) comes this French/Spanish co-production. In the E.T.-influenced film, when snorkel-nosed furry aliens arrive on Earth, they encounter a foggy wilderness filled with sociopathic poachers, Simón’s twisted vision of what an ’80s American rock band looks/sounds like, and the boy who befriends a blue-eyed extraterrestrial he names “Trumpy.” The release of the film, also known in various versions as Return of E.T., The Unearthling and Pod People, features a 4K scan from the 35 mm negative. Extras include The Simon’s Jigsaw — A Journey Into the Universe of Juan Piquer; “A Weekend in Hell,” an interview with actor Emilio Linder; “Composing the Cosmos,” an interview with soundtrack composer Librado Pastor; a private concert from Librado Pastor; alternate Pod People opening credits; and the soundtrack CD single.

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The Complete Comic Strip Presents … Channel 4 is getting its North American Blu-ray premiere. It features the pioneering ’80s comedy troupe — which included Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Dawn French, Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson and Jennifer Saunders — whose series of short films for Britain’s Channel 4 led directly to  “The Young Ones,” “Absolutely Fabulous” and the entire U.K. alt-comedy movement. The release includes all three seasons and five specials from “The Comic Strip on Channel 4,” including their legendary mockumentary Bad News Tour and its sequel More Bad News, featuring appearances by Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne and Def Leppard; the classic Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door — scanned in 2K from a 16 mm print — directed by two-time Oscar nominee Stephen Frears; and more than four hours of special features including a new documentary.

Chinese Animated Adventure ‘I Am T-Rex’ Due Digitally and on Disc June 20 From Well Go

The Chinese animated fantasy adventure I Am T-Rex debuts on digital, Blu-ray and DVD June 20 from Well Go USA Entertainment.

In the film, after a power-hungry dinosaur from outside the valley attacks the king of dinosaurs by surprise, a young T-Rex escapes and begins to train, vowing never to return until he is the biggest and bravest in all the land — and finally strong enough to challenge the evil Fang and restore peace to Green Valley.

Directed by Cai Shangming and Chen Silin, I Am T-Rex features a new English dub.

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Nicolas Cage’s ‘Renfield’ Available for Premium Digital Rental and Sale

The comedy horror fantasy Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage, is available for premium digital rental (PVOD) and premium digital sale (PEST) from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film has earned $22.5 million at the global box office.
In addition to Cage, the film stars Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road, ”X-Men” franchise), Awkwafina (The Farewell, Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), Ben Schwartz (“Parks and Recreation,” “House of Lies”), Adrian Martinez (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, iGilbert), Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog, “House of Saddam”), and Brandon Scott Jones (“Ghosts,” “The Good Place”). It’s directed by Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War, The LEGO Batman Movie) and written by Ryan Ridley (“Rick & Morty,” “Community”) from a story by Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead,” “Invincible”).

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In the film, for centuries, Renfield (Hoult) has slavishly served Dracula (Cage) by procuring his master’s prey and doing his every bidding, no matter how debased. But now, Renfield is ready to look for a new life outside the shadow of The Prince of Darkness, if only he can figure out how to end the toxic, codependent relationship.

Chinese Action-Adventure ‘Code of the Assassins’ Due on Hi-Yah! Streaming Channel March 3, Digital and Disc March 28 From Well Go

The Chinese fantasy action-adventure Code of the Assassins will be available on the martial arts streaming service Hi-Yah! on March 3 and will be released on digital, Blu-ray and DVD March 28 from Well Go USA Entertainment.

Directed by Daniel Lee (Dragon Blade, 14 Blades, The Climbers), Code of the Assassins stars William Feng (Wolf Totem, White Vengeance), Jun Hu (Red Cliff, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils), Gina Jin (Wuxin: The Monster Killer, Hope All Is Well), Qingxiang Wang (The Grandmaster, Red Cliff), Ray Lui (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Flash Point, Raging Fire) and Jack Kao (A Place of One’s Own, Witness).

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The film follows a young assassin, trained by an elite organization, who receives his first mission, only to find himself tangled in a covert political intrigue. He is ensnared in an intricate plot laid by powerful people pulling strings from the shadows. Upon failing to complete the assignment, he is forced to go on the run — from the government and rival assassin groups alike — as he seeks to unmask the players behind the conspiracy.


‘A Discovery of Witches: The Complete Trilogy’ Due on Blu-ray and DVD Nov. 15

The complete trilogy of the fantasy/sci-fi drama series “A Discovery of Witches” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc Nov. 15 from RLJE Films.

The series originally aired on the AMC streaming platforms Sundance Now and Shudder and aired linearly on the AMC Network from 2018 to 2022.

“A Discovery of Witches” is based on the “All Souls” trilogy by Deborah Harkness. The series stars Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, Hacksaw Ridge), Matthew Goode (“Downton Abbey”), Alex Kingston (“Doctor Who”), Trevor Eve (“The Politician’s Wife”), Lindsay Duncan (“Sherlock”), Owen Teale (“Game of Thrones”), Gregg Chillingirian (“Da Vinci’s Demons”), Aiysha Hart (“Line of Duty”) and Edward Bluemel (“Killing Eve”).

A Discovery of Witches The Complete Trilogy will include all 25 episodes, more than 80 minutes of bonus features on six discs, and a collectible bookmark.

The romantic thriller uncovers a secret underworld of vampires, witches and demons hiding in plain sight for fear of persecution by humans. Brilliant historian Diana Bishop is a witch denying her own heritage, but when she unexpectedly calls up an ancient, bewitched manuscript, Ashmole 782, she finds herself thrown into the heart of a dangerous mystery — and into the path of the enigmatic geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont. Across three seasons, Diana and Matthewʼs love for each other and their quest to solve the mystery of the book throws their world into dangerous turmoil.

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Bonus features on the DVD and Blu-ray include “About the Characters,” “Mythology, TV Magic, the Story of the Discovery of Witches,” “Can Love Survive,” “Creating Elizabethan London,” “Story So Far,” “Blood Rage,” “Set Tour” and “Creating the Worlds.”


Korean Horror Fantasy Sequel ‘The Witch 2: The Other One’ Due on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 8 From Well Go

The Korean horror fantasy sequel The Witch 2: The Other One will be released on digital, DVD and Blu-ray Disc Nov. 8 from Well Go USA Entertainment.

In this sequel to the popular Korean sci-fi action thriller The Witch: Part 1 — Subversion, the story moves away from a confined secret lab and out into the real world. After a mysterious girl emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the research facility behind the top-secret Witch Program, she is rescued by a pair of civilians who soon realize the girl is both very powerful and in very grave danger. However, as the assassins tasked with locating and silencing the girl move ever closer, the lives of everyone around her fall under increasingly great peril.

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 The action-packed drama from director Park Hoon-jung (The Witch: Part 1 — The Subversion) stars newcomer Shin Si-ah, Jo Min-su (The Witch: Part 1 — The Subversion) and Park Eun-bin (“The Ghost Detective”).