Nielsen: Physical, Digital Acquisitions Strong in Streaming Video Age

It may be an over-the-top video market, but consumers apparently still like to buy movies and TV shows on disc and digital formats, according to Nielsen.

In its “Video 360” report, Nielsen found that 51% of the general population bought long-form physical video in the past year, compared to 48% in 2016. Digital download purchases grew from 35% in 2016 to 42% in 2018.

Nielsen said a significant factor among consumers acquiring long-form video is the desire to build a collection, in either physical or digital format. In 2016 only 23% cited collection building as an important factor in their purchase decisions, compared to 30% who said so this year.

Notably, family franchise movies appear to be the most desired digital titles (68%) for purchase, followed by superhero franchises (52%). In packaged media (DVD, Blu-ray Disc), 78% of purchases targeted family franchise titles, followed by superhero titles (62%).

Nielsen found that 25% of home entertainment viewers downloaded or streamed a movie before it was available on DVD or Blu-ray disc. About the same leveraged online platforms to watch movies that were released while still being shown in theaters.

Once again, franchise family movie fans (47%) outpaced superhero franchise fans (33%) and the general population (25%) in consuming video content in this manner. Notably, nearly twice as many family franchise fans as the general population, said they’d downloaded or streamed content before it became available on disc.