Future Today: Streaming Video a Family Affair

The proliferation of streaming video services and devices linking the internet to the television is bringing the American family back together on the couch, according to new data from Future Today.

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based research firm contends that 94% of parents have upped their time streaming video together with family members in 2021. That data also underscores a prime marketing opportunity for advertisers, according to Vikrant Mathur, co-founder of Future Today.

“There is a misperception that the explosion in screens has created siloed TV viewing, with families watching from different devices and rooms,” Mathur said in a statement. “In reality, parents with younger children, in particular, are co-viewing more than ever. Co-viewing experiences help these families connect, while also allowing parents to more closely monitor media consumption for their children.”

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The analyst cited data that suggests ad-supported VOD viewership and connected televisions (CTV) are projected to represent 60% of all over-the-top video consumption by the end of the year.

“With co-viewing of streaming content more prominent, CTV and OTT can dramatically enhance campaign value for marketers, helping them reach the entire home on the largest screen,” Mathur said.

Netflix Emailing Families Kids Content Updates, Top 10 Chart

Netflix was one of the first subscription streaming video services to cater to children with a specific ad-free platform featuring approved content. Now the SVOD pioneer is redoubling marketing efforts to families with children with a bi-weekly email and personalized top 10 content chart.

The emails include recommendations based on the child’s favorite shows and movies; printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by kid’s favorite characters; top themes or topics charts that show the types of programs the child enjoys most (i.e. science, friendship); and tips for how to use the kids features on Netflix.

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“Shows and movies are an important way for kids to connect with the world — helping to teach them about new places, create bonds with family or friends and understand other perspectives,” Netflix wrote in a blog post.

Launched in 2020, Netflix’s weekly top 10 chart of most-streamed content has helped subscribers find something to watch. Now that assistance is being targeted to young families.

The streamer said it offers a variety of safe (and fun!) tools for younger viewers, including kids profiles, custom ratings and profile locks.

“Whether it’s reciting your favorite lines with your friends or sharing a laugh during family movie night, seeing what’s popular can help kids and families find something to watch and bring them closer together,” Netflix wrote.