Study: One-Third of Consumers Believe Entertainment Habits Forever Changed by Pandemic

One-third of consumers believe entertainment habits will be forever changed by the pandemic, according to a new study.

The United Talent Agency study, “Forever Changed: Covid-19’s Lasting Impact on the Entertainment Industry,” also found 84% of consumers spent more time with entertainment during the pandemic with more than two-thirds (67%) saying they intend to spend more time with entertainment post COVID-19 than they did prior.

During the pandemic, seven in 10 became “Entertainment Explorers,” turning to new formats, platforms or genres, while half became “Fervent Fans,” more engaged with entertainment and strengthening their fandom.

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Compared to pre-pandemic behavior, one-third plan to subscribe to or use more entertainment platforms, a quarter plan to consume more genres/types of stories and a third plan to consume more international content or stories with diverse voices.

During the pandemic, a quarter started consuming an entertainment format that they didn’t prior and a third subscribed to or used more entertainment platforms than they would have otherwise.

Post-COVID, 71% said they plan to use multiple SVOD platforms, compared with 70% during the pandemic. More than half (56%) added at least one SVOD platform during the pandemic.

Among subscriptions started during the pandemic, Apple TV+ was the leader (48%) with Netflix (46%), Disney+ (46%), Hulu (39%) and Amazon Prime (34%) following, respectively. Among subscriptions used during the pandemic, Netflix led at 72% followed by Amazon Prime (54%), Disney+ (51%), Hulu (47%), HBO Max (36%), Apple TV+ (30%), Discovery+ (23%), Peacock (17%) and Paramount+ (12%), respectively.

The UTA-fielded study polled 1,000 U.S. consumers ages 18-54 in partnership with automated research company SightX.