TiVo Targets Cord-Cutters with Old-School Antenna Technology

TiVo is looking to attract cord- cutters with an updated set-top box that enables users to bypass pay-TV through an over-the-air antenna.

The TiVo BOLT OTA is a premium, 4K Ultra High-Definition capable set-top box designed to work with HD antenna, equipped with an on-screen user experience that looks and feels like a high-end cable box.

The all-in-one home entertainment product aims to combine the features of TiVo’s legacy DVR with online streaming services. TiVo Bolt OTA allows consumers to record and watch free, over-the-air HD TV.

TiVo’s DVR includes four tuners to avoid recording conflicts and stores up to 150 hours of HD programming. They can skip entire commercial breaks on recorded programs and use voice-activated technology.

The set-top works with almost any HD antenna and television, enabling consumers to watch or record programming in HD using an antenna (sold separately), but without the cost of renting equipment from a pay-TV provider.

The set-top combines OTT video and over-the-air access, giving consumers access on one user interface to top streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Users can search live TV, recordings and popular streaming services to deliver personalized results. Plus, they can stream and download shows to their mobile devices, watch their favorite content on-the-go, or schedule recordings almost anywhere with the free TiVo app or add a TiVo Mini for a multi-room, whole-home TV solution.

“TiVo Bolt OTA is the perfect solution for a broad range of TV enthusiasts, including those considering cutting their cable TV subscription or those who might have cut the cord but are missing some programs that are only available via live TV,” Ted Malone, VP of consumer products and services, said in a statement.

TiVo estimates that cord-cutters and those who intend to cut service, represent 25% of the general pay-TV viewing population.