Shout! Studios Sets Jan. 11 Digital-Only Release for ‘Diary of the Grizzly Man’ Documentary

Shout! Studios has set a Jan. 11 digital-only release date for “Diary of the Grizzly Man,” a miniseries about Timothy Treadwell, who spent 13 years in the Alaskan wilderness, studying the park’s grizzly bears, before one of those bears killed him.

The three-hour miniseries is crafted from Treadwell’s vast film archive and will be available for rent or purchase on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and other digital platforms.

Treadwell arrived in Alaska’s Katmai National Park in 1990 and stayed there until October 2003, when one of the bears he was studying killed him.  Treadwell left behind photographic and written diaries of his life with the bears and foxes.

Directed by Timothy Treadwell, “Diary of the Grizzly Man” was produced by Erik Nelson and Jewel Palovak, the producers of Werner Herzog’s acclaimed documentary Grizzly Man. The new miniseries contains never-before-seen footage and still photographs of Treadwell’s interactions with very wild nature — dangerous interactions that would ultimately lead to the death of Treadwell and his girlfriend, Amie Hugarnard. Along with this footage, Treadwell’s personal diaries are read by his close friend, actor Warren Queeny. The original score for this series is written and performed by the renowned guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson.

In “Episode One: Bear Necessities,” Treadwell introduces viewers to his work observing, and filming, upwards of 30 grizzly bears that pass by his camp on any given day, observations that bring him dangerously close to these deadly predators.

In “Episode Two: Friends and Neighbors,” Treadwell introduces viewers to his longtime companion Timmy the Fox as they weather two earthquakes, a wolf attack, the discovery of a past poaching operation, an arctic rainstorm and ongoing harassment by Federal park rangers.

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And in “Episode Three: The Fall,” Treadwell takes viewers through “The Grizzly Maze,” an extremely dense jungle habitat where one must get around using only grizzly-worn paths leading to several different creeks, feeding areas and bear hangouts. The events leading to Treadwell’s shocking death hypnotically unfold, culminating with the viewers hearing his final diary entry, written just one day before his death.