Samba TV: Netflix’s ‘Love Hard’ Tops ‘Dexter’ Reboot, Mexican Grand Prix Through Nov. 7

Netflix original movie “Love Hard” topped the premiere episode of Showtime’s “Dexter” reboot, “Dexter: New Blood,” and the Mexican Grand Prix Formula One auto race the week ended Nov. 7, according to new viewership data from Samba TV, which tracks more than 46 million opted-in TVs globally, of which 28 million are in the United States.

“Love Hard,” a romantic comedy with a catfish twist, tracked 1.4 million U.S. households, 202,000 British households, 118,000 German homes, and 10,000 Australian households during the Live +3-Day window.

That compared with 1.3 million U.S. households streaming the Mexican Grand Prix, in addition to 996,000 homes in the U.K., and 454,000 in Germany.

Meanwhile, “Dexter: New Blood,” the much-anticipated return of America’s favorite police blood-splatter expert/serial killer Dexter Morgan, generated 478,000 U.S. households, in addition to 60,000 British homes and just 1,000 German households. Samba said it generated zero viewership for the episode in Australia, despite including Sydney data.