1981 Horror Film ‘Scream,’ Drive-in Horror Double Feature Due on Disc June 13 From MVD and Dark Force

The 1981 horror film Scream on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc and the drive-in double feature Blu-ray release of Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976) and Bog (1979) are due June 13 from MVD Entertainment Group and Dark Force Entertainment.

In Scream (aka The Outing), a group of friends on a rafting excursion happen upon a deserted town and decide to spend the night. After someone is murdered, it appears that this ghost town is not as deserted as they thought. They desperately try to escape but their rafts are destroyed. One by one, the campers are eliminated by the mysterious killer. Shot in 1981 but not released theatrically until 1983, the film marks the feature directorial and writing debut of Byron Quisenberry (the stunt coordinator from the cult classic The Return of the Living Dead) and stars Woody Strode (Once Upon a Time in the West), Alvy Moore (“Green Acres”), Greg Palmer (To Hell And Back), Pepper Martin (Superman 2), Hank Worden (The Searchers) and John Ethan Wayne (son of John Wayne). The video store classic is making its debut on 4K Ultra HD, from an 4K HD scan and restoration of the original 16mm camera negative. Special features include audio commentary with Quisenberry moderated by Marc Edward Hueck and William Olsen.

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The horror double bill includes two horror films from the 1970s: Mako: The Jaws of Death and Bog. In Mako, Sonny Stein (Richard Jaeckel, Starman), a Vietnam veteran, learns that he has a mystical connection with sharks after being given a medallion by a shaman. Becoming increasingly alienated from society, he develops an ability to communicate with sharks and sets to destroy anybody who harms them. The film is directed by cult movie legend William Grefé (The Wild Rebels, I Eat Your Skin) and also stars Jennifer Bishop (Bigfoot). In Bog, a sheriff (Aldo Ray, We’re No Angels), a doctor (Marshall Thompson, It! The Terror From Beyond Space) and a pathologist (Gloria DeHaven, The Thin Man Goes Home) try to catch a prehistoric monster roused by dynamite from the bottom of Bog Lake. Bog is directed by Don Keeslar (The Capture of Grizzly Adams). The release features 2K HD scans from the original film materials and “Drive-in Mode” for the “full nostalgic drive-in experience.”

1970s Actioners ‘Young Cycle Girls’ and ‘Stingray’ Hitting Blu-ray Nov. 23 From Dark Force and MVD

Two 1978 action adventures, The Young Cycle Girls and Stingray: Director’s Cut, are due on Blu-ray Disc Nov. 23 from Dark Force Entertainment and MVD Entertainment Group.

The Young Cycle Girls (aka Cycle Vixens) comes from cult director Peter Perry (Hollywood High). The story revolves around three sexy young Colorado girls who decide to ride their motorcycles to California. Along the way they face getting drugged, raped and attacked by outlaw bikers. The film, for the first time ever on Blu-ray, features cinematography by Ronald Víctor García (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, The Good Fight) and a new 2K transfer from original 35mm camera negative with scene by scene color restoration.

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Stingray, released in a director’s cut and on Blu-ray for the first time, follows Lonigan and his partner Tony, two drug dealers who shoot two cops who attempt to set them up and run away with a million bucks and the drugs, which they stash in a red Corvette Stingray in a used car lot. When they attempt to recover their stash with their leader Abigail, they find out that two happy-go-lucky dudes, Elmo and Al, have bought the car. They quickly pursue the two along with the police who think that the car’s new owners are the criminals. The film, from writer-director Richard Taylor (Fright Show), stars Christopher Mitchum (Rio Lobo), Les Lannom (Southern Comfort), William Watson (In the Heat of the Night) and Sherry Jackson (“Star Trek” original series). Extras include audio commentary with Taylor; interviews with Taylor, actor Bert Hinchman, actor Les Lannom and actress Sherry Jackson; the “Hi-Gear” music video by Jerry Riopelle; the 40th anniversary Q&A with cast members and the director from the Wildey Theater in Edwardsville, Ill., where the film was shot; and the original theatrical trailer.