Screen Media to Bow Crime Drama ‘Bad Hombres’ Via On Demand Jan. 26, on DVD March 12

Screen Media will release the crime drama Bad Hombres in theaters and on demand on Jan. 26 and on DVD March 12.

Directed by John Stalberg Jr., the film features an ensemble cast the includes Luke Hemsworth (“Westworld”), Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Nick Cassavetes (Face/Off), Tyrese Gibson (The Fast and The Furious), Diego Tinoco (“On My Block”), Hemky Madera (“Queen of the South”) and Paul Johansson (“One Tree Hill”).

Bad Hombres follows the story of two immigrants who take a simple job. When their employers reveal themselves to be criminals, surviving becomes the most difficult job of their lives.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Crime Drama ‘Blue Steel’ Debuts on Blu-ray Nov. 14

The Jamie Lee Curtis crime drama Blue Steel arrives Nov. 14 for the first time on Blu-ray (plus digital) from Lionsgate.

The classic ’90s thriller — written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, Point Break) — stars Curtis as newly minted NYPD officer Megan Turner, who responds to a grocery store robbery — and kills the perpetrator — her first day on the job. But Megan’s uncorroborated story of the shooting gets her suspended from active duty when the stickup gun mysteriously vanishes. Enter a charming-but-disturbed commodities trader (Ron Silver), whose obsession with Megan threatens to destroy everything she holds dear, pushing her into a desperate fight to salvage her reputation — and save her own life.

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The release features updated artwork and new special features, including:

  • •Audio Commentary with film historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • “A Hired Gun” with editor Lee Percy
  • “The Phallic Woman: Deconstructing Blue Steel” with film historian professor Jennifer Moorman
  • “Staring Down the Barrel” with production designer Toby Corbett
  • “A Profound Emotional Response – A Video Essay by Film Historian Chris O’Neill”
  • Theatrical trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Vintage promo
  • Still gallery 

Paramount+ to Stream Crime Drama ‘Finestkind’ Starting Dec. 15

Paramount+ will start streaming Oscar winner Brian Helgeland’s original film Finestkind on Dec. 15 in the United States and Canada. The crime drama, starring Independent Spirit Award winner Ben Foster, Toby Wallace, Emmy-nominee Jenna Ortega and Oscar-winner Tommy Lee Jones, will debut in all Paramount+ international markets on Dec. 16, and 101 Studios is handling international sales for all remaining markets. 

Finestkind tells the story of two brothers (Foster and Wallace), raised in different worlds, who are reunited as adults over a fateful summer. Set against the backdrop of commercial fishing, the story takes on primal stakes when desperate circumstances force the brothers to strike a deal with a violent Boston crime gang. Along the way, a young woman (Ortega) finds herself caught perilously in the middle. Sacrifices must be made, and bonds between brothers, friends, lovers, and a father (Jones) and his son are put to the ultimate test.

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Also starring Ismael Cruz Cordova, Aaron Stanford, Scotty Tovar, Tim Daly, Lolita Davidovich and Clayne Crawford, Finestkind is produced by Gary Foster and Russ Krasnoff of Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment, Oscar nominee Taylor Sheridan of Bosque Ranch, David C. Glasser of 101 Studios and in association with MTV Entertainment Studios. The film is executive produced by Jennifer Roth, Ron Burkle, David Hutkin and Bob Yari and co-produced by Joseph Micucci.


Season Two of Crime Drama ‘Professor T’ Debuts on All PBS Platforms Sept. 3

Season two of the crime drama series “Professor T” premieres Sept. 3 and runs through Oct. 15, across all PBS platforms in the United States, including the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel.

Joining Ben Miller (“Bridgerton”) as Professor T and Frances de la Tour (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) as his mother is award winning actress Juliet Stevenson (Truly, Madly, Deeply) as therapist Dr. Helena. 

Across six episodes, the Professor and the team untangle a series of knotty crimes ranging from an unexplained fire in a student block to the mystery of an entire family found dead in their home. From the blossoming affair between the two young detectives, Lisa and Dan, to the start of an exciting new liaison for Police chief DCI Christina Brand, nothing is quite what it seems. Meanwhile, Professor T is dominated and perplexed by the women in his life. As he attempts to improve his relationships with everyone from his mother to the love of his life Christina, he takes the monumental step of seeing a therapist. His sessions with Dr. Helena are painful for the Professor and his mother as they delve deep into his past and chip away at the secrets of his childhood.

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Chinese Crime Drama ‘Caught in Time’ Due on Blu-ray May 30 From BayView

The Chinese crime drama Caught in Time will be released on Blu-ray Disc May 30 from BayView Entertainment.

Based on real-life events from the 1990s, the film follows a ruthless gang that manages to pull off several high-risk, high-reward heists, meticulously planned out and executed over nearly a decade. When a police detective thinks he’s figured out their pattern, the head of the gang (Daniel Wu) starts to openly taunt him, resulting in a race to the ultimate showdown between cops and robbers.

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Korean Crime Drama ‘Broker’ Due on Blu-ray Feb. 21 From Distribution Solutions and Decal

The Korean comedic crime drama Broker is headed to Blu-ray Disc Feb. 21 from Decal Releasing, Neon and Distribution Solutions.

In the film, two brokers who sell orphaned infants circumvent the bureaucracy of legal adoption. After an infant’s mother surprises the duo by returning to ensure her child finds a good home, the three embark on a journey to find the right couple.

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Broker stars Song Kang-ho (Parasite, Snowpiercer, The King’s Letters), Dong-won Gang (Peninsula, Master, Golden Slumber), Doona Bae (Cloud Atlas, “The Silent Sea”  TV series, “Stranger” TV series) and Lee Ji-eun (Hotel Del Luna, Dream, “Shades of My Heart” TV series).

Vertical Crime Actioner ‘The System’ Due on DVD and Blu-ray Jan. 3 From Distribution Solutions

The crime actioner The System will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc Jan. 3 from Vertical Entertainment and Distribution Solutions. 

In the film, when a young soldier newly returned from war gets caught up in a drug bust, he is recruited by the authorities to go undercover in a notoriously dangerous prison in order to figure out what is really going on.

The film stars Tyrese Gibson, Jeremy Piven, Terrence Howard and Lil Yachty.

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1999 Crime Drama ‘The Limey’ Headed to 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack Steelbook Oct. 11

The 1999 crime-drama The Limey arrives on 4K Ultra HD plus Blu-ray plus digital Steelbook combo pack Oct. 11 from Lionsgate.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film stars Terence Stamp, Lesley Ann Warren and Peter Fonda.

The Limey follows British ex-con Wilson (Stamp), who arrives in Los Angeles to investigate the mystery of his daughter’s “accidental” death. His prime suspect, the wealthy, heavily guarded music promoter Terry Valentine (Fonda), is no easy target. Propelled into an increasingly brutal search for truth, Wilson, with single-mindedness and terrifying precision, moves unstoppably toward revenge.

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Special features include audio commentary with Soderbergh and writer Lem Dobbs; audio commentary with Soderbergh, Dobbs, Fonda, Stamp, actor Barry Newman and Warren; and the isolated score.

Seasons of ‘Guilt,’ ‘Walter Presents’ Headed to PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in August

The second  season of “Guilt” from “Masterpiece Mystery” as well as “Charité” and “Redemption” from “Walter Presents” are among the international programs streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in August.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. 

Four episodes in season two of “Masterpiece Mystery: Guilt,” set in Edinburgh, Scotland, premiere Aug. 28. In the English crime drama, when disgraced lawyer Max McCall (Mark Bonnar) is released from prison, he finds himself entwined in a gripping new story with characters old and new, as they battle the consequences of their actions amidst shocking new developments. Emun Elliot returns as Kenny, and Phyllis Logan (“Downton Abbey”) joins the cast as Maggie.


Six episodes of the German drama “Walter Presents: Charité” debut Aug. 12. The series follows the staff of Berlin’s world-famous hospital where medical history is being made. When Ida is saved at the prestigious Charité hospital in 1888 Berlin, Germany, she has no money to cover the cost. In lieu of payment, she begins to work off her debt as a nurse. There she witnesses history being made as she gets an inside look into cures for tuberculosis and diphtheria and discovers her passion for medicine.


Eight episodes of the Italian crime drama “Walter Presents: Redemption” premiere Aug. 26. In the series, Valerio is an ex-cop who has received devastating news that his estranged son Ettore has committed suicide. Unable to believe his son would do such a thing, Valerio begins to hunt for the truth behind his son’s death. As he pledges to obtain justice for his son, the investigation also proves to be Valerio’s last chance to come to terms with his troubled past, both as a man and a father.

Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in August include “Walter Presents: Troubled Waters,” debuting Aug. 5; “Walter Presents: Blood Oath,” coming Aug. 19; and “The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family,” debuting Aug. 28.

Neo-Noir Classic ‘Miami Blues’ Headed to Blu-ray July 12 in MVD Rewind Collection

The 1990 comedic crime drama Miami Blues will be released on Blu-ray Disc July 12 as part of the MVD Rewind Collection.

In the MGM neo-noir film, Junior Frenger (Alec Baldwin, The Departed, “30 Rock”) is trouble and Sgt. Hoke Moseley (Fred Ward, Tremors, Short Cuts) knows it. The smooth-talking, good-looking ex-con tiptoes on the borderline of psychotic behavior. The detective is hot on his trail after Junior kills a Hare Krishna, robs a pickpocket, then steals Moseley’s badge, his gun — and even his false teeth. Junior’s running around the streets of Miami posing as a cop, assaulting people and making arrests. And even though he promises his live-in lover (an ex-prostitute played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight) that he’ll stay out of crime, he continues playing cops and robbers on both sides of the law.

Written and directed by George Armitage (Grosse Pointe Blank, The Big Bounce, The Last of the Finest), the film was produced by Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Something Wild).

The feature is presented in HD with a master provided by MGM.

Special features include interviews with Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh; the original theatrical trailer; three TV spots; the original Orion Home Video trailer; a photo gallery; a mini-poster; reversible artwork; and a limited edition slipcover for the first pressing only.