Crackle Connex Inks Deal with AdQuick for Redbox, Crackle Advertising Inventory

 AdQuick, a leading Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising platform, on Feb. 8 announced it has signed an agreement with Crackle Connex, a division of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, to add Redbox and Crackle advertising inventory to its growing network of over 1,600 partners. 

Redbox’s supply is also now available for auction-based and reservation buying, as well as inclusion within multichannel measurement through AdQuick’s integrations with omnichannel platforms, including a previously announced partnership with TransUnion. AdQuick says its advertising platform makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure every kind of outdoor advertising. The company has signed over 1,600 partners, which span all types of OOH inventory.

“We are excited to bring Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s vast catalog of content to our OOH buying platform,” said Matthew O’Connor, CEO of AdQuick. “This agreement will give advertisers more opportunities to reach their target audiences with high-impact OOH campaigns.”

“Redbox’s Digital Out of Home (DOOH) supply provides AdQuick’s buyers a great opportunity to align with over 40 million Redbox Perks members,” said Tim Ware, SVP of programmatic sales and partnerships for Crackle Connex. “Redbox remains a primary provider of TVOD and PVOD home entertainment for millions of Americans and affords brands the opportunity to reach movie fans through their customer journey at top retailers.”

Sneaker Lifestyle Series ‘Just for Kicks’ to Launch Oct. 19 on Crackle

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment on Oct. 12 announced the sneaker lifestyle meets hip-hop culture series “Just for Kicks” will premiere on Oct. 19 exclusively on the free streaming service Crackle.

The series comes from producer-director Rhyan LaMarr and entrepreneur Antoine Wade and features well-known entertainment and NBA stars, including Allen Iverson, Jordan Clarkson, John Salley, Rich the Kid, Bun B., Adam Waheed, Liane V., Barton Fitzpatrick, and many others.

Hosted by millennial influencers Don Benjamin, Wes Armstrong, and Jadi Torres, “Just for Kicks” brings together a diverse range of guests to discuss their most exciting shoe stories and share why they chose the shoes they did.  The series features a range of games and challenges as well as interviews with celebrities from across sports, fashion, movies, and music. The series is hosted by comedian Wayne Young.

“’Just For Kicks’ is a unicorn of a series bringing a fun blend of fashion, music, sports, and entertainment that touches on every aspect of hip-hop culture,” said Michele Fino, head of branded content for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. 

Crackle Unveils Ukrainian Fantasy Series ‘Cossacks’ on Sept. 1

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc.on Aug. 24 announced it will premiere the Ukrainian fantasy series “Cossacks” on Sept. 1 on its free streaming service, Crackle.

Directed, written, and shot on location in Ukraine and featuring a cast of primarily Ukrainian actors, “Cossacks” is a 12-episode sword and sorcery fantasy series that stars Yuriy Dyak (The Inheritance), Andriy Isaenko (Silence), and Mila Sivatskaya (The Last Warrior).

The 2020 series was originally titled The Fairy Story That Never Was

Several Ukrainian actors and crew associated with “Cossacks” are now fighting in the war against Russia. Actors Volodymyr Kravchuk. who plays Zubrik, and Volodymyr Kanivets, who plays Khan. are on the front lines, as is the production’s horse trainer, Oleg Yurchshyn. The production’s pyrotechnician, Olexander Suvorov, was killed during the first months of the invasion.

“Cossacks” was created by executive producer and showrunner Oksana Ivanyuk, who wrote the series along with Oleg Zborovsky. The series was directed by Oleksandr Berezan and produced by Anastasiya Shteynguaz and Iryna Khranovska for ICTV, the largest Ukrainian TV channel, which provided 50% of the production funding. Cossacks was produced by IQ Production LLC. 

“Cossacks” follows the irreverent exploits of Ivan, a young Ukrainian peasant raised by a Polish aristocrat who grows into a likable adventure-seeking rogue. His cheeky disposition enables him to rob the Tsar of Moscow of a set of precious jewels, yet it’s to a noble end: he needs the royal riches to free his mother from the Ottomans, who have enslaved her. However, Ivan accidentally also makes off with a magical heirloom, an earring that had helped the Moscow Tsar defeat his enemies and leads Ivan into endless escapades.

“We’re thrilled to announce this series is coming to Crackle — especially today being Ukrainian Independence Day,” said Phil Oppenheim, chief content officer for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “Our fans have always gravitated towards comedy, action, and fantasy. This fabulously fun series has everything they’re looking for, and more is rolled up into an incredibly smart swashbuckling adventure.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s recent releases includes such hits as the nuptials celebration series “Wedding Talk,” hosted by Olympic gold-medalist and commentator Tara Lipinski; the award-winning black entertainment talk series “Inside the Black Box,” hosted by Emmy Award-winning actor Joe Morton and celebrity acting coach Tracey Moore; and the award-winning personal finance series “Going From Broke,” hosted by Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig and financial expert Tonya Rapley

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Greenlights Sneaker-Themed Hip-Hop Series ‘Just for Kicks’

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment June 12 announced it has greenlighted sneaker-themed hip-hop series “Just for Kicks” from producer/director Rhyan LaMarr and entrepreneur Antoine Wade.

The series features well-known entertainment and NBA stars, including Allen Iverson, Jordan Clarkson, Rich the Kid, Bun B, and Barton Fitzpatrick, among others. The series is being produced in association with Crackle Connex, Chicken Soup’s advertising division, which aims to integrate brands into the series. It will premiere later this summer on the free ad-supported streaming service Crackle.

Hosted by millennial influencers Don Benjamin, Wes Armstrong, and Jadi Torres, the series brings together a diverse range of guests to discuss their most exciting shoe stories and reveal the reasons behind some of the market’s boldest fashion choices. The series will feature a range of games and challenges that Chicken Soup claims will stump even the most confident shoe aficionados.

“We’re thrilled to bring Just for Kicks to audiences who love sneakers,” said producer Antoine Wade. “There are no barriers, ethnic boundaries, or divisions when it comes to sneaker culture and fashion. A CEO can wear the same shoes as a kid from the inner city. That accessibility creates a universal love and appreciation for shoes beyond social classes. It starts with shoes and takes us all over the map, from music and fashion to inspirational stories and what’s happening worldwide.”

Michele Fino, head of branded content for Crackle Connex, said the sneaker culture has massive potential for marketing brands to be front-and-center with this “hard-to-reach audience.”

“‘Just for Kicks’ has great sponsorship potential as a television show with additional unique extensions, such as exclusive behind-the-scenes content and promotions on our Redbox kiosks nationwide,” Fino said in a statement.

He said Chicken Soup is in discussions continuing the series beyond the first season, potentially including gaming, eSports, and different music genres.

“The opportunities are endless,” Fino said. “It’ll be great programming for our audiences and something I know my 14-year-old son and I will love.”

Crackle to Bow New Lifestyle Series ‘At Home With Genevieve’ on June 23

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment on June 6 announced it will premiere the original lifestyle series “At Home with Genevieve” on June 23 on its free streaming service, Crackle.

Hosted by expert celebrity interior designer Genevieve Gorder, the series is aimed at helping viewers organize their homes and offer various entertaining ideas, among other topics. “At Home with Genevieve” is presented by PetSmart through a branded partnership agreement with the company’s advertising division, Crackle Connex.

Genevieve Gorder is the founder and director of the Genevieve Gorder brand, a television host, designer and producer, home product designer, contributing author, and global ambassador for human rights. Since arriving on the home design scene over 20 years ago on the hit series “Trading Spaces,” Gordon has been featured in dozens of lifestyle shows worldwide and can currently be seen on Netflix, HGTV, Bravo, TLC, Amazon, and as a regular contributor on “The Rachael Ray Show.” A two-time Emmy nominee and regular design host at the White House, Gordon has built multiple lifestyle collections for the home, including rugs, textiles, wallpaper, stationery, jewelry, and a full line of furniture and decor.

“At Home with Genevieve” features guest appearances by some of the biggest names in food, fashion, and fun, including Stacy London and Paige Davis from the hit TLC series “What Not to Wear and Trading Spaces.” Food influencer Frankie Gaw will show viewers how to make authentic Korean dumplings, mixologist Maximo Xtravaganza will demonstrate the hottest new drinks, and Gislaine Edwards — a cleaning expert — will teach viewers how to get their house in order just in time for the summer party season. Other guests will tackle subjects from home decor to fashion makeovers and everything in between.

“At Home with Genevieve” is the latest branded content series developed with PetSmart through the Crackle Connex, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s advertising division. The two companies collaborated last year to create the popular “Pet Caves” series, which can be streamed on Crackle for free. The branded integrations in the series include organic product placement of PetSmart’s Simply Nourish pet food products, retail location showcases, and other ways consumers can use PetSmart as a resource for their homes.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with PetSmart again to bring the powerful series At Home with Genevieve to our viewers,” said Michele Fino, head of branded entertainment for Crackle Connex. “Watching the magic unfold between Genevieve and the PetSmart Kitchen team will be exciting. Viewers are in for a treat when the series debuts later this month.”

Gorder commented: “I am so proud of this show. I’ve gotten to a place where I can finally flex ALL my muscles in home and have the opportunity to invite incredible thinkers, doers and makers from every walk of life. Inclusive and ridiculously fun, At Home with Genevieve is truly special, and I hope everyone feels that when they watch it.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Streaming Services Launch Rewards Program on TaTaTu Blockchain Platform

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment May 23 announced it is launching a viewer reward program across its entire streaming ecosystem with Rome-based blockchain platform TaTaTu. Users on Redbox, Crackle and/or Chicken Soup ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) or free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) streaming services will earn coins, which can be used to bid on prizes and buy products.

TaTaTu claims to be the first platform to reward users with coins, called TTU Coins, which are a digital points system (not a cryptocurrency). The coins can be used to bid on prizes, as well as buy products that are always being updated. The companies previously announced a deal to launch AVOD streaming in new international markets using movies and TV series owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.

“In an era where others are raising the prices of streaming services, we are finding ways to reward viewers for watching our great content,” Bill Rouhana, chairman/CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, said in a statement. “This collaboration is also an opportunity to enhance the entertainment experience and drive engagement on the TaTaTu platform.”

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Chicken Soup’s Crackle Connex Ad Platform Joins Industry Association

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment on April 26 announced that Crackle Connex, the company’s advertising sales platform, has become a member of Geopath, the not-for-profit organization that provides the industry standard audience metrics for out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Crackle Connex will begin using Geopath data to understand audience targeting, audience measurement, and return on ad spend (ROAS) for more than 2,700 video screens on top of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s Redbox kiosks nationwide.

Redbox continues to aggressively add video screens to its kiosks, saying they they provide promotional messaging about upcoming titles as well as advertising opportunities for brands in high-traffic locations, including grocery stores, discount retailers, and convenience stores. The company recently announced plans to roll out an additional 1,500 kiosks in partnership with Dollar General stores, boosting its presence there to more than 5,000 by the end of 2024 — and its total kiosks count to 33,500. 

“Geopath has built the most comprehensive platform for out-of-home audience measurement, which will be a massive asset for our brand partners’ campaigns on our Redbox kiosk video screens,” said Philippe Guelton, chief revenue officer of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, who heads the Crackle Connex initiative.

“With a greater understanding of the target audience, we can help ensure the success of these campaigns,” Guelton said.

“As the retail media network segment of OOH continues to rapidly grow and deliver high-impact results, I am pleased to welcome Crackle Connex as a new member of Geopath,” said Dylan Mabin, president of Geopath. “As the industry’s foundational source for measuring the value of OOH inventory, Geopath is uniquely equipped to provide our membership with the insights needed to increase the precision and accuracy of audience metrics, and ultimately enable advertisers to maximize the full potential of their OOH campaigns.”

New ‘Crackle Connex’ Ad Platform Signs Exclusive Deal With Live TV Streamer Vidgo

Crackle Connex, a division of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, on April 10 announced it has signed a deal with live-TV streaming service Vidgo to exclusively represent Vidgo’s advertising sales and operations in the United States. Vidgo will leverage Crackle Connex’s deep advertising industry relations and offer brands a simple way to buy ads across over 200 channels.

Crackle Connex is a new advertising sales platform launched by Chicken Soup on April 4. The company says the platform will simplify the buying process for marketers, with consistent measurement and performance tracking.

Vidgo is one of the fastest-growing live-TV streaming services, offering over 200 live channels of news, entertainment, Spanish-language networks, and sports for a monthly subscription charge. 

“Vidgo provides great value to viewers looking for general entertainment and sports and an important Spanish-language offering,” said Philippe Guelton, chief revenue officer of Crackle Connex. “Our team is proud to become their exclusive advertising sales arm and support their future growth.”

“The Crackle Connex platform magnifies the opportunity by simplifying the buying process with measurement and performance tracking that will help advertisers and agencies connect with the audiences more effectively,” said Derek Mattsson, CEO of Vidgo.

Vidgo comes in four “flavors,” all offering Vidgo’s entire on-demand library of 40,000 titles and more. VidgoMás ($39.99 per month) features 42 live and on-demand Spanish-language channels, including content from Univision and UniMás local broadcast stations and Fox Deportes, Discovery Familias and many all-around entertainment options. Vidgo Plus ($69.99 per month) features over 110 channels and more college sports than any other streaming service. Vidgo Premium ($84.99 per month) offers unlimited access to more than 150 television networks. Lastly, Vidgo Ultimate ($99.99 per month) provides the industry’s best bilingual streaming package with 195 live-streaming, on-demand and DVR viewing of English, Spanish and bilingual channels. This includes 35 sports networks, the championship games for NFL, MLB and international soccer, games from 20 college sports conferences, and access to 90 Univision and UniMás local channels based on the viewer’s location.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Expands ‘Inside the Black Box’ Series Distribution to Fox Soul Platform

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment announced that its original series “Inside the Black Box” will begin streaming its second season March 21 on Fox Soul at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Fox Soul is an ad-supported streaming channel showcasing black culture.

Produced with Publicis Media’s APX Content Ventures, the 10-episode second season is hosted by Emmy winner and NAACP Image Awards recipient Joe Morton (“Scandal,” Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and celebrity acting coach, director, producer and casting director Tracey Moore.

The hosts interact with celebrity guests facilitating discussions about the role race plays in the entertainment industry. Talent featured in the second season includes Debbie Allen (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Fame”), Keith David (NopeArmageddon), Jeffrey Wright (The Batman, “Westworld”), Malik Yoba (First Wives Club, “Designated Survivor”), Wendell Pierce (“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” “The Wire,” One Last Thing), Ruben Santiago Hudson (“Billions,” “Castle”), Rob Morgan (“Stranger Things”), and Naturi Naughton (“Power,” “Queens”).

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“We’re thrilled to work with Fox Soul on this important series and expand access to it,” Michael Winter, SVP of programming and development of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, said in a statement.

The series, which is distributed in North America by Screen Media, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Company, can also be streamed for free on Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s platforms, which include Redbox and Crackle.

Crackle’s ‘Going From Broke’ Consumer Debt Series Bows Fourth Season

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment March 1 announced the premiere of the fourth season of the award-winning Crackle original series “Going From Broke” from executive producer Ashton Kutcher (“Punk’d,” “The Ranch,” “Butterfly Effect”).

The series, which outlines steps consumers can take to reduce their consumer debt loads, features major brand integrations from companies that include Chegg, Lyft, Getaround and the non-profit Pandemic of Love.

The total consumer debt load increased to $16.38 trillion in 2022, up from $15.31 trillion in 2021, according to credit ratings firm Experian.

With consumer debt a hidden crisis, especially among younger adults, “Going From Broke” hosts Dan Rosensweig, CEO of Chegg, and financial expert Tonya Rapley ( aim to help series’ participants, as well as the viewing audience, change the direction of their financial future.

The new season focuses on helping people manage their debt, job insecurity and growing mental health concerns across all walks of life, including a ranching family struggling to keep their farm, a restauranteur couple who lost their business during the pandemic, and a male cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens with a history of homelessness.

Special guests this season include James Beard Award-winning chef Dan Kruger; Shelly Tygielski, founder of the global non-profit Pandemic of Love; Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, a financial therapist from Mind Money Balance; and the co-founder and president of Lyft, John Zimmer.

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“This show is not just about financial struggles, it’s about hope and empowerment,” Kutcher said in a statement. “I believe this show has the power to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

In addition to Kutcher, the series is executive produced by Michael Winter and Bill Rouhana, CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Laura De Nay and Mustafa Bhagat from Flicker Filmworks, and Rosensweig and Heather Hatlo Porter from series sponsor Chegg and Mike van Reekum.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s recent releases include the nuptials celebration series “Wedding Talk,” co-hosted by Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski, season 2 of the award-winning Black talk series “Inside the Black Box,” the home renovation series “Pet Caves,” plus-size mountain climber documentary Kili Big, and the award-winning BBC series “Sherlock,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.