Content Overload is in the Eye of the Streamer

A recent guest blogger on this site lamented the time he spent looking for content to stream across his various streaming services. He longed for an app that would simplify content choice back to the days of the weekly TV Guide magazine, when you could count the number of watchable TV channels on one hand.

The blogger needn’t worry. Help is already here. Just a few clicks away.

While Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos long ago admitted there was more streaming content available than any one person could consume in a lifetime, finding something watch is not difficult. It’s actually easy thanks to recommendation algorithms and email marketing already employed by most streaming platforms — as well as reading Media Play News.

You just have to act upon the data right in front of you.

I’ve been binging a lot of crime reality lately, including shows such as “48 Hours,” “20/20,” and “Dateline” across Paramount+, Hulu and Peacock.  I’m now inundated with similar programming across Prime Video, Netflix and Max. Streaming one episode of “48 Hours” on my laptop has resulted in an avalanche of similar content available on YouTube.

A downside to those algorithms is often finding the same crimes repackaged with new headlines and a slightly different narrative across a different streaming platform. Nothing worse than realizing you already know who committed the murder!

That said, content alternatives are as plentiful and easy to find as scrolling the TV screen or reading an email. Peacock today sent me the following message: “What do you feel like?” with the following interactive buttons: “I’m looking for drama,” “I want to laugh,” “I want to dive deep,” and “I’m feeling spontaneous”. Upon clicking a button I was directed to a handful of programming I could begin streaming immediately on my laptop or TV screen.

The process took a few seconds.

Netflix has launched a sizable selection (30 titles) of 1970s movies it licensed from Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and MGM, which include, among others, the 51-year-old actioner Charley Varrick, starring Walter Matthau, Black Belt Jones, the 1973 Blaxploitation film starring Bruce Lee sidekick Jim Kelly, and Oscar-winning One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Jack Nicholson.

I chose Charley Varrick (Matthau never disappoints) after about two minutes of scrolling.

Media Play News posts weekly updates from,, Samba TV, Nielsen and Netflix showcasing the most-popular movies and TV shows streamed that week. Each chart is like a virtual Top 10 TV Guide.

Reelgood today sent separate charts outlining the top “quality” and “high quality” TV shows streaming in January based on recommendations. It also charted the number of movies and TV shows each streaming service offers per dollar spent on a subscription. Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video sequentially offer the most TV content for money spent on a subscription. Prime Video offers the most movies.

Today’s “TV Guide” may be supersized algorithms, but content selection really just revolves around making a decision and clicking a button.

Netflix Asia-Pacific Content Spend Expected to Reach $1.9 Billion This Year

Netflix is expected to spend upwards of $1.9 billion on original content from the Asia-Pacific region, which includes the new second season of global Korean hit “Squid Game.” The worldwide SVOD leader is projected to up content spending in the region 15% from $1.65 billion in 2022, according to new data from Media Partners Asia. Revenue in the region is expected to increase 12% to $4 billion, from $3.57 billion a year earlier.

The report contends that Netflix’s APAC revenue growth will be driven in part by advertising revenue in Australia, and increased user revenue in Japan and Korea. Netflix ended 2022 with more than 38 million Asia-Pacific subscribers, up from 32 million at the end of 2021.

Vivek Couto

“The ad tier has seen a slow start in the three APAC markets,” Vivek Couto, co-founder of MPA, said in the report. “Australia is expected to see greater momentum through 2023, helping boost subscribers and revenue in a market where churn has been increasing.”

Indeed, the report contends that Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, India and the Philippines account for the highest penetration of subscriber account sharing — a practice Netflix is aggressively pushing back on.

In late February, Netflix announced a series of subscription price cuts in those five countries, excluding Taiwan, in addition to Bulgaria, Croatia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Slovakia and Yemen.

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Samba TV: Netflix Dominated Q4 2021 Streaming Content Consumption

According to a new analysis, Samba TV found that the fourth quarter of 2021 saw strong premieres for many new and returning shows on streaming platforms. The research firm tracks more than 46 million opted-in televisions globally, including 28 million in the U.S.

Netflix was far and away the SVOD leader, garnering 70% of the Top 10 original premieres in the quarter. The streaming pioneer reportedly spent $15 billion on content last year.

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“With more households cutting the cord … we see that content remains the best means to win eyeballs in this attention-recession environment,” Cole Strain, VP of measurement products at Samba TV, said in a statement. “

The executive said Netflix continues to set the industry benchmark in content spending and production — as evidenced by the streamer dominating the top five for both streaming movies and TV series in the most-recent fiscal quarter.

“They continue to invest heavily in original content and its proving worthwhile,” Strain said. “However, compared to previous years alongside the growing competition of newer players like Disney+, this race will continue to narrow.”

Parks: 39% of Streamers Access Services Based on Specific Content

New consumer data from Parks Associates reveals that 39% of streaming video viewers access platforms based on specific content available. In partnership with Conviva, Dallas-based Parks is presenting its latest research during the industry webinar “The Role of Content Discovery in OTT” on Oct. 14 at 10 a.m. CT (11 a.m. ET). The webinar explores content discovery strategies that companies are using as a key differentiation factor in attracting new subscribers and keeping users engaged.

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“Content is key to OTT success, and the path for consumers today to get to that content is the crucial search and discovery process,” senior analyst Paul Erickson said in a statement. “OTT players are successful when offering a premium, personalized user experience that allows subscribers to find and access relevant content based on their habits and preferences. A perceptive and intelligent content discovery strategy is a key differentiator in attracting and engaging subscribers over the long term.”

Parks found that three out of the top five factors that drive streaming subscriptions involve content and that the inability to find relevant content is a top reason for consumers leaving a service.

“With so many entertainment options at viewers’ fingertips, it is more important than ever before for streaming publishers to understand how consumers discover content in order to win their engagement,” said Nick Cicero, VP of strategy at Conviva.

Content Marketplace Vuulr Partners With Kanal D

Vuulr, a global online content marketplace for film and TV rights that connects buyers and distributors worldwide, has partnered with Kanal D International (KDI), the global business arm of Kanal D, the leading TV channel of Turkey broadcasting under Europe’s Demirören Media Group.

Under the partnership, Kanal D International will list 24 titles on the Vuulr platform totaling approximately 2,160 hours of content, mostly in the romantic comedy and premium drama genres. Among the titles that Kanal D International is listing on Vuulr are dramas Twist of Fate and Recipe of Love, along with “Hekimoglu,” which is the Turkish version of the hit U.S. scripted series “House.”

“We’re excited to team up with Vuulr to ensure our content continues to be distributed all across the globe,” executive director at Kanal D International Ekin Koyuncu Karaman said in a statement. “There’s been an increasing demand for Turkish content worldwide. Vuulr’s global reach makes it easier  to get our titles into the hands of broadcasters and streaming platforms regardless of their location or time zone.”

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“As the demand for international content continues to soar, we’re delighted to expand the breadth of the catalogue available on Vuulr with this exciting partnership with Kanal D International, which will bring more than 2,000 hours of premium new Turkish series to our platform,” Vuulr chief content officer Natasha Malhotra said in a statement. “Their heartwarming dramas and world-class production have universal appeal and Vuulr makes this content available to buyers from around the world in a simple, frictionless way as we continue our mission to transform the distribution and acquisition ecosystem.”

There are currently more than 30,000 unique films and TV titles available on Vuulr, amounting to more than 173,000 hours of content from 7,000 sellers in more than 120 countries, offering buyers a destination for content discovery and acquisition.

Live Online Global Content Pitch Event Debuts Sept. 9

A new live global webcast presentation, Content Market Live, launches Sept. 9 in association with Vuulr, Boom! and C21 Media.

The event, taking place local time at 11 a.m. in Los Angeles, London and Singapore, is designed to make the buying and selling of newly finished content rights quicker and easier in the face of content supply chain issues and social distancing restrictions. It is not designed for screenings, but as a global interactive pitch event and is “unique in the content industry,” according to organizers.

The event is free for buyers and allows them to engage in one-on-one Q&As with distributors, watch pitch presentations of content broadcast live in their time zone, and negotiate directly with distributors online.

The event also includes the ability to see on-demand trailers and screeners and check avails.

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All Vuulr buyers are pre-registered.

Registrants have access 15,000-plus titles and 96,000-plus hours of programming on Vuulr.

Register here.