Mill Creek Bows George Clooney, Martin Short Double Features and Multiple-Title Decade Collections on Disc

Double features with George Clooney and Martin Short and multiple-movie collections from the 2000s and 2010s are among the titles available on disc from Mill Creek Entertainment and Distribution Solutions. 

The George Clooney Double Feature, available on Blu-ray, includes The American and Leatherheads. In The American, American assassin Jack has one more job to do before he gets out of the game for good. Hiding out in the Italian countryside, he befriends some of the locals, risking their lives and his own in this taut thriller. In Leatherheads, pro football player Dodge Connelly is desperate to keep his league from going under and recruits a young college superstar in hopes that he will get people interested in the game again.

The Martin Short Double Feature, also available on Blu-ray, includes Cross My Heart and Pure Luck. In Cross My Heart, a man and woman hide little things about themselves on their third date, and the little white lies soon spiral out of control into a night they’ll never forget. In Pure Luck, an accountant with unbelievably bad luck searches for a missing woman who also has notoriously bad luck, in hopes that he’ll be just unlucky enough to find her.

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The 10-film Through the Decades: 2000s Collection, available on DVD, feature feel-good dramas, black comedies and gripping thrillers. Titles include Spy Game, One Night at McCool’s, The Emperor’s Club, The Shape of Things, Nurse Betty, 21 Grams, State of Play, The Hitcher, Baby Mama and Cry Wolf.

The 10-film Through the Decades: 2010s Collection, features high-concept hijinks, taut spy thrillers and new takes on old classics. Titles include MacGruber, The American, The Dilemma, The Adjustment Bureau, Your Highness, The Thing, Contraband, Safe House, Black Sea and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.