Blu Digital Group Launches Cloud Storage Program Providing Unlimited Media File Access

Blu Digital Group July 21 announced the launch of a cloud-based storage program giving  production facilities and content distributors unlimited access to their content with no access fees.

The Burbank, Calif.-based company’s cloud-based storage program provides subscribers with long and short-term media storage for downloading or transferring. In addition, it gives subscribers control to potentially integrate virtually any software, including production workflows.

“Our industry depends on cloud-based production workflows that require active and repeated access to media files for editing, transcoding, conforming, and delivery to an ever growing number of destinations,” Mike Gassner, chief technology officer at Blu Digital Group, said in a statement.

Gassner claims that most cloud storage services charge a fee every time a change is made to a content file. When the customer wants to retrieve their assets, these providers will charge fees for  “egress” of content leaving their storage. For media, entertainment and gaming content owners, who need active and repeated access to a wide array of content and often a large number of files, this business model becomes very expensive.

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Blu Digital Group’s cloud storage program charges a flat monthly fee based on tiered storage for customers to access their content whenever and as often as needed. The solution can sit on top of existing media asset management systems to help operations teams visualize their assets.

“Blu Digital’s storage  workflows pave the way for much easier, and cost sustainable migration to the cloud,” Gassner said.