Documentary on Famed L.A. Graffiti Crew Coming to DVD, Blu-ray Disc Dec.13

Regime Films will release a documentary on Los Angeles graffiti artists Can’t Be Stopped on Dec. 13. 

The film will be distributed by MVD Entertainment Group on DVD ($19.95) and Blu-ray Disc ($24.95).

Can’t Be Stopped looks inside the legendary Los Angeles graffiti crew C.B.S. and their contributions to the art world, and the part they played in shaping urban culture through the late 1980s and early ’90s. 

Founded by Frost, Hex, Theory and Demo, Hollywood’s Can’t Be Stopped crew emerged as one of the most influential and recognizable graffiti crews in the United States. Since its inception in the early 1980s, the initials C.B.S. have been at the forefront of evolving graffiti art into a true and viable art form. The kinship that was forged by the crews’ father figure, “Skate,” created a bond of brotherhood that is the focal point of this story.

C.B.S. was a surrogate family that became the buffer between these young graffiti artists and the temptations of the Hollywood streets. Skate led these boys from broken homes on a journey to prosperity.

Directed by Cody Smith and assembled over a 10-year period using archival footage from the members’ personal archives and vintage photographs, Can’t Be Stopped is narrated by Everlast and features interviews with graffiti icons Kelly “Risk” Graval, Mear, Axis, Anger, Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), and musicians including Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na and Alchemist, and actor David Arquette.

Can’t Be Stopped was one of the breakout films at the Sundance Film Festival, and was hailed as one of the best independent documentaries of the year. It was released in a limited theatrical run at various film festivals, earning critical acclaim and winning the Best Documentary Jury Award at the Cinema At The Edge Film Festival.