Whopper: Burger King Video Mocks Net Neutrality Repeal

Fast food chain Burger King has begun streaming a reality-based video using the Whopper burger to mock the FCC’s recent roll back of net neutrality guidelines mandating equal access to the Internet.

The FCC, under Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai, last month voted (3-2) to repeal net neutrality guidelines mandating equal access to the Internet, among other provisions.

Major Internet service providers hailed the move, while consumer advocacy groups and select politicians denounced it.

In the viral video (with nearly 1 million views), customers looking to buy a Whopper are charged $26 (an arbitrary amount) to receive the burger instantly. Paying less requires waiting longer or buying something else.

The video uses actual Burger King customers, who become increasingly indignant when the Whopper they want is held “hostage” by employees until the appropriate waiting period is met.

“I didn’t think ordering a Whopper would open my eyes to net neutrality,” said one customer.