Nielsen: 26 Million U.S. Netflix Subs Streamed ‘Bird Box’ During First Week

Nielsen has revealed that more than 26 million Netflix subscribers in the United States streamed original movie Bird Box during the its first week of release in December.

The data supports Netflix’s recent revelation that more than 45 million subs worldwide streamed the post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock as a single mother trying to safeguard her children against a mysterious force that makes people kill themselves after viewing it.

Netflix, per policy, does not disclose viewership data for original programming.

Notably, Bird Box was watched by fewer subscribers (3.5 million) on the first day (Dec. 21) of release than Netflix’s sci-fi thriller, Bright (5.4 million), starring Will Smith, which was released Dec. 13, 2017.

Bird Box, however, began to build subscriber momentum over the next days while Bright viewership declined. In addition, Netflix gave Box a very limited theatrical run in an attempt to comply with industry awards rules.



Nielsen: Netflix’s ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ Not Nearly as ‘Bright’

Netflix’s much-hyped post-Super Bowl LII streaming debut of former Paramount Pictures sci-fi sequel The Cloverfield Paradox generated a streaming audience of 5 million over seven days, according to Nielsen.

By comparison, Netflix’s buddy cop sci-fi original, Bright, starring Will Smith Joel Edgerton, generated 11 million views in its first three days.

Nielson, which last October bowed a SVOD content rating service, says it can track viewership of Netflix original content – a claim Netflix denies. Netflix does not disclose original content rating for competitive reasons.

Separately, Netflix original sci-fi series, “Altered Carbon,” generated 5.9 million viewers on average in its first seven days. By comparison, critical hit, “Stranger Things,” generated 4 million average viewers for the show’s second season.