Bloomberg Launches ‘Quicktake’ News Streaming Service

Bloomberg has launched a 24/7 streaming news network, dubbed “Bloomberg Quicktake,” featuring 10 original series and four live daily news shows. The online news network aims to cover a broad range of subjects spanning business, technology, culture, society, personal finance, politics, climate, and the business of sports, food, travel and entertainment.

Quicktake will report on global stories through the lens of business, backed by Bloomberg’s newsroom of 2,700 journalists in 120 countries. It will feature content produced in a variety of formats, including documentary-style original series, anchor-led live news shows, data visualizations, motion graphics, on-the-ground breaking news and live events.

The network launched on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV, through a newly designed Bloomberg App. Viewers can choose between Bloomberg Quicktake’s coverage of global news stories or Bloomberg TV for deeper market-moving finance news. They can watch the network live and access full episodes of original series and top story highlights on demand.

Bloomberg Quicktake will be available on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s ad-supported Smart TV streaming video service on Channel 1021 starting Nov. 18. In addition, AVOD platforms Tubi, a division of Fox Entertainment, and Comcast-owned Xumo will begin streaming Quicktake in the coming weeks.

“Our vision for Bloomberg Quicktake has always been to create a network of record for this era,” Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media, said in a statement. “Now expanding beyond its roots in social, it will be the network to watch for the business-minded consumer who seeks a deeper understanding of the global stories that impact their lives.”

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Quicktake will go live throughout the day to report on top news stories and global updates with four daily shows: “Take Charge” (9 a.m. ET); “Take a Break” (12 p.m. ET); “Take the Lead” (4:30 p.m. EST). “Geo,” which airs at 8 p.m. ET to kick-off primetime, is a spin on the traditional nightly news program — instead of recapping top stories of the day, the show dissects one big story with a global perspective. The live shows will be led by correspondents Tim Stenovec, Madison Mills, Kurumi Mori, Jennifer Zabasajja, and Jason Kelly, as well as Bloomberg journalists from around the world.

A documentary-style slate of original series will air at 9 p.m. ET, with 20- to 30-minute episodes followed by a post show featuring extended interviews and a reporter’s notebook-style pre-taped interview with behind-the-scenes details. They include:

“Storylines” — A signature documentary show that follows Bloomberg’s most exclusive journalism, including Businessweek’s biggest stories. It breaks down the most interesting business story of the week, and explains why it matters.

“The Breakdown” takes a deep dive into the companies that have made the most impact in business, critical moments in their rise or fall, and what makes their stories so fascinating. Season one dissects critical moments in modern business history including Hertz Rent-A-Car, Kodak and the National Rifle Association.

“CityLab Solutions”reports on the world’s cities, communities, and neighborhoods: how they work, the challenges they face, and the solutions they need. Find out how modern cities are solving some of the world’s most intractable problems from how Singapore became so green, how Tokyo plans for disaster and the homelessness in the age of Covid-19.

“Good Money” helps viewers prepare for a better future by demystifying the meaning of personal finance for the new era. In this season, Good Money will explore a range of topics from the ins and outs of day-trading to budgeting for your child’s future.

“System Shock” follows the story of how technology has upended the way business is done in almost every industry. Season one looks at the music industry, chronicling the history of the MP3, featuring interviews with music executives, artists and techies on how a tiny algorithm sparked a revolution that changed business, economics, and culture.

“Hello World Beyond” explores the exotic, colorful and endlessly entertaining characters that make up the underbelly of the technology industry beyond the big tech players. A fresh look at the people and their ideas that are disrupting our world as we know it.

“The Future of Work” takes in-depth look at how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we work now and in the future. From on-the-ground experiences to expert opinion and analysis, “Future of Work” explores everything from office spaces to shift in work culture, communication, infrastructure and beyond across industries.

“Moonshot Conversations” takes a deeper look into how science is solving the world’s most complex problems in order to create a better tomorrow. The first season explores major breakthroughs from scientists including plastic eating bacteria, asteroid hunting and oceanic exploration.

“Green” focuses on climate news you may have missed to high-tech solutions and data-driven opinions. “Green,” in collaboration with Bloomberg TV, explores the critical story of our time. A mix of deep-dive feature stories, the latest climate news and interviews with key players in the world of climate.

“Game Changers” profiles some of the world’s most influential, determined, hard-working visionaries who are disrupting their industries and defining the new economy. Season one profiles change makers as part of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum 2020, from Vietnam’s richest man with a plan to save a virus-stricken world to the first female mayor of Bogota.


Bloomberg Media and Samsung Partner to Distribute Bloomberg TV+

Bloomberg Media May 20 launches Bloomberg TV+, a data and business finance-themed 4K streaming service, on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s ad-supported video platform. Available on all 2017-2020 Samsung Smart TVs, Bloomberg TV+ is the first 4K channel available on Samsung TV Plus.

“As the first business news provider to deliver content in native 4K UHD, Bloomberg TV+ is an enhanced modern news experience for those seeking premium global news designed for streaming,” M. Scott Havens, global head of digital and media distribution at Bloomberg Media, said in a statement.

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Launched in 2019, Bloomberg TV+ combines programming of Bloomberg TV with a data-rich graphics created for a 4K UHD screen. Bloomberg claims the enhanced news coverage brings increased utility to an audience of business and finance professionals relying on market news and analytics.

Bloomberg Media worked with Wurl, a provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV, to distribute Bloomberg TV+ with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), which powers the UHD, high-quality ad-supported streaming experience.

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Viewers can watch Bloomberg TV’s programming such as “Bloomberg Surveillance” (4-7 a.m. ET), a weekday morning program, and “Bloomberg Wall Street Week” (Fridays at 6 p.m. ET). Bloomberg TV also features interviews with newsmakers, business executives, and global leaders on a wide variety of topics, including: market trends, investment, international relations, technology and more.

Samsung TV Plus offers access to more than 120 ad-supported channels across news, sports, movies and entertainment. The app is pre-installed on all 2016-2020 Samsung Smart TVs.

“This is a milestone launch with a number of firsts for Samsung and Bloomberg Media,” said Salek Brodsky, VP of strategic partnerships and business development for Samsung Electronics. “Not only is Bloomberg TV+ the first 4K UHD channel to be offered on Samsung TV Plus, we’re the first platform to stream it in 4K UHD, and the first to offer it to millions of viewers beyond Bloomberg’s owned and operated channels.”

Bloomberg’s ‘TicToc’ News Service Launching OTT Video Platform

Bloomberg’s TicToc news platform reportedly plans to launch an over-the-top video news service later this year.

Bowed in 2017, TicToc features news on a 24-hour cycle via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Amazon Echo, podcast and newsletter. The platform has posted 17,000 additional video news spots thus far in 2019 than it did during the same period last year.

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Bloomberg is opting for OTT after internal data suggested consumers who stream at least 10 hours of video weekly don’t like how news is delivered online, according to Jean Ellen Cowgill, managing director, TicToc.

“The mission is to live across all platforms that make up someone’s daily news diet,” Cowgill told Digiday. “If you look at the projection for the OTT ad market, the writing on the wall is pretty clear. There’s a lot of competition because it’s the next big explosion, we want to be part of that.”

As expected, the bulk of TicToc’s user demo skews from 21 to 44-years-old, the prime OTT video viewer – and a draw for advertisers, according to Ben Sinden, consultant at Sinden Media.

“If TicToc can establish its identity and grow a wider audience on existing platforms, an OTT product could be the logical next step,” Sinden said. “Given Bloomberg’s data, tech, scale and heritage, it has as good a chance to cut through to a streaming news audience as anything before it.”